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Horizon (1964 - )

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00The Honest Supermarket: What's Really in Our Food? (7)7.0
01The World of Buckminster Fuller (8.6)8.6Atlantis Uncovered (6.9)6.9Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction (8.1)8.1Freak Wave (8.2)8.2The Big Chill (7.1)7.1The Truth About Vitamins (7.2)7.2Tsunami: Naming the Dead (7.5)7.5Survivors Guide to Plane Crashes (7)7.0Everest: Doctors in the Death Zone - Part 1 (8.3)8.3The President's Guide to Science (7.9)7.9Do I Drink Too Much? (6.7)6.7Back from the Dead (8.2)8.2Do You See What I See? (7.8)7.8The Truth About Looking Young (7.4)7.4What's Killing Our Bees? A Horizon Special (8.2)8.2Should I Eat Meat? The Big Health Dilemma (7.5)7.5The Immortalist (8)8.0ADHD and Me with Rory Bremner (6.8)6.8My Amazing Brain: Richard's War (8.2)8.2We Need to Talk About Death (7.9)7.9Inside the Social Network: Facebook's Difficult Year (6.3)6.3
02Atlantis Reborn (5.6)5.6The Ape That Took Over the World (7.6)7.6Stone Age Columbus (6.5)6.5The Bible Code (7.9)7.9King Solomon's Tablet of Stone (8.4)8.4The Hawking Paradox (7.4)7.4Chimps Are People Too (8.2)8.2Everest: Doctors in the Death Zone - Part 2 (7.8)7.8How Mad Are You?: Part 1 (7.4)7.4The Secret You (7.5)7.5The Death of the Oceans? (7.7)7.7Seeing Stars (7.7)7.7Mission to Mars: A Horizon Special (7)7.0Monitor Me (8.2)8.2Should I Eat Meat? How to Feed the Planet (8)8.0Project Greenglow: The Quest for Gravity Control (6.3)6.3Why Did I Go Mad? (7.2)7.2The 250 Million Pound Cancer Cure (7.6)7.6
03The Blind Watchmaker (8.2)8.2The Lost World of Lake Vostok (7.4)7.4Homeopathy: The Test (8.1)8.1Derek Tastes of Earwax (8.5)8.5The Mystery of the Human Hobbit (7.1)7.1The World's First Face Transplant (6.8)6.8How to Kill a Human Being (7.5)7.5How Mad Are You?: Part 2 (7.5)7.5What Happened Before the Big Bang? (7.7)7.7The Nine Months That Made You (7.2)7.2Eat, Fast and Live Longer (7.8)7.8Defeating the Hackers (6.8)6.8Allergies: Modern Life and Me (6.9)6.9The Mystery of Dark Energy (7.2)7.2Strange Signals from Outer Space (6.7)6.7How to Build a Time Machine (7.2)7.2Cannabis: Miracle Medicine or Dangerous Drug? (7.3)7.3
04Strangeness Minus Three (8.1)8.1Professor Hawking's Universe (6.9)6.9Vanished: The Plane That Disappeared (8)8.0The Death Star (7.5)7.5The Day the Earth Nearly Died (8.2)8.2What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? (7.2)7.2Human v2.0 (6.9)6.9Total Isolation (7.5)7.5Jimmy's GM Food Fight (6.8)6.8Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole? (8)8.0Is Seeing Believing? (7.9)7.9The Core (7.4)7.4How Big Is the Universe? (7.7)7.7Dinosaurs: The Hunt for Life (7)7.0Inside the Dark Web (7.3)7.3Oceans of the Solar System (7.6)7.6Spina Bifida and Me (8)8.0Chris Packham: 7.7 Billion People and Counting (7.9)7.9
