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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (2016 - 2017)

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Show RatingShow Title
001Kadwi Yaadein (9.8)9.8The Journey Continues (10)10.0
002Dev and Sonakshi First Encounter (9.8)9.8
003Dev and Sonakshi Remember Their First Encounter. (9.7)9.7
004Neha and Sameer's Engagement. (9.8)9.8
005Neha and Sameer's Engagement Gets Cancelled. (9.7)9.7
006Ishwari Falls Ill (9.9)9.9
007Dev Comes to Know That Sonakshi Is a Nutritionist (9.9)9.9
008Dev Tries to Convince Sonakshi to Work as His Mother's Personal Nutritionist (9.9)9.9
009Dev Terminates Sonakshi from Her Hospital Job (9.9)9.9
010Dev Visits Sonakshi's House to Thank Her for Admitting Ishwari in Hospital (9.9)9.9
011Sonakshi accepts Dev's job offer (9.9)9.9
012Dev hires Sonakshi as his mother's personal nutritionist (9.9)9.9
013Sonakshi spills flour on Dev (9.7)9.7
014Neha cannot read English (9.9)9.9
015Sonakshi and Nikki play badminton (9.9)9.9
016Dev and Sonakshi get into a fight (9.9)9.9
017Dev and Sonakshi put colors on each other. (9.9)9.9
018Sonakshi returns to job (9.9)9.9
019Sonakshi changes her perception about Dev (9.9)9.9
020Sonakshi receives many calls from Dev on her date (9.9)9.9
021Dev spoils Sonakshi's mother's birthday cake (9.9)9.9
022Dev brings sugarfree cake for Sonakshi's mother (9.9)9.9
023Dev approaches Sonakshi (9.9)9.9
024Ishwari worries due to Khatri's blackmail (9.8)9.8
025Dev mesmerized by Sonakshi's look (9.9)9.9
026Sonakshi scolds Dev for spoiling her marriage fixing (9.9)9.9Moments That Will Last a Life Time (10)10.0
027Dev creates Sona's online marriage profile (9.5)9.5
028Dev and Sona dance at the party (9.9)9.9
029Radharani's house gets burnt (9.7)9.7
030Khatri visits Ishwari again (9.8)9.8
031Dev and Sona are trapped in a dark room (9.8)9.8
032Dev and Sonakshi get into a fight (9.9)9.9
033Everyone play Dumsharas (9.8)9.8
034Radha intentionally eats Ishwari's food just to build an argument with Sona (9.8)9.8
035Elena's Entry (9.8)9.8
036Dev waits for five hours just to meet Sona (9.9)9.9
037Sona joins her job again (9.8)9.8
038Dev permits Nikki for nightout on Sona's convenience (9.8)9.8
039Dev apologises to Sona for his mistake (9.9)9.9
040Dev breaks Sona's phone (9.8)9.8
041Sona Doesn't Accept New Phone from Dev (9.8)9.8
042Sonakshi Finds Radha Stealing Money. (9.8)9.8
043Sonakshi's Accident (9.7)9.7
044Dev Arranges Rare Blood Group for Sonakshi. (9.9)9.9
045Dev Prays for Sonakshi's Fast Recovery. (9.8)9.8
046Sonakshi Realizes She Is in Love with Dev. (9.9)9.9
047Sonakshi Is Discharged from Hospital (9.8)9.8
048Sonakshi Tries to Confess Her Love to Dev. (9.7)9.7
049Dev and Sonakshi Go for Dinner. (9.9)9.9
050Natasha's Entry (9.5)9.5
051Sona feels jealous seeing Dev and Natasha together. (9.8)9.8
052Dev Decides to Drop Natasha in His Car. (9.8)9.8
053Sonakshi Consults Dev to Not Take Sleeping Pills. (9.9)9.9
054Dev Visits Sonakshi's House. (9.5)9.5
