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House of Payne (2006 - )

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01The Roof Is on Fire (6.5)6.5Bully and the Beast (5)5.0Wife Swap (3.6)3.6Driving Me Crazy (4.6)4.6Labor Paynes: Part 1 (4.5)4.5Where's the Payne? (4.1)4.1House Guest (6.5)6.5A Wise Man's Opinion (7.6)7.6
02When the Smoke Clears (5.2)5.2I Can Cry If I Want To (4.8)4.8Stop Being All Funky (3.1)3.1Reunited and... It Don't Feel Good (3.9)3.9Labor Paynes: Part 2 (3)3.0Recurring Paynes (3.3)3.3Delicious (7.9)7.9
03The Invasion: Part 1 (3.3)3.3More Than Meets the Eye (5.4)5.4Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner (4.5)4.5What the...? (4)4.0Your Wife's a Payne (2)2.0Wigging Out (3.8)3.8Payneful Divorce (6.2)6.2By Your Side (7.7)7.7
04The Invasion: Part 2 (2.8)2.8Busted (4.8)4.8Game Over (4.2)4.2Guys' Night Out, Girls' Night In (3)3.0Casa de Payne (3.7)3.7Payne Speaking (4.6)4.6When the Payne's Away (5.6)5.6The Old People Game (8.8)8.8
05Home Alone: Part 1 (4.5)4.5Lost and Found (5.3)5.3Trial by Fire: Part 2 (3.1)3.1How Do You Spell... It's All About Me? (3.8)3.8It's a Payne Growing Up (3.6)3.6Parental Payne (3.1)3.1Beginnings (5.5)5.5Women of Today (8.3)8.3
06Home Alone: Part 2 (3)3.0Down and Outted (4.8)4.8And... Cut! (3.4)3.4Payne and Prejudice (4.8)4.8Payne, Payne Go Away (4.2)4.2Payneful Resolution (7.5)7.5Mixed Emotions (8.1)8.1
07Ella's War (2.8)2.8No Money, Mo' Problems (4.3)4.3Crazy in Love (2.9)2.9Old School Vs. New School (3.1)3.1Payneful News (2.8)2.8Love and Hate (8.6)8.6
08No Place Like Home (3.3)3.3Just Say No (4.8)4.8Fire and Desire (3.2)3.2Payneful Loss (3.5)3.5From Heart to Heart (8.4)8.4
09Divided We Fall (1.6)1.6Surprise, Surprise (4.2)4.2Unsung Heroes (3.9)3.9Payneful Employment (3.8)3.8Someone (8.6)8.6
10Big Baller, Shot Caller (4.1)4.1Father Knows Best (3.7)3.7Pissed, Poor and Paranoid (3)3.0Slightly Payneful Truth (3.7)3.7Till Payne Do We Part (2.6)2.6Dodging Bullies (5.6)5.6Something's Rotten (8.3)8.3
11I Keep Coming Up Short (4.1)4.1True Lies (4.9)4.9Joy and Payne (3.2)3.2Payneful Reunion (5.3)5.3Hard Lessons (8.8)8.8
12The Buck Stops Here (3)3.0That Sounds Sweet (3.3)3.3A Sister's Payne (4.5)4.5Not in the Cards (6.4)6.4Lucky Cards (8.3)8.3
13Wax On, Wax Off (2.9)2.9Aches and Paynes (2.4)2.4Meet the Lucases (3.3)3.3A Grand Payne (3.2)3.2Moving On (8.3)8.3
14Head of the Class (3)3.0It's a Boy (3.8)3.8Out on a Limb (3)3.0Games People Play (4)4.0Brain Payne (7.4)7.4Been a Long Time (8.5)8.5
15Paternity and Fraternity: Part 1 (5.1)5.1The Big Bang Theory (2.5)2.5Can't Buy Me Love (2.9)2.9Help Wanted (3.3)3.3First Dance (4.6)4.6J. Boogie (9.5)9.5
16Paternity and Fraternity: Part 2 (4.8)4.8Step It Up (4.3)4.3To Have and to Hold (3.8)3.8Old Lady Paynes (3.9)3.9Invention of Trust (3.6)3.6The Dinosaur and the Rabbit (9)9.0