05No Ordinary Genius, Part One (8.3)8.3The Man Who Lost His Body (7.9)7.9The Secret Treasures of Zeugma (9.5)9.5Cloning the First Human (9)9.0The Secret of El Dorado (7.5)7.5Making Millions the Easy Way (6.9)6.9The Great Robot Race (6.6)6.6What on Earth Is Wrong with Gravity? (7.6)7.6Do You Know What Time It Is? (8.7)8.7Why Do We Talk? (8)8.0Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome (6.9)6.9Are You Good or Evil? (7.5)7.5How Small Is the Universe? (7.6)7.6Comet of the Century: A Horizon Special (7)7.0Ebola: The Search for a Cure (7.7)7.7The End of the Solar System (6.7)6.7Jupiter Revealed (8)8.0Addicted to Painkillers? Britain's Opioid Crisis (6.7)6.7
06Joey (9.4)9.4No Ordinary Genius, Part Two (8.3)8.3The Time Lords (8)8.0Dawn of the Clone Age (7.8)7.8The Midas Formula (8.2)8.2Helike - The Real Atlantis (7.1)7.1The Mystery of Easter Island (7.6)7.6Time Trip (7.3)7.3Saturn: Lord of the Rings (7.4)7.4Pandemic (5.8)5.8Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy? (7.5)7.5Allergy Planet (6.9)6.9How Long Is a Piece of String? (7.1)7.1Asteroids: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (8.1)8.1Fukushima: Is Nuclear Power Safe? (6.9)6.9Defeating the Superbugs (7.6)7.6Sugar v Fat (6.8)6.8Is Your Brain Male or Female? (6.8)6.8Should We Close Our Zoos? (8.4)8.4Cyber Attack - The Day the NHS Stopped (7.5)7.5Stopping Male Suicide (6)6.0Coronavirus Special - Part 1 (7.2)7.2
07A Mathematical Mystery Tour (8.3)8.3Life and Death in the 21st Century: Living Forever (5.9)5.9Extreme Dinosaurs (7.4)7.4Volcano Hell (7.8)7.8Titan: A Place Like Home? (7.3)7.3We Are the Aliens (7.1)7.1How to Make Better Decisions (6.8)6.8Where's My Robot? (8.1)8.1How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? (8.1)8.1Deepwater Disaster: The Untold Story (6.8)6.8The Hunt for the Higgs (7.6)7.6The Truth About Meteors (7.5)7.5Swallowed by a Sink Hole (6.9)6.9Secrets of the Solar System (7)7.0How to Find Love Online (6.9)6.9A Week Without Lying - The Honesty Experiment (6.1)6.1Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed (7.7)7.7
08Noah's Flood (7.6)7.6Supermassive Black Holes (7.4)7.4Averting Armageddon (7)7.0The Moscow Theatre Siege (7.3)7.3Dr Money and the Boy with No Penis (7.8)7.8The 7/7 Bombers: A Psychological Investigation (8.3)8.3My Pet Dinosaur (6.9)6.9How to Live to 101 (7.5)7.5Why Are Thin People Not Fat? (7)7.0The Secret Life of the Dog (7.7)7.7What Is One Degree? (6.9)6.9Playing God (8.1)8.1The Creative Brain: How Insight Works (7.6)7.6Man on Mars: Mission to the Red Planet (7.3)7.3Ice Station Antarctica (7.6)7.6Dawn of the Driverless Car (7)7.0Toxic Town: The Corby Poisonings (6.1)6.1
09The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (8.8)8.8The Strange Life and Death of Dr. Turing (8)8.0Fermat's Last Theorem (7.6)7.6Ice Mummies: The Ice Maiden (7.7)7.7The Boy Who Was Turned Into a Girl (8.9)8.9The Lost Pyramids of Caral (8.3)8.3Dirty Bomb (8.3)8.3The Atkins Diet (6.3)6.3Global Dimming (7.7)7.7The Ghost in Your Genes (7.8)7.8Are We Alone in the Universe? (7.5)7.5Cannabis: The Evil Weed? (6.6)6.6Why Do Viruses Kill? (7.6)7.6What is Reality? (7.9)7.9The Truth About Exercise (7.6)7.6How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery (7.7)7.7The Power of the Placebo (7.5)7.5Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves (6.5)6.5Curing Alzheimer's (7.3)7.310 Things You Need to Know About the Future (7.3)7.3The Placebo Experiment: Can My Brain Cure My Body? (7.5)7.5The Restaurant that Burns Off Calories (5)5.0