055Sona and Dev get locked in her house. (9.5)9.5
056Sonakshi's Beautiful Dream. (9.5)9.5
057Gujral's Proposal for Dev's Marriage with Natasha. (9.7)9.7
058Sona comes to know about Dev and Natasha's marriage fixing. (9.7)9.7
059Dev and Sona fight with each other. (9.9)9.9
060Neha Wants to Marry Ranveer. (9.9)9.9
061Sonakshi stitches Dev's shirt's button. (9.9)9.9
062Dev Is Confused in Taking Decision Regarding His Marriage with Natasha. (9.8)9.8
063Neha Loves Ranveer. (9.8)9.8
064Sonakshi Suggests Dev to Wear Orange. (9.9)9.9
065Sona lies to Dev and Natasha of having a boyfriend. (9.8)9.8
066Sona's Fake Boyfriend, Neil Lakhotia's Entry (9.8)9.8
067Dev Doubts Sonakshi and Neil's Relationship. (9.8)9.8
068Dev interrogates Sona on her and Neil's relationship. (9.5)9.5
069Sona tells Dev Neil's truth. (9.8)9.8
070Dev and Natasha's Engagement Is Fixed. (9.7)9.7
071Sona is heartbroken. (9.7)9.7
072Dev Visits Sonakshi's Home to Check on Her Health. (9.6)9.6
073Dev Realizes His Love for Sonakshi. (9.7)9.7
074Dev Remembers All Moments Spend with Sona. (9.7)9.7
075Dev Calls Off His Engagement with Natasha (9.5)9.5
076Dev professes his love to Sona (9.8)9.8
077Devakshi mad in love with each other (9.7)9.7
078Ishwari notices Dev's changed behaviour (9.9)9.9
079Dev Eats Chilies for Sonakshi (9.7)9.7
080Dev and Sonakshi cannot spend time together (9.7)9.7
081Dev and Sonakshi's Rain Romance (9.7)9.7
082Sona gets upset with Dev (9.9)9.9
083Dev and Sona vow to always be together (9.8)9.8
084Dev teaches Sona to drive (9.8)9.8
085Dev's gift to Sonakshi. (9.8)9.8
086Dev and Sonakshi get romantic and dance together (9.9)9.9
087Dev and Sona buy saree for Ishwari. (9.8)9.8
088Ishwari's Birthday (9.8)9.8
089Radha Spies on Dev and Sona. (9.8)9.8
090Neha's Wedding Shopping (9.8)9.8
091Neha and Ranbeer's Sangeet (9.7)9.7
092Sona writes Dev's name on her Mehendi (9.8)9.8
093Sona convinces Neha (9.9)9.9
094Radha senses Sona in Dev's room (9.9)9.9
095Dev and Sona take their marriage vows (9.9)9.9
096Sona consoles Dev. (9.9)9.9
097Dev Faces Losses in Business Due to Gujral. (9.8)9.8
098Dev and Sona promise to never leave each other (9.5)9.5
099Dev upsets Ishwari (9.9)9.9
100Dev and Sona argue over an issue (9.8)9.8
101Ishwari Unhappy with Dev (9.9)9.9
102Sona comes to know that Dev is an atheist. (9.8)9.8
103Dev sits in Pooja after Sona convinces (9.8)9.8
104Ishwari gets upset that Dev sat in the Pooja on Sona's convicing (9.8)9.8
105Ishwari's Weird Behaviour (9.8)9.8
106Ishwari finds Dev and Sona together (9.8)9.8
107Dev inks the name Devakshi on Sona's Shoulder (9.8)9.8
108Dev Blabbers Sona's Name in High Fever Front of Ishwari. (9.9)9.9
109Sona cannot meet ill Dev (9.8)9.8
110Dev Is Unable to Tell Ishwari About Him and Sona. (9.8)9.8
111Ishwari Is Angry with Dev. (9.8)9.8
112Dev Gets Upset to See Her Mother's Strange Behaviour (9.8)9.8
113Ishwari Gives Consent for Dev and Sona's Relation (9.8)9.8
114Sona and Dev Get Happy (9.9)9.9
115Dev and Sona go shopping with Ishwari (9.3)9.3
116Family Photograph (9.8)9.8
