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Killing Eve (2018 - )

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01Nice Face (8.6)8.6Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body? (8.4)8.4Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey (7.5)7.5
02I'll Deal with Him Later (8.6)8.6Nice and Neat (8.3)8.3Management Sucks (7.7)7.7
03Don't I Know You? (8.6)8.6The Hungry Caterpillar (8.3)8.3Meetings Have Biscuits (8.4)8.4
04Sorry Baby (8.7)8.7Desperate Times (8.3)8.3Still Got It (8)8.0
05I Have a Thing About Bathrooms (8.7)8.7Smell Ya Later (8.4)8.4Are You from Pinner? (8.3)8.3
06Take Me to the Hole! (8.3)8.3I Hope You Like Missionary! (8.4)8.4End of Game (7.5)7.5
07I Don't Want to Be Free (8.5)8.5Wide Awake (8.6)8.6Beautiful Monster (8)8.0
08God, I'm Tired (8.5)8.5You're Mine (8.8)8.8Are You Leading or Am I? (8.4)8.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E8You're Mine8.82460
1S01E4Sorry Baby8.73599
1S01E5I Have a Thing About Bathrooms8.73120
1S03E2Management Sucks7.71692
1S03E1Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey7.51956
1S03E6End of Game7.51325
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