10The Mysterious Mr Tesla (8.2)8.2Atlantis Reborn Again (6.5)6.5Death of the Iceman (7.1)7.1Secrets of the Star Disc (7.1)7.1Einstein's Unfinished Symphony (8.1)8.1How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth? (7.4)7.4Why Do We Dream? (7.5)7.5Pill Poppers (7.8)7.8Science Under Attack (7.2)7.2Solar Storms: The Threat to Planet Earth (7.5)7.5The Truth About Taste (6.8)6.8How You Really Make Decisions (7.5)7.5Dancing in the Dark - The End of Physics (7)7.0E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? (7.2)7.2Body Clock: What Makes Us Tick? (6.5)6.5The Great British Intelligence Test (6.4)6.4
11To Engineer Is Human (8.4)8.4Ice Mummies: Frozen in Heaven (8)8.0Life on Mars (7.3)7.3Parallel Universes (8)8.0The Day We Learned to Think (7.5)7.5The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schön (7)7.0Einstein's Equation of Life and Death (8.2)8.2Space Tourists (7.6)7.6Mad But Glad (7.9)7.9How Does Your Memory Work? (6.8)6.8Can We Make a Star on Earth? (8.3)8.3Don't Grow Old (7.8)7.8The Secret World of Pain (8.2)8.2Out of Control? (7.5)7.5The Age of Big Data (6.8)6.8Living with Autism (6.7)6.770 Million Animal Mummies: Egypt's Dark Secret (7.4)7.4Why Are We Getting So Fat? (6.9)6.9Avalanche: Making a Deadly Snowstorm (7)7.0Coronavirus Special - Part 2 (6.9)6.9
12A Time to Be Born (8)8.0AIDS: A Strange and Deadly Virus (7.3)7.3Psychedelic Science (7.8)7.8From Here to Infinity (8.1)8.1The Dinosaur That Fooled the World (7.8)7.8Trial and Error (7.2)7.2Living with ADHD (7.6)7.6Moon for Sale (7.8)7.8The Secret Life of Your Body Clock (7.7)7.7To Infinity and Beyond (7.5)7.5Surviving a Car Crash (6.5)6.5The Truth About Fat (6.9)6.9Tomorrow's World: A Horizon Special (7.8)7.8The £10 Million Challenge (7.9)7.9Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad? (7.4)7.4Sports Doping - Winning at Any Cost? (6.6)6.6What Makes a Psychopath? (6.2)6.2Vitamin Pills: Miracle or Myth? (6.8)6.8Pluto: Back from the Dead (7.7)7.7
13Resurrecting the Dead Sea Scrolls (7.4)7.4Supervolcanoes (8)8.0The Mystery of the Miami Circle (7.2)7.2The Fall of the World Trade Center (5.4)5.4Earthquake Storms (7.9)7.9Neanderthal (7.3)7.3A War on Science (8)8.0Battle of the Brains (7.8)7.8What's the Problem with Nudity? (6.9)6.9What Makes a Genius? (7.1)7.1How to Mend a Broken Heart (8)8.0Global Weirding (7.6)7.6The Secret Life of the Cat (7.3)7.3Where Is Flight MH370? (7.4)7.4The Trouble with Space Junk (7.9)7.9Inside CERN (6.8)6.8Mars: a Traveller's Guide (7)7.0Diagnosis on Demand? The Computer Will See You Now (7.9)7.9Pandemic: A Horizon Guide (7)7.0
