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Jersey Shore Family Vacation (2018 - )

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01What's in the Bag? (7.7)7.7It's Complicated (6.7)6.7Goodbye Mike (7)7.0The Mediation (6.5)6.5
02The Ring (7.1)7.1Oh Canada! (6.6)6.6Thirty Days Later (6.3)6.3Taken Pauly (6.7)6.7
03Sunday Vinday (6.8)6.8The Truth About Ronnie (6.6)6.6JWoww Gets Her Groove Back (6.1)6.1The Double Book (5.8)5.8
04Ron Ron Juice (6.8)6.8Gym, Tan, Strip (5.7)5.7Single Ronnie (6.5)6.5
05About Last Night (6.6)6.6Tick. Tick. Tick. (5.7)5.7Trouble Shot At Love (6.3)6.3
06Meatball Down (6.8)6.8Strippendales (6.6)6.6Jurassic Angelina (6.8)6.8
07Baby Mama Drama (6.5)6.5The Incident at the Strip Club (6.2)6.2
08The Temptation of the Keto Guido (6.8)6.8Millennials (5.7)5.7
09Umm, Hello (7.2)7.2Vinny and Angelina: A Love Story (5.6)5.6Holy Drama (6.1)6.1
10Meatball Training Day (6.6)6.6What a Drag (5.8)5.84 Fists. 2 Bottles. 1 Shore House. (6.2)6.2
11Angelina Leaves Her Mark! (6.3)6.3Awkward City (5.8)5.8Last Night is Cancelled (6.3)6.3
12JWoww vs. The Proposal (6.5)6.5Where's the Beach? (5.5)5.5Snooki Goes to Washington: Part 1 (5.4)5.4
13Future Mrs. Situation? (7.4)7.4Staten Island Smackdown (5.6)5.6Snooki Goes to Washington: Part 2 (6.1)6.1
14The Final Supper (6.3)6.3Jewish Barbie (6.1)6.1Only in Jersey (6.4)6.4
15Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? (6)6.0Back to the Jersey Shore (7.1)7.1
16Wallopin' in Manalapan (5.9)5.9Psychic Larges (6.4)6.4
17Ronnie Magro's Series of Unfortunate Events (5.5)5.5Single JWoww (7)7.0
18The United States Vs The Situation Part 1 (6.9)6.9Chicken Cutlets and Ketchup (6.7)6.7
19The United States vs. The Situation Part 2 (6.4)6.4The Shorefather (6.8)6.8
20Secaucus! (5.2)5.2Prenups and Misdemeanors (6)6.0
21The Dude Ranch (4.3)4.3Unresolved Issues (6.8)6.8
22Ranchelor Party (5.4)5.4Crash the Bachelorette (7.4)7.4
23Not Again (4.3)4.3Beignets Blow-Up Dolls and Bridesmaids (7.2)7.2
24Where's Ronnie? (4.3)4.3P-Woww (8.5)8.5
25Tuxedo Time (5.2)5.2So That Happened (8.1)8.1
26The Hitch-uation (5.9)5.9Rewriting History (7)7.0
27The Hitch-uation Part 2 (6.4)6.4You Had Me at Umm Hello (7.4)7.4
28The Speech Part 1 (7.6)7.6
29The Speech Part 2 (7.6)7.6


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E25So That Happened8.111
1S01E01What's in the Bag?7.773
1S02E24Where's Ronnie?4.30
1S02E21The Dude Ranch4.30
1S02E23Not Again4.30
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