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Healer (2014 - 2015)

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Show RatingShow Title
01I Have a Dream (7.8)7.8
02Fate Continues (8.5)8.5
03The First Kiss That Day (8.5)8.5
04Because I'm Next to You (8.6)8.6
05Meaning of You (8.6)8.6
06Begin (8.5)8.5
07We, Under the Sunset (8.4)8.4
08Cannot Be Forgotten (8.6)8.6
09I Trust You (8.4)8.4
10Can't It Be Me? (8.8)8.8
11In the Darkness (8.6)8.6
12I Don't Know How to Escape (8.8)8.8
13I'm Waiting (8.8)8.8
14It's Alright Even If You Cry (8.9)8.9
15I Remember (8.9)8.9
16To You Again (8.7)8.7
17Won't You Answer Me? (9)9.0
18Just Like the Others (8.7)8.7
19I'll Protect You (8.4)8.4
20Goodbye Healer (8.4)8.4


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E17Won't You Answer Me?9.046
1S01E14It's Alright Even If You Cry8.944
1S01E15I Remember8.945
1S01E20Goodbye Healer8.448
1S01E07We, Under the Sunset8.448
1S01E01I Have a Dream7.866
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