14Nice Guys Finish First (8.3)8.3Auschwitz: The Blueprints of Genocide (7.6)7.6Assault on the Male (9.4)9.4Miracle in Orbit (8.6)8.6The Missing Link (7.7)7.7Archimedes' Secret (7.7)7.7Life on Mars (7.5)7.5T.Rex: Warrior or Wimp? (6.6)6.6An Experiment to Save the World (7.1)7.1The Lost City of New Orleans (8)8.0How to Survive a Disaster (8.1)8.1Did Cooking Make Us Human (7.9)7.9Are we still Evolving? (7.3)7.3The Hunt for A.I. (7.9)7.9Little Cat Diaries (7.2)7.2What's Wrong with Our Weather? (6.5)6.5Are Health Tests Really a Good Idea? (8)8.0My Amazing Twin (7.4)7.4Goodbye Cassini - Hello Saturn (8.4)8.4The Contraceptive Pill: How Safe Is It? (6.4)6.4Diet: A Horizon Guide (9)9.0
15Killer Algae (8.7)8.7The Mystery of the Jurassic (7.2)7.2The Secret Life of Caves (7)7.0Project Poltergeist (8.5)8.5Who's Afraid of Designer Babies? (7.4)7.4Most of Our Universe Is Missing (8)8.0The Six Billion Dollar Experiment (7.6)7.6Who Do You Want Your Child to Be? (8.8)8.8Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong? (7.5)7.5Predators in Your Backyard (7.4)7.4Defeating Cancer (6.9)6.9Fracking: The New Energy Rush (6.9)6.9First Britons (6.9)6.9Being Transgender (6.7)6.7Tim Peake Special: How to Be an Astronaut (7.9)7.9
16Man in Space (7.8)7.8The Race for the Double Helix (7.4)7.4Icon Earth (9.8)9.8Killer Lakes (7.4)7.4God on the Brain (7.8)7.8The Truth of Troy (7.3)7.3The Lost Civilisation of Peru (7.8)7.8How to Commit the Perfect Murder (6.9)6.9Why Can't We Predict Earthquakes? (6.4)6.4Japan Earthquake: A Horizon Special (7.5)7.5The Transit of Venus: A Horizon Special (8.3)8.3Swallowed by a Black Hole (7.8)7.8OCD: A Monster in My Mind (7.4)7.4The Lost Tribes of Humanity (8.2)8.2Jimmy Carr & the Science of Laughter: A Horizon Special (5.9)5.9
17Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian (8.8)8.8Einstein: The Miracle Year (7.4)7.4New Star in Orbit (6.3)6.3Snowball Earth (7.7)7.7The A6 Murder (8.6)8.6The Next Megaquake (6.7)6.7The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow (7.6)7.6Alan and Marcus Go Forth and Multiply (8)8.0What Makes Us Human? (7.9)7.9Which Universe Are We In? (6.5)6.5The Wildest Weather in the Universe (7)7.0Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth (5.6)5.6
18Inside Chernobyl Sarcophagus (7.8)7.8Einstein: Fame (7.6)7.6Mir Mortals (7.6)7.6The Genius Sperm Bank (8.2)8.2How Violent Are You? (8.1)8.1The Truth About Personality (7.2)7.2Cosmic Dawn: The Real Moment of Creation (7.3)7.3Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth (5.5)5.5Space Volcanoes (7.4)7.4
19Now the Chips are Down (8)8.0How to Film the Impossible (7.7)7.7Fallout from Chernobyl (7)7.0What Sank the Kursk? (7.6)7.6Bye Bye Planet Pluto (7.7)7.7Are Video Games Really That Bad? (6.7)6.7Hair Care Secrets (7.4)7.4
20The Fight to Be Male (8.4)8.4We Love Cigarettes (8.4)8.4
21Nuclear Nightmares (7.4)7.4
22Tutankhamun's Fireball (6.7)6.7
23Killer in the Village (8.1)8.1
25The Quest for Tannu Tuva (8.7)8.7
28Beyond the Moon (8)8.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S31E16Icon Earth9.80
1S37E05The Secret Treasures of Zeugma9.50
1S32E14Assault on the Male9.40
1S52E18Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth5.50
1S38E13The Fall of the World Trade Center5.40
1SUnknoE09The Restaurant that Burns Off Calories5.00
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