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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (2020 - 2020)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Burrow Girl (7.5)7.5Paw of the Jaguar (8)8.0Everything is Crabs (8.3)8.3
02Explosion Berries (8)8.0The Goat Cheese Prophecy (8.2)8.2Code Word Milkshake (8.1)8.1
03Real Cats Wear Plaid (8.3)8.3The Ballad of Brunchington Beach (8.4)8.4A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing (8.6)8.6
04Cactus Town (8)8.0To Catch a Deathstalker (8.5)8.5Don't You Forget a-Meow Me (9.1)9.1
05The Astronomers in Turtlenecks (7.9)7.9Fun Gus Part 1 (8.2)8.2Song ReMix (8.5)8.5
06Ratland (7.9)7.9Fun Gus Part 2 (8.7)8.7It's a Trap (9)9.0
07Mulholland (8.2)8.2Benson and the Beast (8.3)8.3Requiem for a Dave (8.3)8.3
08Twin Beaks (7.9)7.9Sympathy for the Mandrill (9.2)9.2Hidden Treasures (8.1)8.1
09Mute-Eat-Mute World (8.4)8.4All That Glitters (8.8)8.8Prahmises (9)9.0
10Beyond the Valley of the Dogs (8.3)8.3Heroes on Fire (9)9.0Age of the Wonderbeasts (9.4)9.4


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E10Age of the Wonderbeasts9.492
1S02E08Sympathy for the Mandrill9.299
1S03E04Don't You Forget a-Meow Me9.165
1S01E05The Astronomers in Turtlenecks7.9118
1S01E01Burrow Girl7.5157
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