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Honest Trailers (2012 - )

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00Anime: Fairy Tail (4.3)4.3
01Phantom Menace 3D (6.9)6.9Last Airbender (7.7)7.7Frozen (7.7)7.7The Little Mermaid (Feat. AVbyte) (7.3)7.3The Lost World: Jurassic Park (7.4)7.4Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (7.4)7.4Pixels (7.4)7.4Mortal Kombat (7.6)7.6Despicable Me 1 & 2 (7.5)7.5Get Out (6.8)6.8Ready Player One (7.9)7.9Venom (7.7)7.7Captain Marvel (7.7)7.7Every Quentin Tarantino Movie (8.1)8.1The NeverEnding Story (6.7)6.72020 (6.3)6.3
02Twilight (7.6)7.6Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (7.7)7.7The Wolf of Wall Street (7.7)7.7Love Actually (7.2)7.2Toy Story (Feat. Will Sasso) (7.3)7.3Die Hard (8.1)8.1Jaws (7.5)7.5Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (6.9)6.9The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (7.4)7.4Transformers: The Last Knight (7.7)7.7Hook (7.3)7.3Unbreakable (7.2)7.2Waterworld (7.8)7.8Bad Boys (7.6)7.6The Indiana Jones Trilogy (7.5)7.5The Shawshank Redemption (6.5)6.5
03Titanic (7.2)7.2Independence Day (7.5)7.5Game of Thrones Vol. 1 (8.4)8.4Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (7.6)7.6Terminator 2: Judgement Day (7.6)7.6The Martian (7.2)7.2Big Hero 6 (7)7.0The Princess Bride (6.8)6.8Fate of the Furious (7.4)7.4Showgirls (8.3)8.3Deep Blue Sea (7.3)7.3Halloween (2018) (7.3)7.3Wild Wild West (7.8)7.8Joker (7.4)7.4The Rock (7.3)7.3Wonder Woman 1984 (7)7.0
04Transformers (7.3)7.3Grown Ups (7.3)7.3The Spider-Man Trilogy (7.9)7.9Guardians of the Galaxy (7.9)7.9Magic Mike (6.8)6.8Pearl Harbor (7.3)7.3Ghostbusters 2 (7)7.0Space Jam (6.7)6.7Memento (7.3)7.3The Blade Trilogy (7.6)7.6Avengers: Infinity War (7.6)7.6The Predator (2018) (7.1)7.1Game of Thrones Vol 3 (8)8.0Snow White and the Huntsman (7.7)7.7Cowboy Bebop (7.1)7.1Cobra Kai (5.5)5.5
05Avatar (7.3)7.3X-Men Origins: Wolverine (7.6)7.6Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones (7.7)7.7The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (7.7)7.7Iron Man (7.6)7.6Labyrinth (6.8)6.8Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (8)8.0Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Feat. Michael Bolton) (7.8)7.8Ghost in the Shell (2017) (7.2)7.2Justice League (7.5)7.5Deadpool 2 (7)7.0Bird Box (7.3)7.3Shazam (7.6)7.6Men in Black: International (7.7)7.7E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (6.7)6.7
06The Dark Knight (7.6)7.6Batman & Robin (7.8)7.8Top Gun (7.8)7.8Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (7.7)7.7Super Mario Bros (7.4)7.4Agents of SH.I.E.L.D. (7.3)7.3The Bourne Trilogy (7.5)7.5Shrek (7.2)7.2Point Break (1991) (7.7)7.7The Oscars 2018 (7.5)7.5The Conjuring (7.4)7.4Happy Death Day (8)8.0Batman Returns (7.9)7.9The Oscars 2020 (7.7)7.7Starship Troopers (7)7.0
