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Heartbeat (1992 - 2010)

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01Changing Places (8)8.0Secrets (7.6)7.6Speed Kills (7.6)7.6Wild Thing (7.6)7.6Wishing Well (7.8)7.8Kids (7.7)7.7Bad Apple (8.3)8.3Snake in the Grass (7.4)7.4Manoeuvres in the Dark (6.8)6.8Chalk and Cheese (7.8)7.8Sweet Sixteen (7.5)7.5Skeletons and Cupboards (7.2)7.2Speed (7)7.0Money, Money, Money (7.3)7.3A Fresh Start (7.8)7.8C'est la Vie (7.4)7.4Stop Gap (7.4)7.4Family Matters (8)8.0
02Fruits of the Earth (8)8.0End of the Line (7.7)7.7Riders of the Storm (7.9)7.9Witch Hunt (6.9)6.9Expectations (7.7)7.7Old Colonials (7.7)7.7Pig in the Middle (8.1)8.1Fall Out (7.3)7.3Tricks of the Trade (6.9)6.9Smile for the Camera (7.1)7.1She's Leaving Home (7.2)7.2A Girl's Best Friend (7.5)7.5Dog Days (6.9)6.9Secrets and Lies (7.7)7.7The Devil You Know (6.9)6.9Old Scores (7.4)7.4Heirs Apparent (7.4)7.4England Expects (8.2)8.2
03Rumours (7.7)7.7Manhunt (7.9)7.9Dead Ringer (7.5)7.5Mid Day Sun (7.7)7.7Thief in the Night (8.3)8.3Forget Me Not (7.6)7.6Small Beer (8.1)8.1For Better or Worse (6.9)6.9Intuition (6.9)6.9Dog Collar (7.3)7.3Russian Roulette (7.8)7.8A Dog's Life (7.2)7.2Mother's Little Helpers (7.3)7.3Fakers and Frauds (7.2)7.2Miller's Tale (7.4)7.4Intelligence Matters (7.3)7.3Night Mail (7.6)7.6Mother of Invention (7.8)7.8
04Playing with Fire (7.5)7.5Bitter Harvest (8.8)8.8Going Home (7.6)7.6Turn of the Tide (7.6)7.6Domestic (7.9)7.9A Long Shot (7.6)7.6Closing Ranks (8.1)8.1Past Crimes (7.2)7.2Puppet on a String (7.2)7.2Gabriel's Last Stand (7.5)7.5Legacies (7.3)7.3Where There's Muck (7.3)7.3Fool for Love (7.1)7.1The Happiest Day (7)7.0Mastermind (7.5)7.5Please Please Me (7.7)7.7Love Story (7.5)7.5Living Off the Land (8)8.0
05Nowt But a Prank (7.7)7.7Over the Hill (8)8.0A Chilly Reception (6.9)6.9Love Child (7.1)7.1Vacant Possession (7.6)7.6Something of Value (7.5)7.5Leaving Home (7.7)7.7Spellbound (7)7.0Honor Among Thieves (6.8)6.8War Stories (7.3)7.3Home Sweet Home (7.6)7.6Harmony (7.6)7.6A Family Affair (7)7.0Hunter's Moon (7.8)7.8Family Ties (7.3)7.3Memoirs of a Fighting Man (7.4)7.4Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day (7.1)7.1Guilty Secrets (8.4)8.4
06Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (8.1)8.1Bang to Rights (7.7)7.7The Frighteners (7.8)7.8Nice Girls Don't (7.4)7.4We're All Allies Really (7.9)7.9Frail Mortality (8)8.0Fool for Love (7.5)7.5Baby Love (7.1)7.1Shotgun Wedding (6.8)6.8The Fool on the Hill (7.1)7.1Old Masters (7.5)7.5No Man's Land (7.3)7.3The Holiday's Over (7.1)7.1Wrecked (7.2)7.2The End of the Road (7.6)7.6Pretty Woman (6.6)6.6Touch and Go (7.7)7.7Strike Up the Band (8)8.0
07Face Value (7.6)7.6A Talent for Deception (7.5)7.5Father's Day (7.7)7.7Trouble in Mind (7.4)7.4Sophie's Choice (7.5)7.5Snapped (7.6)7.6The Family Way (8)8.0Give a Dog a Bad Name (7.1)7.1Always a Copper (6)6.0The Traveller (7.7)7.7The Rivals (7.2)7.2Dirty Len (7.1)7.1Waifs and Strays (7.3)7.3Say It with Flowers (7.8)7.8Picture This (6.9)6.9Stumped (7.5)7.5Burying the Past (7.5)7.5Return Crossing (7.6)7.6