117Dev Forces Sonakshi in his Family Photograph (9.8)9.8
118Sona asks Ishwari to teach her prepare halwa (9.8)9.8
119Sons Confronts Dev (9.8)9.8
120Ishwari hurts Sona (9.7)9.7
121Ishwari Takes Overdose of Sleeping Pilles (9.8)9.8
122Dev decides to end his relationship with Sona for Ishwari's happiness (9.7)9.7
123Sonakshi Parts Ways with Dev (9.7)9.7
124Sona asks Dev to not call her again (9.8)9.8
125Dev and Sona not able to forget each other (9.4)9.4
126Ritvik's Entry (9.8)9.8
127Dev finds Rithvik and Sona together (9.8)9.8
128Dev Is Upset (9.7)9.7
129Sona re enters Ishwari Niwas (9.7)9.7
130Dev makes fake call to Sona (9.7)9.7
131Dev Sees a Ray of Hope After Knowing That Sonakshi Isn't Engaged Yet (9.7)9.7
132Dev will not let Sona marry Rithvik (9.8)9.8
133Sona is ready to get engaged to Rithvik (9.7)9.7
134Sonakshi and Rithvik Go Out on a Date; Dev Gets Jealous (9.7)9.7
135Dev spoils Sona and Rithvik's date (9.6)9.6
136Dev promises Sona that he will never interfere in her life (9.7)9.7
137Dev Comes to Know That Ishwari Fixed Rithvik and Sona's Alliance (9.7)9.7
138Dev and Sona's Intimate Pictures in the Newspaper (9.7)9.7
139Sona invites Dev for her engagement (9.7)9.7
140Dev creates drama at Sona - Ritwick's engagement (9.8)9.8
141Sonakshi Drops Drunk Dev in Ishwari Nivas (9.8)9.8
142Sonakshi and Rithvik's Engagement Gets Cancelled (9.7)9.7
143Ishwari Decides to Get Dev and Sonakshi Married (9.7)9.7
144Sona refuses to marry Dev (9.8)9.8
145Ishwari Begs Sons to Marry Dev (9.7)9.7
146Sona agrees to marry Dev (9.8)9.8
147DevAkshi Marriage Date (9.8)9.8
148Dev Refuses to Sign the Prenuptial Agreement (9.8)9.8
149Dev Comes to Know That Sonakshi Has Very Less Chances of Becoming Pregnant (8.8)8.8
150Dev Hides About Sona's Infertility (9.8)9.8
151DevAkshi Ka Sangeet (9.8)9.8
152Ishwari Buys Lehenga for Sona (9.8)9.8
153DevAkshi Ki Haldi (9.7)9.7
154DevAkshi Ki Shaadi (9.8)9.8
155Dev and Sona indulge into a fight (9.1)9.1
156Dev and Sona's Post Marriage Rituals (9.8)9.8
157Bua dadi asks Sona to prepare food. (9.3)9.3
158Sona gets ready for Tulsi Puja (9.3)9.3
159Dev gifts Sona (9.7)9.7
160Dev and Sona miss each other (9.7)9.7
161Dev yells Ishwari (9.2)9.2
162Neha Returns to Ishwari Nivas (9.4)9.4
163Ishwari asks Sona to not interfere in Dev's business (9.5)9.5
164Dev Yells at Sonakshi (9.6)9.6
165Dev and Sona get into an argument (9.5)9.5
166Tensions continue between Dev and Sona (9.5)9.5
167Dev Manages to Keep Sona's Infertility Report Away from Her (10)10.0
168Dev and Sona go on a resort date (10)10.0
169DevAkshi Consummate Their Relationship (10)10.0
170DevAkshi Honeymoon Plans (10)10.0
171Dev Cancels His Honeymoon Plan (9.9)9.9
172Ranveer Comes to Ishwari Niwas (9.9)9.9
173Neha scolds Ranveer (9.9)9.9
174Neha Sends Divorce Notice to Ranveer (9.8)9.8
175Sona consoles upset Dev (10)10.0
176Sona meets Chaudharis (10)10.0
177Ranveer Meets the Dixits (9.9)9.9
178DevAkshi Celebrate Their First Diwali Together (10)10.0
179Ranveer Files Mental Harassment Case Against Neha (9.8)9.8
