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Ink Master (2012 - )

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00Ink Master Redemption: Hula Girls & Garter Belts (6.8)6.8
01Fresh Meat (7.3)7.3Tattooing the Dead (6.9)6.9Baby Got Back (7.4)7.4Earn It (6.6)6.6Inking with the Enemy (7.3)7.3Meet Your Make (7.4)7.4Initiation (6.7)6.7Weeding Out the Weak (6.8)6.8Fire & Ice (6.6)6.6Pick Your Side (8)8.0Opening Shots (7.1)7.1The Ink Will Speak for Itself (6.2)6.2Rep Your Region (6.7)6.7Ink Master Redemption: Mystical Mistakes (7.3)7.3
02Botched Heat Tattoo (7)7.0Semi Nude 911 (7)7.0Thrills for Grills (6.9)6.9Bug Out (6.4)6.4Pinup Pittfalls (6.9)6.9Fight or Flight (6.8)6.8One Man's Trash (7.3)7.3The Game Begins (6.6)6.6Crossing the Line (6.5)6.5Fill'er Up (7.4)7.4Not on My Watch (7.2)7.2A Storm Is Brewin' (6.2)6.2Clash of the Collages (7)7.0Ink Master Redemption: Walk Outs (7.4)7.4
03Pasties and a Camel Toe (7)7.0The 80 Year Old Virgin (7.3)7.3Fire and Lace (7.1)7.1Tatt Ganged (6.4)6.4Head to Headache (6.9)6.9Sink or Swim (6.9)6.9Salt in the Wound (6.7)6.7Ruffled Feathers (6.6)6.6Unnatural Disasters (6.1)6.1Divine Proportion (7.4)7.4Right on Target (7.4)7.4Down to the Wire (7.1)7.1Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (7.2)7.2Ink Master Redemption: Fool Me Twice (6.8)6.8
04Ink Disaster Piece (6.8)6.8Tattoo Her What? (7.1)7.1Elysium Challenge (6.8)6.8Nude & Tattooed (6.8)6.8Geishas Gone Wrong (7)7.0Tut For Tat (6.9)6.9The Devil's in the Details (7)7.0Put on Your Armor (6.9)6.9Lend Me Your Ear (6.9)6.9Step It Up (7.6)7.6No Wrist, No Reward (7.3)7.3The Hunter & the Hunted (7.2)7.2Battle Lines (6.9)6.9Ink Master Redemption: Settling Score (7)7.0
05Game On (7)7.0Trick or Freak (7)7.0Baby Beat-Down (6.8)6.8X-Men's Hugh Jackman (7.3)7.3Glass on Blast (6.6)6.6Problem Parts (7)7.0New School, Old Artist (7.4)7.4Sparks Fly (6.6)6.6War and Ink (6.3)6.3Ink on the Dotted Line (7.7)7.7That's Gonna Leave a Mark (7.3)7.3The Art Stands Alone (7.5)7.5Out of Your Element (7.5)7.5Ink Master Redemption: Triple Threat (6.9)6.9
06Permanent Mistakes (7.1)7.1Half Naked and Fully Loaded (7)7.0Animal Instinct (6.9)6.92 on 1 Tat-Astrophe (6.3)6.3Cheek to Cheek (6.4)6.4Firing Line (6.9)6.9Under Pressure (7.4)7.4Sticky Situation (6.4)6.4Get the Flock Outta Here (6.5)6.5Chin Up (7.1)7.1Fight Your Own Battles (7.1)7.1Art of War (6.8)6.8Off the Chain (6.9)6.9Ink Master Redemption: Two Right Feet (6.9)6.9
07Picture Imperfect (6.9)6.9Star Wars Forever (7.5)7.5Monumental Mistakes (7)7.0Artist Slaughter (7.2)7.2Three's a Crowd (6.7)6.7Predator/Prey (7.1)7.1Knuckle Sandwich (7.2)7.2New School, Old Scars (6.8)6.8On the Bubble (6.3)6.3Eye of the Tiger (7.3)7.3No Wasted Space (7)7.0Sabotage (7.3)7.3Head Spin (7.1)7.1Ink Master Redemption: Behind Every Inked Man (6.6)6.6
08Ink Master Revealed (6.2)6.2Holy Ink (6.8)6.8Baby Don't Go (7)7.0Episode #4.8 (6.3)6.3Ink My Oosik (6.5)6.5Composed and Exposed (7)7.0Breathing Fire (6.7)6.7Bent Out of Shape (6.5)6.5Masterpiece Mayhem (6.6)6.6Pain in the Glass (6.9)6.9Chalk This Way (7)7.0Pins & No Needles (6.8)6.8Sugar Rush (6.5)6.5Ink Master Redemption: Cheetah Print Pain (6.8)6.8
09Ink Master Revealed (6.8)6.8Buck Off (6.9)6.9Skulls and Villains (7)7.0Episode #4.9 (6)6.0Virgin Blood (6.8)6.8Like a Moth to Flame (7)7.0Sink or Soar (7.6)7.6Head Games (6.5)6.5Pin-Up Panic Attack (6.6)6.6Ink Raider (6.9)6.9Tipping the Scales (6.8)6.8Drawing Alliances (7.1)7.1Artistry on the Line (7)7.0Ink Master Redemption: Stained Glass from the Past (6.6)6.6
