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It's a Living (1980 - 1989)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (7.5)7.5Boys of Summer (6.3)6.3Harassed (6.7)6.7The Roof Show (7.1)7.1Till Death Do Us Part (8)8.0Pistol Packin' Mama (6.2)6.2
02The Intruder (8.1)8.1All My Son (6.7)6.7Cassie's Cowboy (7.1)7.1The Bar (7.6)7.6Her Back to the Future (7)7.0The Nancy and Roscoe Show (6.7)6.7
03Roomies (7.4)7.4Of Mace and Men (6.9)6.9Amy Big Girl Now (6.9)6.9The Reunion Show (6.1)6.1No, My Darling Daughter (7.4)7.4The Jan's Pregnant Show (6.4)6.4
04Fallen Idol (7.2)7.2The Wedding (6.5)6.5Desperate Hours (7.2)7.2Surprise (6.5)6.5Sweet Charity (6)6.0Never Trust Anyone Under 40 (6)6.0
05The Lois Affair (7.2)7.2Second Time Around, Almost (7.2)7.2I Write the Songs (6.8)6.8Nancy's Sister (7.1)7.1Killing of Sister Dot (6.8)6.8The New Guy Show (6.2)6.2
06Super-Mom (6.8)6.8Off the Top (7.1)7.1Jan's Engagement (7.2)7.2Night at the Iguana (7.7)7.7The Date Show (7.2)7.2Rear Window (6.3)6.3
07Cassie's Punctured Romance (7.1)7.1Mann Is Mann (7.2)7.2From Russia with Love (7.2)7.2Family Feud (7)7.0Search and Strike (7.2)7.2You Do Voodoo (5.2)5.2
08Up on the Roof (6.8)6.8Jealousy or Mildred Fierce (6.7)6.7The Prom Show (7.2)7.2The Dot and Howard Show (6.5)6.5The Amy and Bobby Show (5.6)5.6
09Making the Grade (7)7.0Young Love (7.4)7.4The Wedding Show (7.4)7.4Farewell, My Sonny (7.1)7.1The Vegas Show: Part 2 (6.2)6.2Dot Casts Off (5.8)5.8
10Our Man Barry (6.8)6.8The Garden of Countess Natasha (6.6)6.6Hail to the Chef (7.1)7.1Critic's Choice (7.2)7.2The Sonny's Mother Show (5.4)5.4A Very Scary It's a Living (6.4)6.4
11R-E-S-P-E-C-T (7.8)7.8Falling in Love Again (7.4)7.4Eleven Angry Men and Dot (7.4)7.4Richie's Sculpture (7)7.0Strictly Personal (6.4)6.4
12Kids (7.1)7.1Horsing Around (6.4)6.4Gender Gap (7.1)7.1Sonny's Oil (5.4)5.4A Pen Pal for Your Thoughts (7)7.0Mike Fright (6.9)6.9
13You're Not Old, You're Fired (7.3)7.3Strange Bedfellows (6.6)6.6Jealous Wife (7.3)7.3Nancy's Birthday Party (7)7.0Twelve Angry Women (6.3)6.3He Never Sang for His Father (5.3)5.3
14A Farewell to Arm (6.9)6.9The Doctor Danny Show (7.3)7.3The Evictables (7.2)7.2Just Say Yes (6)6.0
15Jewel Heist (6.6)6.6Ginger's Baby (6.8)6.8Everyone's a Critic (6)6.0Wedding, Wedding (6.3)6.3
16The Jerks (7.7)7.7Bachelor Party (7)7.0Take Back Your Mink (6.2)6.2The Dark at the Top of the Top (6.3)6.3
17Oddest Couple (7.7)7.7Amy's Rusty (6)6.0The One About the Tattooed Lady (7.2)7.2My Little Red Book (5.8)5.8
18Dot's Puppy (7)7.0Dot's Priest (7)7.0Daddy's Little Girl (6.4)6.4Matchmaker, Matchmaker (5.2)5.2
19Dinner with Deedee (7.2)7.2The Dickie Doodle Show (6.3)6.3Ginger's Grandmother Show (5.8)5.8A Very Special It's a Living (6.6)6.6
20Jump (6.6)6.6The Howie Show (7.3)7.3Dot's Hope (5.4)5.4The Sonny and Dot Show (5.9)5.9
21America's Sweetheart (6.7)6.7The Dot Quits Show (6.4)6.4The Amy and Louie Show (6.8)6.8
22Mann Act (6.7)6.7The Two Guys Show (6.8)6.8Ginger and the Senator (6.3)6.3
23A Romantic Comedy (6.8)6.8Healings, Nothing More Than Healings (6.8)6.8
25Nancy's Shrink (7.3)7.3
26Tune In, Tune Out (5.8)5.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E02The Intruder8.123
1S05E01Till Death Do Us Part8.00
1S06E13He Never Sang for His Father5.30
1S06E18Matchmaker, Matchmaker5.20
1S06E07You Do Voodoo5.20
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