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Kourtney & Kim Take Miami (2009 - 2013)

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001Paint the Town Dash (5.4)5.4Back in Miami (4.7)4.7Welcome Back to Miami (5.3)5.3
002Sex, Drugs and Consequences (4.3)4.3Wax On, Wax Off (5)5.0Secrets (4.7)4.7
003Hangover Helpers (3.9)3.9Scotts-o-phrenia (5)5.0Lez-B-Honest (5.2)5.2
004Kourt Gone Wild (4.3)4.3Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (4.8)4.8Dragon Me Down (4.2)4.2
005Seems Like Old Times (4.4)4.4Picture Perfect (4.8)4.82 Klose 4 Komfort (4.5)4.5
006Models Don't Skateboard (4)4.0Sisterly Love (4.5)4.5Bitch Slapped (5)5.0
007Land of the Lost (3.9)3.9Kourtney's Denial (4.8)4.8We'll Always Have Paris (4.7)4.7
008Executive Decisions (4.7)4.7Man in the Mirror (5.5)5.5Miami Vices (4.8)4.8
009It's My Life (4.8)4.8Lord Disick in the House (4.6)4.6
010Broken Family (5.3)5.3See Ya Later, Alligator (4.2)4.2
011Babies, Lies and Alibis: Part 1 (4.8)4.8
012Babies, Lies and Alibis: Part 2 (3.7)3.7
101I Smell Unbreakable (1.4)1.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E008Man in the Mirror5.530
1S01E001Paint the Town Dash5.435
1S02E010Broken Family5.331
1S01E003Hangover Helpers3.928
1S03E012Babies, Lies and Alibis: Part 23.723
1S03E101I Smell Unbreakable1.40
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