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Just Add Magic (2015 - )

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00Original Pilot (8.6)8.6
01Just Add Magic (8.7)8.7Just Add Halloween (9)9.0Just Add Time Travel (8.8)8.8
02Just Add Brains (8.5)8.5Just Add Summer (8.9)8.9Just Add Plants (8.7)8.7
03Just Add Dogs (8.7)8.7Just Add Chuck (8.8)8.8Just Add Codes (8.2)8.2
04Just Add Mom (8.9)8.9Just Add 1965 (8.8)8.8Just Add Piper (8.4)8.4
05Just Add Jake (9)9.0Just Add Saphron (8.8)8.8Just Add Rot (8.6)8.6
06Just Add Birthdays (8.7)8.7Just Add Fixings (9)9.0Just Add Tomorrow (8.6)8.6
07Just Add Mama P (8.9)8.9Just Add 8529 (9)9.0Just Add Perspective (8.8)8.8
08Just Add Besties (8.8)8.8Just Add Muscles (9)9.0Just Add Karma (8.7)8.7
09Just Add Do-Overs (9)9.0Just Add Fire (9)9.0Just Add Surprise (8.7)8.7
10Just Add Memories (8.9)8.9Just Add Meddling (9.1)9.1Just Add Kelly (8.9)8.9
11Just Add Camping (8.8)8.8Just Add Secrets (9.1)9.1Just Add Goodbye (9)9.0
12Just Add Pluots, Part 1 (9.1)9.1Just Add History (9.1)9.1New Protectors (8.8)8.8
13Just Add Pluots, Part 2 (9.2)9.2Just Add Rose (9.3)9.3
14Just Add Fluffy (8.6)8.6
15Just Add RJ (8.6)8.6
16Just Add Gumdrops (8.8)8.8
17Just Add Time (8.7)8.7
18Just Add Telepathy (9.2)9.2
19Just Add Attention (8.8)8.8
20Just Add Contagion (9.1)9.1
21Just Add Beginnings (9.3)9.3
22Just Add Silvers (9.1)9.1
23Just Add Barriers (9)9.0
24Just Add Betrayal (9)9.0
25Just Add Caroline (9.3)9.3
26Just Add Spices (9.2)9.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E25Just Add Caroline9.341
1S02E13Just Add Rose9.350
1S02E21Just Add Beginnings9.342
1S01E02Just Add Brains8.564
1S03E04Just Add Piper8.428
1S03E03Just Add Codes8.229
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