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Ironside (1967 - 1975)

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01Message from Beyond (7.5)7.5Shell Game (7.8)7.8Alias Mr. Braithwaite (7.2)7.2A Killing Will Occur (7.7)7.7The Priest Killer (7.5)7.5Five Days in the Death of Sgt. Brown (7.8)7.8Confessions: From a Lady of the Night (6.7)6.7Raise the Devil: Part 1 (6)6.0
02The Leaf in the Forest (7.7)7.7Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 1 (7.5)7.5Goodbye to Yesterday (7.4)7.4No Game for Amateurs (7.8)7.8Contract: Kill Ironside (8.1)8.1The Savage Sentry (6.6)6.6Murder by One (7.8)7.8Raise the Devil: Part 2 (5.7)5.7
03Dead Man's Tale (7.5)7.5Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 2 (7.6)7.6Poole's Paradise (7.5)7.5The Happy Dreams of Hollow Men (8)8.0The Professionals (7.7)7.7Programmed for Panic (5.1)5.1In the Forests of the Night (7)7.0What's New with Mark? (8)8.0
04Eat, Drink and Be Buried (7.3)7.3The Sacrifice (7.3)7.3Eye of the Hurricane (6.9)6.9The People Against Judge McIntire (7.5)7.5The Gambling Game (7.8)7.8Down Two Roads (8.3)8.3Fragile Is the House of Cards (6.8)6.8Trial by Terror (7.5)7.5
05The Taker (7.5)7.5Robert Phillips vs. the Man (7.5)7.5A Bullet for Mark (7)7.0Noel's Gonna Fly (7.5)7.5Ring of Prayer (7.3)7.3Camera... Action... Murder! (7)7.0The Armageddon Gang (6)6.0Cross Doublecross (7.1)7.1
06An Inside Job (8.1)8.1Desperate Encounter (7.8)7.8Love My Enemy (7.2)7.2The Lonely Way to Go (7.3)7.3In the Line of Duty (7.6)7.6Riddle Me Death (7.1)7.1House of Terror (6.7)6.7Setup: Danger! (8)8.0
07Tagged for Murder (8)8.0I, the People (7.9)7.9Seeing Is Believing (7.1)7.1Check, Mate and Murder: Part 1 (7.2)7.2Joss Sticks and Wedding Bells (6.8)6.8Nightmare Trip (7.1)7.1The Helping Hand (7.5)7.5The Last Cotillion (6.8)6.8
08Let My Brother Go (7.2)7.2Price Tag: Death (7.1)7.1The Machismo Bag (6.8)6.8Check, Mate, and Murder: Part 2 (7.5)7.5Murder Impromptu (6.9)6.9Buddy, Can You Spare a Life? (8)8.0Downhill All the Way (7.5)7.5Run Scared (7.7)7.7
09Light at the End of the Journey (7.9)7.9An Obvious Case of Guilt (8.1)8.1Programmed for Danger (7.1)7.1Too Many Victims (7.3)7.3Dear Fran... (8)8.0The Countdown (7.8)7.8Mind for Murder (6.5)6.5Act of Vengeance (7.1)7.1
10The Monster of Comus Towers (7.2)7.2Reprise (7.9)7.9Five Miles High (7.2)7.2The Man on the Inside (7.8)7.8If a Body See a Body (7.2)7.2The Deadly Gamesmen (6.8)6.8The Hidden Man (6.6)6.6The Far Side of the Fence (7.5)7.5
11The Man Who Believed (8.1)8.1The Macabre Mr. Micawber (7.4)7.4L'Chayim (7.2)7.2Backfire (7.5)7.5Good Samaritan (7.2)7.2Who'll Cry for My Baby (6.8)6.8Double-Edged Corner (6.8)6.8The Over-the-Hill Blues (7.4)7.4
12A Very Cool Hot Car (7.5)7.5Side Pocket (6.7)6.7Beyond a Shadow (7.3)7.3The Laying on of Hands (7.1)7.1Gentle Oaks (8.2)8.2Cold Hard Cash (7.2)7.2The Last Payment (7)7.0Speak No Evil (6.9)6.9
13The Past Is Prologue (8)8.0Sergeant Mike (7.7)7.7Stolen on Demand (7.2)7.2This Could Blow Your Mind (7.5)7.5License to Kill (7.5)7.5Shadow Soldiers (7.4)7.4Friend or Foe (6.8)6.8Fall of an Angel (7.7)7.7