07Hunger Games (7.4)7.4Breaking Bad (8.2)8.2Godzilla (1998) (7.7)7.7Taken (7.5)7.5Mission Impossible (7.3)7.3Spectre (7.2)7.2Watchmen (7.6)7.6John Wick (7.6)7.6Alien: Covenant (8.1)8.1Thor: Ragnarok (7.5)7.5Predator (7.7)7.7How to Train Your Dragon (7)7.0Alita: Battle Angel (7.4)7.4Terminator: Dark Fate (7.5)7.5Avatar: The Last Airbender (7.5)7.5
08The Avengers (7.5)7.5Star Trek Into Darkness (7.5)7.5The Lion King (8.1)8.1Gone Girl (7.7)7.7Fantastic Four (2005) (7.4)7.4Scott Pilgrim vs the World (7.2)7.2The Emmys (7.2)7.2Batman Begins (7.4)7.4Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (7.1)7.1Bright (7.3)7.3Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (8.2)8.2The Oscars (2019) (7.6)7.6Avengers: Endgame (8.2)8.2Knives Out (7.6)7.6The Old Guard (7.5)7.5
09Prometheus (7.2)7.2Iron Man 3 (7.5)7.5The X-Men Trilogy (7.5)7.5Pirates of the Caribbean (7.4)7.48 Mile (7.2)7.2The Walking Dead Seasons 4-6 (7.6)7.6Gladiator (7.2)7.2The Oscars (2017) (7.4)7.4Honest Retro TV Themes! w/ Michael Bolton & Friends (7.8)7.8Every Wes Anderson Movie (8.1)8.1Solo: A Star Wars Story (7.2)7.2A Star is Born (7.4)7.4Masters of the Universe (1987) (7.6)7.6Frozen II (7.6)7.6Mean Girls (7.6)7.6
10Paranormal Activity (7)7.0World War Z (7.6)7.6TransFormers: Revenge of the Fallen (7.7)7.7The Maze Runner (7.9)7.9Kingsman: The Secret Service (7.4)7.4The Oscars (7)7.0The Jungle Book (2016) (6.7)6.7Doctor Strange (7.3)7.3Face/Off (7.8)7.8Star Wars: The Last Jedi (7.4)7.4Gotti (7.6)7.6Robin Hood (2018) (7.4)7.4500 Days of Summer (7)7.0The Witcher (8.1)8.1The Boys (7.2)7.2
11Twilight 2 New Moon (7.8)7.8The Matrix (7.8)7.8Alice in Wonderland (7.4)7.4The LEGO Movie (Feat. Epic Rap Battle's Nice Peter & Epic Lloyd) (7.7)7.7Mad Max: Fury Road (7.8)7.8The Divergent Series: Insurgent (7.2)7.2Batman: The Killing Joke (7)7.0Moana (7.4)7.4Kong: Skull Island (7.7)7.7Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (6.8)6.8Doctor Who (Modern) (7.8)7.8Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grimdelwald (7.6)7.6Godzilla: King of the Monsters (7.7)7.7XXX Franchise (7.6)7.6Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (7.1)7.1
12Twilight 3 Eclipse (7.4)7.4After Earth (7.9)7.9Forrest Gump (7.7)7.7The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Feat. How It Should Have Ended) (7.7)7.7Frozen Fever (7.3)7.3The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (7.5)7.5The Blair Witch Project (1999) (7.2)7.2Beauty and the Beast (1991) (7.3)7.3The Mummy (2017) (7.4)7.4The Greatest Showman (7.7)7.7Doctor Who (Classic) (7.6)7.6Aquaman (7.6)7.6IT (1990) (7.9)7.9Mulan (1998) (7.4)7.4Multan (2020) (7)7.0
13Amazing Spider-Man (7.3)7.3Walking Dead (7.8)7.8Planet of the Apes (2001) (7.6)7.6Boyhood (7)7.0The Happening (8.2)8.2Batman (1989) (7.8)7.8Captain America: Civil War (7.2)7.2Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (7.8)7.8Wonder Woman (7.6)7.6Baby Driver (7.5)7.5Ant-Man and The Wasp (7.7)7.7Every Tim Burton Movie (8.1)8.1Aladdin (2019) (7.4)7.4Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (8)8.0Every Streaming Service (7.4)7.4
