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Henry Danger (2014 - 2020)

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01The Danger Begins (6.5)6.5The Beat Goes On (7)7.0A Fiñata Full Of Death Bugs (6.6)6.6Sick & Wired (7.2)7.2Henry's Birthday (8.4)8.4
02Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems (7.6)7.6One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1 (6.8)6.8Love Muffin (6.6)6.6Brawl in the Hall (7.2)7.2Whistlin' Susie (8.6)8.6
03The Secret Gets Out (7.7)7.7One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2 (6.8)6.8Scream Machine (7)7.0The Rock Box Dump (7.4)7.4Thumb War (7.9)7.9
04Tears of the Jolly Beetle (7.1)7.1Henry and the Woodpeckers (6.5)6.5Mouth Candy (6.4)6.4Danger Games (8)8.0The Great Cactus Con (8.5)8.5
05Substitute Teacher (7.1)7.1Captain Man: On Vacation (6.8)6.8The Trouble with Frittles (6.3)6.3Toon In For Danger (7.6)7.6Part 1: A New Evil (8.7)8.7
06Jasper Danger (7.2)7.2The Time Jerker (7.7)7.7Hour of Power (7.7)7.7Meet Cute Crush (7.6)7.6Part 2: A New Darkness (8.6)8.6
07The Space Rock (7.1)7.1Secret Beef (6.9)6.9Dodging Danger (6.9)6.9Back to the Danger: Part 1 (8.2)8.2Part 3: A New Hero (8.6)8.6
08Birthday Girl Down (7.4)7.4Henry's Jelly (6.5)6.5Double Date Danger (6.4)6.4Back to the Danger: Part 2 (8.3)8.3Broken Armed and Dangerous (8.6)8.6
09Too Much Game (7.2)7.2Christmas Danger (5.8)5.8Space Invaders, Part 1 (6.9)6.9Budget Cuts (7.8)7.8Knight & Danger (8)8.0
10Henry the Man-Beast (7.2)7.2Indestructible Henry, Part 1 (7.1)7.1Space Invaders, Part 2 (6.6)6.6Diamonds Are For Heather (7.4)7.4Grand Theft Otto (8.4)8.4
11Invisible Brad (7.1)7.1Indestructible Henry, Part 2 (7.4)7.4Gas or Fail (7.3)7.3Car Trek (7.1)7.1The Whole Bilsky Family (7.5)7.5
12Spoiler Alert (7.3)7.3Text, Lies, & Video (7.2)7.2JAM Session (7.2)7.2Toddler Invasion (7.8)7.8Secret Room (8.4)8.4
13Let's Make a Steal (7)7.0Opposite Universe (6.8)6.8License to Fly (6.5)6.5Captain Man-kini (7.9)7.9My Dinner With Bigfoot (8.4)8.4
14Super Volcano (7)7.0Grave Danger (6.5)6.5Green Fingers (6.8)6.8Saturday Night Lies (7.6)7.6Charlotte Gets Ghosted (7.8)7.8
15My Phony Valentine (7.4)7.4Ox Pox (6.5)6.5Stuck in Two Holes (6)6.0Henry's Frittle Problem (8)8.0I Dream Of Danger (8.8)8.8
16Caved In (7.1)7.1Twin Henrys (6.6)6.6Live & Dangerous: Part 1 (6)6.0Spelling Bee Hard (7.8)7.8Holey Moley (8.2)8.2
17Elevator Kiss (7.1)7.1Danger & Thunder (7.8)7.8Live & Dangerous: Part 2 (5.5)5.5Up the Stairs! (8.6)8.6Love Bytes (8.5)8.5
18Man of the House (7.2)7.2I Know Your Secret (7.7)7.7Balloons of Doom (7.7)7.7Danger Things (8.3)8.3Double-O Danger (8.7)8.7
19Dream Busters (7)7.0Swellview's Got Talent (7.1)7.1Rubber Duck (8.5)8.5Massage Chair (8.6)8.6
20Kid Grounded (6.3)6.3Flabber Gassed (8.1)8.1Henry Danger: The Musical (8.2)8.2
21Captain Jerk (6.9)6.9Sister Twister: Part 1 (8.8)8.8
22The Bucket Trap (6.9)6.9Sister Twister: Part 2 (7.7)7.7
23Henry & The Bad Girl, Part 1 (7.2)7.2A Tale of Two Pipers (7.9)7.9
24Henry & The Bad Girl, Part 2 (7.1)7.1Story Tank (7.1)7.1
25Jasper's Real Girlfriend (7.1)7.1Captain Mom (6.1)6.1
26Visible Brad (7.4)7.4
27EnvyGram Wall (7.6)7.6
28Holiday Punch (8.3)8.3
29Mr. Nice Guy (8.3)8.3
30Theranos Boot (8.4)8.4
31Rumblr (8.8)8.8
32Cave the Date (8.7)8.7
33Escape Room (8.5)8.5
34Game of Phones (8)8.0
35Remember the Crimes (9)9.0
36The Beginning of the End (9)9.0
37Captain Drex (9.2)9.2
38The Fate of Danger: Part 1 (8.5)8.5
39The Fate of Danger: Part II (8.6)8.6


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S05E37Captain Drex9.224
1S05E35Remember the Crimes9.019
1S05E36The Beginning of the End9.030
1S03E16Live & Dangerous: Part 16.038
1S02E09Christmas Danger5.851
1S03E17Live & Dangerous: Part 25.538
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