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Hope & Faith (2003 - 2006)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (6.4)6.4Escape from Albuquerque (6.6)6.6The Marriage: Part 1 (6.8)6.8
02Remembrance of Rings Past (5.9)5.9Mall in the Family (6.3)6.3The Marriage: Part 2 (6.2)6.2
03The Un-Graduate (6.9)6.9Queer as Hope (6.4)6.4Faith Fairfield: 1980-2005 (6.4)6.4
04Summary Judgment (6.8)6.8Hold the Phone (6.5)6.5The Phone Call (5.6)5.6
05About a Book Club (6.7)6.7Faith Scare-Field (6.3)6.3Love & Teeth (5.8)5.8
06Hope Has No Faith (6.5)6.5Natal Attraction (5.6)5.6The Halloween Party (6.8)6.8
07Car Commercial (7.1)7.1Stand by Your Mandi (6.1)6.1Charley's Shirt (6.5)6.5
08Hope and Faith Get Randy (6.9)6.9The Dolly Mama (7.8)7.8Faith's Therapy (5.8)5.8
09Phone Home for the Holidays (7.1)7.1Just-In Time (6.6)6.6Blood Is Thicker Than Daughter (6.6)6.6
10Anger Management (7)7.09021-Uh-Oh (8)8.0Hope in the Middle (6.3)6.3
11Silent Night, Opening Night (5.9)5.9Do I Look Frat in This? (7)7.0Christmas Time (6)6.0
12The Wedding (6.9)6.9Aru-Bah Humbug (6.7)6.7Sex, Lies and Faith (5.5)5.5
13Madam President (6.8)6.8The Gooch (6.6)6.6Now and Zen (6)6.0
14The Diner Show (6.9)6.9Another Car Commercial (7)7.0Homeless Hal (5.8)5.8
15Mismatch (6.4)6.4Carmen Get It (6.6)6.6Meet the Parent (5.6)5.6
16Charley's Baseball (6.4)6.4Catering-a-ding-ding (6.5)6.5Charley Shoots Faith (6.3)6.3
17Almost Paradise (6)6.0O' Sister, Where Art Thou? (6.6)6.6The Big Shanowski (6.7)6.7
18Jury Duty (5.8)5.8Hope Couture (6.6)6.6The Restaurant (6.3)6.3
19Faith's Maid (5.9)5.9Wife Swap: Part 1 (6.6)6.6Jay Date (7.2)7.2
20Hope Gets a Job (6.2)6.2Wife Swap: Part 2 (6.4)6.4Old Faithful (6)6.0
21Faith's Husband (6)6.021 Lunch Street (6.9)6.9Faith Knows Squat (7.9)7.9
22Jack's Back (5.6)5.6A Room of One's Own (6.5)6.5Hope's Float (6.7)6.7
23Trade Show (5.8)5.8Faith Affair-field (6.8)6.8
24Daytime Emmys: Part 1 (6.9)6.9Weather or Not (6.2)6.2
25Daytime Emmys: Part 2 (6.6)6.6Of Rice and Anchor Men (5.8)5.8
26Season Finale (6.2)6.2


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E21Faith Knows Squat7.923
1S02E08The Dolly Mama7.819
1S03E15Meet the Parent5.611
1S01E22Jack's Back5.620
1S03E12Sex, Lies and Faith5.520
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