14Dark Knight Rises (7.3)7.3Pacific Rim (7.8)7.8Green Lantern (7.4)7.4Dumb and Dumber To (7.2)7.2Furious 7 (7.7)7.7Superman (1978) (7.3)7.3Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of Their Shells (Feat. The Nostalgia Critic) (6.8)6.8Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (7.6)7.6Star Trek: The Next Generation (7.5)7.5The Incredible Hulk (7)7.0Halloween (7.7)7.7Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (7.3)7.3X-Men: Dark Phoenix (7.5)7.5Justice League: The Snyder Cut (7)7.0Firefly (6.7)6.7
15Lord of the Rings (7.5)7.5Thor (7.8)7.8Divergent (7.6)7.6The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (7.5)7.5Peter Pan (1953) (7.8)7.8The Revenant (7.3)7.3Warcraft (7.3)7.3The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (7.1)7.1Blade Runner (6.9)6.9Honest Trailers (Written by a Robot) (6.8)6.8Batman: The Animated Series (8.1)8.1Mortal Engines (7.4)7.4Pokémon Detective Pikachu (7.3)7.3Birds of Prey (7.6)7.6The Kissing Booth (6)6.0
16Inception (7.3)7.3Man of Steel (7.6)7.6Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze (7.3)7.3Cinderella (1950) (7.7)7.7Avengers: Age of Ultron (7.8)7.8Star Wars: The Force Awakens (7.2)7.2The Flash (TV) (7.1)7.1Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (7.7)7.7Spider-Man: Homecoming (7.4)7.4Fifty Shades Freed (7.6)7.6The Incredibles 2 (7.2)7.2Glass (7.7)7.7Batman: The Movie (1966) (8)8.0Cats (7.5)7.5Scream (8)8.0
17Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (7.2)7.2Home Alone (7.6)7.6Ghostbusters (7.4)7.4Leprechaun (7.1)7.1Aladdin (7.8)7.8The Jungle Book (1967) (7.3)7.3X-Men Apocalypse (7.5)7.5Split (7.3)7.3Stranger Things (7.5)7.5Black Panther (6.9)6.9The Meg (7.3)7.3Howard the Duck (7.9)7.9Spider-Man: Far From Home (7.4)7.4Tiger King (8.1)8.1Us (7.4)7.4
18Skyfall (7.8)7.8The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (7.6)7.6Godzilla (2014) (7.2)7.2Interstellar (7.5)7.5Jurassic World (7.7)7.7Superman Returns (7.2)7.2Ghostbusters (2016) (7.2)7.2The Social Network (7.6)7.6Batman Forever (7.9)7.9Star Wars Spinoffs (Holiday Special & More!) (7.8)7.8Rocky IV (7.5)7.5Pokemon: The First Movie (7.6)7.6Zombieland (7.6)7.6Sonic the Hedgehog (8)8.0The Mandolarian (7.3)7.3
19The Notebook (7.4)7.4Dragonball Evolution (7.5)7.5The Fault in Our Stars (7.5)7.5Daredevil (7.6)7.6Back to the Future (7.8)7.8Game of Thrones Vol. 2 (7.9)7.9The Nightmare Before Christmas (7.3)7.3La La Land (7.8)7.8The Emoji Movie (7.3)7.3Every Christopher Nolan Movie (8.1)8.1Elf (6.9)6.9The Mummy (1999) (7.3)7.3Total Recall (1990) (7.9)7.9Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars (7.4)7.4National Treasure (7.2)7.2
20Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn (7.8)7.8Friday (6.8)6.8The Expendables (7.6)7.6Honest Teaser - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (6.7)6.7Inside Out (6.9)6.9Captain America (1990) (7.6)7.6Sherlock Holmes (BBC) (7.6)7.6Fifty Shades Darker (7.3)7.3The Room (8)8.0A Wrinkle in Time (7.5)7.5Mission Impossible: Fallout (7.7)7.7Speed (7.5)7.5The Shining (8)8.0Blade Runner 2049 (7)7.0The Evil Dead (7.2)7.2
21Les misérables (7.6)7.6Robocop (7.8)7.8Transformers: Age of Extinction (7.8)7.8Hulk (2003) (7.5)7.5Honest Teaser - The Force Awakens (6.7)6.7Deadpool (7.9)7.9Independence Day: Resurgence (7.5)7.5Aliens (7.6)7.6The Santa Claus (6.6)6.6The Incredibles (7.8)7.8Japanese Spider-Man (8)8.0Braveheart (7.9)7.9The Lion King (2019) (7.7)7.7Trolls World Tour (7.2)7.2Toy Story 4 (6.6)6.6
22Jurassic Park (7.7)7.7Thor: The Dark World (7.3)7.3Fight Club (7.8)7.8Fifty Shades of Grey (100th Episode!) (8)8.0Terminator Genisys (7.2)7.2Wreck It Ralph (7.1)7.1Finding Dory (7.2)7.2Logan (7.4)7.4Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (7.5)7.5Jurassic Park 3 (7.5)7.5Mary Poppins (7.6)7.6Men in Black (7.7)7.7Hobbs & Shaw (7.8)7.8Friends (7.3)7.3The New Mutants (5.9)5.9
23Harry Potter (7.9)7.9Gravity (7.4)7.4X-Men: Days of Future Past (7.7)7.7Pitch Perfect (7.2)7.2Star Wars (7.5)7.5X-Men: The Animated Series (8)8.0Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) (7.1)7.1Catwoman (7.6)7.6Jumanji (7.1)7.1Tomb Raider/Pacific Rim: Uprising (7.5)7.5Con Air (7.5)7.5Tangled (7.9)7.9Twister (7.6)7.6A Christmas Story (6.2)6.2
24Iron Man 2 (7.5)7.5300 (7.3)7.3Saw (7.3)7.3Jupiter Ascending (7.7)7.7Fantastic Four (2015) (7.5)7.5Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (7.4)7.4The Secret Life of Pets (7)7.0Cars & Cars 2 (7.3)7.3The Boss Baby (7.5)7.5The Purge (7.3)7.3MCU (8.2)8.2Jingle All the Way (7.6)7.6The Fifth Element (7.8)7.8Donnie Darko (7.2)7.2
25Star Trek (7.5)7.5The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (7.4)7.4Captain America: The Winter Soldier (7.8)7.8Armageddon (7.6)7.6Minions (7.2)7.2Zootopia (7.7)7.7Suicide Squad (7.6)7.6Beauty and the Beast (2017) (7.1)7.1Mother! (7.4)7.4Rampage (7.5)7.5It Chapter Two (7.8)7.8Shrek 2 (7.2)7.2Lost (6.9)6.9
26Fast Five (7.6)7.6Captain America: The First Avenger (7.5)7.5Maleficent (6.9)6.9Entourage (TV) (7)7.0Ant-Man (7.5)7.5Finding Nemo (7.2)7.2Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (7.5)7.5Power Rangers (2017) (7.1)7.1IT (2017) (7.2)7.2A Quiet Place (7.6)7.6Honest Teaser - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (6.9)6.9A Goofy Movie (6.8)6.8Tenet (6.9)6.9
27The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (7)7.0Galaxy Quest (8)8.0
28Star Wars: The Clone Wars (7.9)7.9


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E03Game of Thrones Vol. 18.4100
1S02E07Breaking Bad8.2132
1S15E22The New Mutants5.915
1S16E04Cobra Kai5.50
1SUnknoE00Anime: Fairy Tail4.30
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