14Girl in the Night (7.2)7.2In Search of an Artist (7.1)7.1Dora (7.8)7.8Blackout (7.8)7.8Class of '57 (7.3)7.3Ollinger's Last Case (6.7)6.7Two Hundred Large (6.1)6.1The Visiting Fireman (6.6)6.6
15The Fourteenth Runner (7.1)7.1Up, Down and Even (7.8)7.8Beware the Wiles of the Stranger (7.1)7.1The Quincunx (7.4)7.4No Motive for Murder (7.4)7.4A Special Person (7)7.0Once More for Joey (7)7.0The Return of Eleanor Rogers (7.8)7.8
16Force of Arms (7.7)7.7Why the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club Met on Thursday (8.4)8.4Eden Is the Place We Leave (6.5)6.5From Hrûska, with Love (6.5)6.5But When She Was Bad, ... (6.9)6.9The Caller (7.4)7.4Terror on Grant Avenue (6.5)6.5The Faded Image (7.7)7.7
17Memory of an Ice Cream Stick (8.1)8.1Rundown on a Bum Rap (7.5)7.5The Wrong Time, the Wrong Place (6.8)6.8The Target (7.1)7.1Unreasonable Facsimile (7.8)7.8Love Me in December (5.8)5.8Class of '40 (7.3)7.3The Organizer (7.3)7.3
18To Kill a Cop (7.7)7.7The Prophecy (7.3)7.3Return to Fiji (7.6)7.6A Killing at the Track (6.9)6.9Find a Victim (6.8)6.8The Ghost of the Dancing Doll (6.5)6.5The Taste of Ashes (8.2)8.2The Rolling Y (7.6)7.6
19The Lonely Hostage (7.8)7.8A World of Jackals (6.5)6.5Ransom (7.4)7.4Escape (6.3)6.3And Then There Was One (7.8)7.8All About Andrea (7.1)7.1A Death in Academe (6.6)6.6A Matter of Life or Death (7.5)7.5
20The Challenge (7.4)7.4And Be My Love (6.9)6.9One Hour to Kill (8.4)8.4Love, Peace, Brotherhood and Murder (7.4)7.4Death by the Numbers (6.6)6.6Another Shell Game (6.5)6.5Close to the Heart (7.9)7.9
21All in a Day's Work (7.8)7.8Moonlight Means Money (7.9)7.9Warrior's Return (6.4)6.4The Riddle in Room Six (8.1)8.1Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder (7.6)7.6All Honorable Men (7.7)7.7Come Eleven, Come Twelve (7.2)7.2
22Something for Nothing (6.3)6.3A Drug on the Market (7.9)7.9Little Jerry Jessup (8.2)8.2The Summer Soldier (6.7)6.7Achilles' Heel (7.2)7.2The Best Laid Plans (8.1)8.1Riddle at 24,000 (7.4)7.4
23Barbara Who (8)8.0Puzzlelock (7.8)7.8Good Will Tour (6.8)6.8Accident (7.5)7.5His Fiddlers Three (6.5)6.5A Game of Showdown (7.2)7.2Amy Prentiss: Part 1 (7.6)7.6
24Perfect Crime (7.6)7.6The Tormentor (7.1)7.1Little Dog, Gone (7.6)7.6Lesson in Terror (6.8)6.8A Man Named Arno (7)7.0Amy Prentiss: Part 2 (7.5)7.5
25Officer Bobby (6.5)6.5A Matter of Love and Death (7.6)7.6Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us (7.6)7.6Grandmother's House (6.9)6.9
26Trip to Hashbury (7.4)7.4Not with a Whimper, But a Bang (7.6)7.6Walls Are Waiting (8)8.0
27Due Process of Law (7.6)7.6
28Return of the Hero (7.3)7.3


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E20One Hour to Kill8.438
1S02E16Why the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club Met on Thursday8.445
1S06E04Down Two Roads8.323
1S06E17Love Me in December5.815
1S08E02Raise the Devil: Part 25.719
1S06E03Programmed for Panic5.126
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