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Ideal (2005 - 2011)

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01The Rat (7.2)7.2The Stag Do (8)8.0The Night (7.9)7.9The Pains (8)8.0The Healer (8)8.0The Business (8)8.0The Police (7.3)7.3
02The Seduction (7.3)7.3The Landlord (8.2)8.2The Christians (8)8.0The Past (8.5)8.5The Temptation (7.7)7.7The American (7.6)7.6The Debtors (7)7.0
03The Boyfriend (7.6)7.6The Hydroponics (7.7)7.7The Pyramid (7.9)7.9The Vodka (8.3)8.3The Red Bag (8.1)8.1The Kill (7.9)7.9The Brothel (6.9)6.9
04The Affair (7.7)7.7The Seance (8)8.0The Nest (7.6)7.6The Secret (8.3)8.3The Documentary (8.4)8.4The Poster (7)7.0The Paintings (7.1)7.1
05The Backpacker (7.6)7.6The Boss (7.5)7.5The Bath (8)8.0The War (8.6)8.6The Chance (8.1)8.1The Lapse (7.4)7.4The Love (7.5)7.5
06The Party (7.7)7.7The Guest (8.3)8.3The Set-Up (8)8.0The Birthday (8.2)8.2The Passports (8.2)8.2The Accident (7.9)7.9The Red King (6.5)6.5
07The Pregnancy (7.8)7.8The Delivery (7.6)7.6The Crabs (8.1)8.1The Television (8.1)8.1The Ear (7.9)7.9
08The Body (7.8)7.8The Money (7.7)7.7The Wedding (7.8)7.8The Future (7.8)7.8The Housewarming (8.5)8.5
09The Christmas Special (8)8.0The Outtakes (7.9)7.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E5The War8.620
1S06E8The Housewarming8.519
1S04E2The Past8.521
1S07E2The Debtors7.014
1S07E3The Brothel6.913
1S07E6The Red King6.517
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