08Outsiders (8.3)8.3Baby Blues (7.6)7.6Endangered Species (7.5)7.5Fair Game (7.7)7.7Gone Tomorrow (7.1)7.1Catch Us If You Can (7.5)7.5Friendly Fire (7.8)7.8Hello, Goodbye (7.1)7.1Negative Vibes (7)7.0Child's Play (7.4)7.4Home to Roost (6.4)6.4Growing Apart (7.6)7.6Brought to Book (7.6)7.6Precious Stones (7.4)7.4The Good Samaritan (7.4)7.4Little White Lies (7.3)7.3Only Make Believe (7)7.0Looking for Isabella (7.6)7.6
09Primal Instinct (7.3)7.3Wall of Silence (7.6)7.6An American in Aidensfield (7.3)7.3Red Herring (7.5)7.5Toss Up (7.8)7.8Giving the Game Away (7.8)7.8Sons and Lovers (7.6)7.6Pat-a-Cake (7.3)7.3Kindness of Strangers (6.5)6.5Fallen Heroes (7.6)7.6Uninvited Guests (7.1)7.1A Many Splendoured Thing (7.6)7.6State of Mind (7.4)7.4Buried Secrets (7.4)7.4Blood Brothers (6.8)6.8Hearts and Flowers (6.6)6.6The Devil Rides Out (7.1)7.1The Hospital Job (8.1)8.1
10Keep on Running (8.2)8.2Missing (8)8.0Bringing It All Back Home (7.4)7.4Arms and the Man (7.6)7.6It's All in the Game (8)8.0The Championship (7.7)7.7Playing with Trains (7.5)7.5Easy Rider (7.2)7.2Hollywood or Bust (6.6)6.6Cold Turkey (7.8)7.8No Hiding Place (7.3)7.3Horses for Courses (7.8)7.8Down to Earth (6.9)6.9Stormy Weather (7.2)7.2Burden of Proof (7)7.0Give Peace a Chance (7.5)7.5Changing Roles (7.6)7.6Ups and Downs (7.5)7.5
11Treading Carefully (7.6)7.6Vigilante (7.7)7.7Who Needs Enemies (7.8)7.8What the Butler Saw (8.2)8.2Hot Rocks (7.4)7.4Flesh and Blood (7.5)7.5Sylvia's Mother (7)7.0A Gentleman's Sport (7.2)7.2Sins of the Fathers (7.2)7.2Mountains and Molehills (7.1)7.1Who's Sorry Now? (7.6)7.6O Guilty Man! (7.8)7.8Dead Men Do Tell Tales (7)7.0A Brush with the Law (7.2)7.2Thursday's Children (7.4)7.4
12Bad Blood (7.8)7.8Unfinished Business (8.2)8.2Thanks to Alfred (8)8.0Affairs of the Heart (8.8)8.8Shadows and Substances (7.2)7.2No Surrender (6.9)6.9Safe House (8)8.0Closing the Book (7.1)7.1Bread and Circuses (7.3)7.3The Dear Departed (7.1)7.1In Sickness and in Health (7.7)7.7Auld Acquaintance (7.2)7.2Vendetta (7.5)7.5The Heart of a Man (7.6)7.6The Middle of Somewhere (7.2)7.2
13Assault and Battery (7.6)7.6Saint Columba's Treasure (8.5)8.5Obsessions (8.1)8.1Peace and Quiet (8.6)8.6Forbidden Fruit (7.1)7.1Stag at Bay (6.5)6.5Blind Justice (6.9)6.9The Leopard's Spots (7)7.0For Whom the Bell Tolls (7.3)7.3Dangerous Whispers (7.3)7.3In the Bleak Midwinter (7.7)7.7Living with the Past (7.5)7.5Sleeping Dogs (7.6)7.6Out of the Long Dark Night (7.4)7.4School of Hard Knocks (7.7)7.7
14Lost and Found (8)8.0Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay (7.6)7.6The Best Laid Plans (8.3)8.3Substitute (8.5)8.5Where There's a Will (7.6)7.6Full Circle (7.7)7.7Home Truths (7)7.0From Ancient Grudge (6.8)6.8Out of the Blue (7.3)7.3Scent of a Kill (7.1)7.1Blast from the Past (7.2)7.2Risky Business (7)7.0Another Little Piece of My Heart (7.1)7.1Take Three Girls (7.5)7.5The Runaways (7.7)7.7
15A Bird in the Hand (7.4)7.4Blood Sports (7.7)7.7Bygones Be Bygones (7.8)7.8In on the Act (8.3)8.3Taking Sides (7)7.0The Seven Year Itch (7.2)7.2Not So Special (7.8)7.8The Great Ming Mystery (7)7.0The High Life (7.4)7.4Daniel (8.5)8.5Icon (6.9)6.9Hostage to Fortune (7.3)7.3Seeds of Destruction (7.2)7.2Hey Hey LBJ (7.7)7.7Cashing In (8)8.0