10Blowing Chunks (6)6.0Eyes of the Beholder (6.8)6.8Cold Blooded (6.7)6.7Hell on Wheels (6.6)6.6Shipwrecked (7.5)7.5Like Sand Through the Hour Glass (6.9)6.9Drill Baby, Drill (7.2)7.2Some Assembly Required (7.4)7.4Put Up or Shut Up (7)7.0By Accident or By Design (7)7.0Every Artist for Themselves (7)7.0Ink Master Redemption: The Witch Is Back (6.8)6.8
11Better Than Words? (7.1)7.1Heroes & Heads (7)7.0Karma's a Bitch (6.6)6.6Up in Smoke (6.3)6.3Hail Mani (7.2)7.2Head in the Game (6.8)6.8Duck and Cover Up (6.3)6.3Grim Inker (7.3)7.3Quit Buggin' Me (7.2)7.2In Deep Waters (6.9)6.9Roll of the Dice (7.1)7.1From Toast to Toast (7.2)7.2Ink Master Redemption: Two Heads Are Better (7.1)7.1
12This Bigger They Are (6.5)6.5Enduring the Pain (6.8)6.8Fight to the Finish (5.7)5.7Heads Will Roll (6.6)6.6Slitting Throats (6.8)6.8Turning the Tables (6.5)6.5Road to the Finale (5.2)5.2Pit Fall (6.6)6.6Total Meltdown (7.2)7.2Too Hot to Handle (6.8)6.8Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth Is (7.2)7.2Last Draw (7.6)7.6Ink Master Redemption: Reinking History (6.6)6.6
13Ink Master Live (7)7.0The Epic Finale (6.7)6.7Painstaking Portraits (6.7)6.7Players Choice (6.7)6.7Revenge Live (6.7)6.7Heavy Lifting (6.4)6.4Sell Out (7.3)7.3Monkey See, Monkey Do (7.1)7.1Who's Got the Power? (6.8)6.8Moving Pictures (6.4)6.4There Can Only Be One (5.2)5.2Ink Master Redemption: You Get What You Pay For (7.2)7.2
14Firing Squad (6.8)6.8Active Duty (6.8)6.8Bio-Mechanical Failure (7.1)7.1Casting the First Stone (6.7)6.7No Stain, No Gain (7.3)7.3What Are You Crayon About? (6.6)6.6Unfriendly Fire (6.9)6.9Compose Yourself (5.2)5.2Ink Master Redemption: Inked in Honor (7.4)7.4
15Fight to the Finale (6.8)6.8Go Big or Go Home (6.1)6.1No One Is Safe (7.2)7.2Marathon to the Finale (7.7)7.7Final Exam (5.5)5.5Prelude to a Bloodbath (6.7)6.7Step Up or Shut Up (6.9)6.9Race to the Finish (6.3)6.3Ink Master Redemption: Spousal Support (7)7.0
16Ink Finale (6.9)6.9Masters vs Apprentices Live (6)6.0Peck vs. Nunez Live (5.4)5.4Shop Wars Finale (6.2)6.2Return of the Masters Finale (6)6.0Grudge Match Finale (5.6)5.6Battle of the Sexes Finale (5.1)5.1Ink Master Redemption: Nice Guys Finish Last? (7)7.0
17Hallowink (6.4)6.4Ink Master Redemption: Master Canvas Call Out (7.1)7.1
18Cupid's Ink (7.1)7.1Ink Master Redemption: Finish What You Started (6.8)6.8
19Ink Master Redemption: One Tatt Wonders (6.8)6.8
20Ink Master Redemption: Peace Out, Cub Scout (7.2)7.2
21Ink Master Redemption: X-Rated Blunders (7.6)7.6
22Ink Master Redemption: Coming in Hot (7.2)7.2
23Ink Master Redemption: Don't Butcher My Baby (7)7.0
24Ink Master Redemption: High Anxiety (7.4)7.4
25Ink Master Redemption: Declaration of Ink-Dependence (6.5)6.5
26Ink Master Redemption: Coach Cleen (7)7.0
27Ink Master Redemption: Third Time's the Charm (6.7)6.7
28Ink Master Redemption: Bury the Redemption Hatchet (7.2)7.2
29Ink Master Redemption: Close Encounters of the Redemption Kind (6.8)6.8
30Ink Master Redemption: Tuff Redemption (7)7.0
31Ink Master Redemption: Redemption Showdown (6.6)6.6
32Ink Master Redemption: A Redemption Best Served Cold (6.8)6.8
33Ink Master Redemption: Holy Trinity of Redemption (6.2)6.2
34Ink Master Redemption: Redemption Rescue (6.4)6.4
35Ink Master Redemption: Redemption: Are You a Champion? (6.6)6.6
36Ink Master Redemption: A Master Redemption (7.4)7.4
97Merry Ink (6.6)6.6
98New Year's Ink (6.5)6.5


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S10E01Pick Your Side8.022
1S09E15Marathon to the Finale7.715
1S10E05Ink on the Dotted Line7.716
1S13E14Compose Yourself5.20
1S08E12Road to the Finale5.216
1S12E16Battle of the Sexes Finale5.112
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