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Knight Rider (2008 - 2009)

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Show RatingShow Title
00Knight Rider (6)6.0
01A Knight in Shining Armor (6.1)6.1
02Journey to the End of the Knight (6.5)6.5
03Knight of the Iguana (6.6)6.6
04A Hard Day's Knight (6.7)6.7
05Knight of the Hunter (7.1)7.1
06Knight of the Living Dead (6.7)6.7
07I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight (6.6)6.6
08Knight of the Zodiac (7)7.0
09Knight Fever (6.5)6.5
10Don't Stop the Knight (7.2)7.2
11Day Turns Into Knight (7.3)7.3
12Knight to King's Pawn (7.3)7.3
13Exit Light, Enter Knight (7.2)7.2
14Fight Knight (6.8)6.8
15Fly by Knight (6.8)6.8
16Knight and the City (7)7.0
17I Love the Knight Life (7)7.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E12Knight to King's Pawn7.3157
1S01E11Day Turns Into Knight7.3143
1S01E10Don't Stop the Knight7.2141
1S01E02Journey to the End of the Knight6.5192
1S01E01A Knight in Shining Armor6.1289
1S01E00Knight Rider6.07413
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