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In the Heat of the Night (1988 - 1995)

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01Pilot: Part 1 (8.8)8.8Don't Look Back: Part 1 (8.5)8.5Rape (8.9)8.9Brotherly Love: Part 1 (8.6)8.6A Woman Much Admired (8.4)8.4A Small War: Part 1 (8.8)8.8Child's Play (8.3)8.3A Matter of Justice (7.6)7.6
02Pilot: Part 2 (8.7)8.7Don't Look Back: Part 2 (8.3)8.3Fairest of Them All (7.9)7.9Brotherly Love: Part 2 (8.2)8.2Baby for Sale (7.6)7.6A Small War: Part 2 (8.4)8.4Hatton's Turn: Part 1 (7.9)7.9Who Was Geli Bendl? (7.4)7.4
03Road Kill (8.4)8.4The Family Secret (8.3)8.3Murder Most Ancient (8.4)8.4Lessons Learned (8)8.0Obsession (7.6)7.6Brother's Keeper (8.3)8.3Hatton's Turn: Part 2 (8.5)8.5By Duty Bound (8)8.0
04Fate (8.5)8.5The Hammer and the Glove (8.2)8.2First Girl (8.5)8.5Perversions of Justice (8.5)8.5Liar's Poker (7.6)7.6A Frenzied Affair (8.1)8.1A Depraved Heart (8.7)8.7Grow Old Along with Me (8.2)8.2
05Blind Spot: Part 1 (8.2)8.2Prisoners (8.6)8.6Crackdown (8.5)8.5And Justice for Some (8.8)8.8Ruda's Awakening (8.3)8.3Discovery (8.4)8.4Incident at Brewer's Pond (7.4)7.4
06Blind Spot: Part 2 (8.4)8.4Hot Nights (7.7)7.7Anniversary (8.2)8.2Heart of Gold (8.2)8.2Unfinished Business (7.5)7.5Random's Child (8.5)8.5A Love Lost (8.1)8.1
07A Necessary Evil (8.3)8.3Gunshot (8.2)8.2Time of the Stranger (7.8)7.8Quick Fix (8.1)8.1The More Things Change (8.6)8.6An Occupational Hazard (7.8)7.8Singin' the Blues (8.4)8.4
08...And Then You Die (8.5)8.5Country Mouse, City Mouse (8.4)8.4Vengeance (8.4)8.4Homecoming (8)8.0Sweet, Sweet Blues (8.7)8.7Last Rights (7.5)7.5Virgil Tibbs: Attorney at Law (8.2)8.2
09Stranger in Town (7.8)7.8My Name Is Hank (7.7)7.7A Problem Too Personal (8.1)8.1Sparta Gold (8.1)8.1When the Music Stopped (7.3)7.3Every Man's Family (8.4)8.4
10Tear Down the Walls (8.2)8.2King's Ransom (7.2)7.2A Final Arrangement (8.4)8.4An Eye for an Eye (8.1)8.1Flowers from a Lady (8.2)8.2A Baby Called Rocket (8)8.0
11A Trip Upstate (8.9)8.9Epitaph for a Lady (7.2)7.2Family Matters (7.4)7.4The Littlest Victim (7.7)7.7Private Sessions (8.4)8.4Little Girl Lost (7.9)7.9
12A.K.A. Kelly Kay (7.9)7.9Triangle (7.8)7.8Bounty Hunter (8.3)8.3The Landlord (7.6)7.6Judgment Day (8)8.0Your Own Kind (7.1)7.1
13These Things Take Time (7.9)7.9Hello in There (8.3)8.3Blessings (8.1)8.1Fool for Love (8)8.0Falsely Accused (7.8)7.8Good Cop, Bad Cop (7.9)7.9
14Intruders (8.2)8.2December Days (8.1)8.1Shine on Sparta Moon (8.1)8.1Love, Honor and Obey (8.6)8.6A Step Removed (7.4)7.4Maybelle Returns (7.8)7.8
15The Creek (8)8.0A Loss of Innocence (8.1)8.1An Execution of Trust (8.1)8.1Odessa (7.6)7.6Deadly Affection (7.4)7.4The Last Round (7.6)7.6
16Sister, Sister (8)8.0Bubba's Baby (8.3)8.3A Child of Promise (8.1)8.1A Time to Trust (7.7)7.7Leftover Man: Part 1 (7.3)7.3Ches and the Grand Lady (7.5)7.5
17Walkout (8.3)8.3Home Is Where the Heart Is (7.4)7.4Paper Castles (7.3)7.3By Means Most Foul (8.1)8.1Leftover Man: Part 2 (7.2)7.2Conspiracy of One (7.6)7.6
18Accused (8.1)8.1An Angry Woman (7.5)7.5Laid to Waste (8.2)8.2Trundel's Will Be Done (8.4)8.4A Dish Best Served Cold (7.9)7.9The Rabbi (7.1)7.1
19Fifteen Forever (7.8)7.8Indiscretions (8.4)8.4First Deadly Sin (8.2)8.2Moseley's Lot (7.6)7.6Legacy (7.2)7.2Hard Choices (7.3)7.3
20Ladybug, Ladybug (7.3)7.3Night of the Killing (8.3)8.3Just a Country Boy (7.5)7.5Family Reunion (8)8.0Even Nice People (7.3)7.3Time's Long Shadow (7.3)7.3
21The Pig Woman of Sparta (7.3)7.3Citizen Trundel: Part 1 (8.1)8.1No Other Road (7.3)7.3Sanctuary (8)8.0Lake Winahatchie (8.1)8.1Poor Relations (7.9)7.9
22Missing (7.9)7.9Citizen Trundel: Part 2 (8.4)8.4A Turning (7.7)7.7The Law on Trial (7.8)7.8A Correct Settling (8.4)8.4Dangerous Engagement (8.7)8.7
23Give Me Your Life: Part 1 (7.6)7.6
24Give Me Your Life: Part 2 (8.1)8.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E11A Trip Upstate8.968
1S04E05And Justice for Some8.854
1S03E11Epitaph for a Lady7.242
1S07E12Your Own Kind7.133
1S07E18The Rabbi7.135
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