17Cracking Under Pressure (4.7)4.7Unexpected Results (3.9)3.9I Don't Know This Payne (3.2)3.2Payneful Realization (3.6)3.6Dark Thirty (9.6)9.6
18Club PCP (3.1)3.1Let's Get Ready to Rumble (3.3)3.3Paul Mall (4)4.0How Do You Like Your Roast (3.5)3.5Out of Character (9.1)9.1
19Sadly Mistaken (3.8)3.8Father's Day (4.2)4.2With Friends Like These (4.9)4.9Curtis Sings the Blues (6.2)6.2The Package (9.2)9.2
20And Justice for All (3.9)3.9Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? (2.4)2.4The Talent Show (3.8)3.8A Mother's Payne (7.8)7.8All's Well (6.9)6.9If You Loved Me (9.2)9.2
21I Got the Hook Up (4.2)4.2All Is Not Lost (4.5)4.5Bringing Down the House (2.7)2.7Heartbeat (2.8)2.8
22Absolutely Positive (3.5)3.5Party Over Here! (2)2.0Moving Day (1.5)1.5Give and Take (9.6)9.6
23The Perfect Storm (3.3)3.3Expectations (4.7)4.7The Last Supper (3.1)3.1Moving Out (3)3.0Parenting 101 (9.6)9.6
24Teacher's Pet (3.8)3.8Cheers (3.4)3.4We've Come This Far by Faith: Part 1 (3.8)3.8Back Where We Belong (2.2)2.2Ya' Hearrrd Me (9.2)9.2
25Sad, Sad Leroy Brown: Part 1 (4.8)4.8We've Come This Far by Faith: Part 2 (3.4)3.4Surprise! Part 1 (2.3)2.3Woman Of The Night (9.4)9.4
26Sad, Sad Leroy Brown: Part 2 (3.8)3.8Surprise!: Part 2 (3.4)3.4
27Weeping May Endure for a Night (4.2)4.2Can I Get a Witness? (3)3.0
28The Big Test (3.5)3.5Commencement Day (3)3.0
29Balancing Act (2.9)2.9A Shock to the System (3)3.0
30Why Can't We Be Friends (3.8)3.8Who's on Top (4.6)4.6Curtis Jefferson (6.4)6.4
31Dog Day Afternoon (3.3)3.3Moral Dilemma (3.1)3.1Help! Help! Help! (6.4)6.4
32New Beginnings (3.5)3.5Sex, Lies and Videotapes (3.7)3.7Stinging Payne (5.2)5.2
33Heavy Petting (3.1)3.1
34The Fast and the Furious (2.9)2.9Whose Your Nanny (4.6)4.6
35Gone in 60 Seconds (2.6)2.6The Beat Down (3.7)3.7
36Lost Without U (3.2)3.2My Fair Curtis (4.7)4.7
37I Rest My Case (3.8)3.8Rest for the Weary (5.5)5.5
38A House Is Not a Home (3.2)3.2Do the Hustle (5)5.0
39Home Alone (3.2)3.2
40The Wench Who Saved Christmas (3)3.0God Bless the Paynes (7.2)7.2
41Trial by Fire: Part 1 (3.5)3.5Do or Die (5.7)5.7
42Trial by Fire: Part 4 (4.5)4.5R.I.P-Rest in Payne (5.5)5.5
43Trial by Fire: Part 3 (4)4.0Payne-ful Survival (7.8)7.8
44Payneful Recovery (7.4)7.4
45Reality Check (3.6)3.6
46Piece of Mind (3.5)3.5
47There's No Place Like Home (3.5)3.5
48Mommie Dearest (2.6)2.6
49You Big Dummy (2.6)2.6
50It's a Boy (3.7)3.7
54No Payne, No Gain (3.3)3.3
55Devil in a Blue Suit (4.6)4.6
56Bad Influence (3.1)3.1
57Play on Playa (2.8)2.8
58It's Getting Hot in Here (4.6)4.6
59Don't Get It Twisted (4.5)4.5
66What You Know About Me (6.7)6.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S09E22Give and Take9.60
1S09E23Parenting 1019.60
1S09E17Dark Thirty9.60
1S04E22Party Over Here!2.014
1S01E09Divided We Fall1.60
1S05E22Moving Day1.515
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