16A Winter's Tale (7.9)7.9Old Friends (8.2)8.2The Queen's Message (8.1)8.1Echoes of the Past (7.1)7.1Weight of Evidence (6.9)6.9The Long Weekend (7.8)7.8Second Chances (6.4)6.4Hung for a Sheep (7.6)7.6One Thing Leads to Another (7.5)7.5Golf Papa One Zero (7.4)7.4Judgement Day (7.3)7.3No Laughing Matter (6.8)6.8Danse Macabre (8.3)8.3A Whiter Shade of Pale (8.1)8.1
17Charity Begins at Home (7.7)7.7Brainstorm (7.9)7.9Twists of Fate (7.1)7.1For Art's Sake (6.6)6.6Who's Who? (7.4)7.4Sympathy for the Devil (7.4)7.4The Third Man (7.6)7.6No Hard Feelings (7.3)7.3The Long View (7.1)7.1Get Back (6.8)6.8Out of Africa (7.2)7.2Missing Persons (7.9)7.9The War of the Roses (7.8)7.8
18Bad Penny (8.1)8.1The Angry Brigade (6.8)6.8A Shot in the Dark (6.6)6.6Gin a Body, Meet a Body (7.1)7.1Coming of Age (7.8)7.8Missing in Action (6.5)6.5Difficult Times (7.2)7.2A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (7.5)7.5Runners and Riders (6.9)6.9The Dreams That You Dream (7)7.0Taking Stock (7.6)7.6Ties That Bind (7.8)7.8
19Appearances (8.1)8.1Fire and Ashes (7.9)7.9The Good Doctor (6.9)6.9Killing Me Softly (6.8)6.8Love Hurts (7.5)7.5Caped Crusaders (7.7)7.7Nowhere Man (7.6)7.6Friends and Relations (7.2)7.2Great Expectations (7.1)7.1Mind Games (7.1)7.1The Big Chill (8.2)8.2Deadlier Than the Male (7.2)7.2
20Local Knowledge (7.7)7.7All in the Mind (7.4)7.4Against the Odds (6.3)6.3Unchained Melody (6.8)6.8Windows of Opportunity (6.8)6.8Moving Target (7)7.0Swan Song (7.5)7.5Off the Rails (7.2)7.2Kith and Kin (6.5)6.5The Medium Is the Message (6.8)6.8Bully Boys (8)8.0Jobs for the Boys (7.9)7.9
21The Enemy Within (7.8)7.8Friends Like You (7.3)7.3Desperate Measures (6.4)6.4Truth Games (7.4)7.4The Shoot (7.4)7.4Lily of the Valley (7)7.0Strangers on a Train (7.6)7.6Rustlers and Hustlers (6.5)6.5Wine and Roses (6.9)6.9One Small Step (7.1)7.1It Came from Outer Space (7.8)7.8My One and Only (8)8.0
22Unconsidered Trifles (7.8)7.8Old Ties (7)7.0With This Ring (7)7.0Consequences (7.2)7.2Class Act (7.1)7.1House Rules (6.7)6.7A Call to Arms (7.2)7.2Duty of Care (7.2)7.2This Happy Breed (7.4)7.4Troubled Waters (7.2)7.2You Never Can Tell (7.4)7.4The Open Door (7.9)7.9
23Heroes and Villains (7.8)7.8David Stockwell's Ghost (7)7.0Wise Guys (6.3)6.3The Buxton Defence (7.4)7.4Caught in the Headlights (7.9)7.9Mackerel Sky (6.9)6.9Muck and Brass (7)7.0Shadows from the Past (6.9)6.9Keeping Secrets (6.7)6.7Where There's Smoke (6.3)6.3Mixed Messages (7.8)7.8Pass the Parcel (7.7)7.7
24Love Me Do (8.1)8.1Testament (7)7.0The Son-In-Law (7.8)7.8Still Water (7.8)7.8Love's Sweet Dream (7.4)7.4Absent Friends (6.5)6.5Double Trouble (7)7.0Every Dog His Day (7)7.0The Dying of the Light (7.1)7.1Laying the Ghost (7.4)7.4Oscar's Birthday (7.9)7.9Sweet Sorrow (8.3)8.3
25Music of the Spheres (7.3)7.3Little Angel (7.7)7.7Services Rendered (7.1)7.1Bad Company (7.3)7.3
26Bin Man (7.3)7.3Accidents Happen (7.7)7.7


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1S02E04Bitter Harvest8.840
1S07E12Affairs of the Heart8.818
1S07E13Peace and Quiet8.616
1S09E23Wise Guys6.30
1S09E20Against the Odds6.30
1S09E07Always a Copper6.011
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