180Sona goes to Bose house (10)10.0
181Dev goes to meet Sona (10)10.0
182Bijoy punishes DevAkshi (10)10.0
183DevAkshi nightout (10)10.0
184DevAkshi Return to Ishwari Nivas (10)10.0
185Sona redoes her and Dev's room (9.5)9.5
186Vashishth Family Arrives at Ishwari Nivas (8.9)8.9
187Sonakshi Sees Elena and Vicky Together (10)10.0
188Vicky Elena Break Up (10)10.0
189Ishwari involves Sona in Dev's birthday preparations (9.9)9.9
190Sona finds about Dev and Ishwari's secret (10)10.0
191Ishwari Plans for a Surprise Party (10)10.0
192Dev's Birthday Party (10)10.0
193Dev Celebrates Birthday with His Family (10)10.0
194Ishwari Realizes Her Mistake (10)10.0
195Dev Ka Special Birthday (9.8)9.8
196Ishwari Yells at Sonakshi (10)10.0
197Dev Catches Fever (10)10.0
198Ishwari scolds Sona (10)10.0
199Sona doubts Ayaan (10)10.0
200Elena Goes Missing (10)10.0
201Vicky Marries Elena (10)10.0
202Sona welcomes Elena to her house (10)10.0
203Dev Ka Special Surprise (10)10.0
204Sona plans to expose Ayaan (10)10.0
205Ishwari Invites Bose Family to Ishwari Nivas (10)10.0
206Sona's Pregnancy Celebration (10)10.0
207Dev Lies to Ishwari About Sona's Pregnancy (10)10.0
208Dev Ka Secret Plan (10)10.0
209Sona plans to expose Ayaan's truth (10)10.0
210Ishwari Cancels Ayaan and Riya's Marriage (10)10.0
211Ayaan blackmails Dev (10)10.0
212Dev Plans to Fix Riya and Ayaan's Marriage (10)10.0
213Dev Is Thrown Out of Ishwari Niwas (8.7)8.7
214Ayaan apologizes to Dev (8.9)8.9
215Sonakshi Learns About Her Pregnancy Truth (8.7)8.7
216Sona plans to reveal her pregnancy truth to Ishwari (8.9)8.9
217Radha Finds Out Sona's Secret (9)9.0
218Ishwari Learns About DevAkshi's Secret (9.9)9.9
219Ishwari Goes Missing (9.9)9.9
220Ishwari blames Sona for breaking her trust (9.9)9.9
221Ishwari Returns Home (9.9)9.9
222Sona agrees for medical treatment (9.9)9.9
223DevAkshi Go to Shimla (9)9.0
224Sona plans to move out of the resort (8.9)8.9
225Dev slaps Bijoy (9.6)9.6
226Sona plans to repay Dev's money (9.6)9.6
227Sona returns the cheque to Ishwari (8.9)8.9
228Sona leaves Ishwari Nivas (9.9)9.9
229DevAkshi Part Ways (9.1)9.1
230Saat Saal Baad (9.2)9.2
231Suhana plans to meet Dev (9.2)9.2
232Sona comes back to Delhi (9.2)9.2
233Dev Snatches Sona's Award Trophy (9)9.0
234Dev returns Sona her trophy (9)9.0
235Dev Shouts at Sonakshi for Interfering in His Life (9)9.0
236Sona gets Dev arrested (9)9.0
237Golu steals Suhana's lunchbox (9.1)9.1
238Vicky sells Dev's property to Sona (9.1)9.1
239Dev welcomes Sona to the workplace (9.1)9.1
240Dev Hammers Sona's Nameplate Down (10)10.0
241Dev plans to keep an eye on Sona (9.1)9.1
242Dev locks Sona in her workplace (9.2)9.2
243Sonakshi Calls Firemen to Her Workplace (9.1)9.1
244IT Department Raids Dev's Workplace (9.1)9.1
245Dev Forces Sonakshi Out of His Workspace (9.2)9.2
246Vicky's Goons Attack Dev (9.1)9.1
247Sona rescues Dev (9.2)9.2
248Ishwari thanks Sona for saving Dev's life (9.2)9.2
249Sonakshi Stops Dev's Party (9.2)9.2
250Dev Spies on Jatin (9.9)9.9
251Ishwari meets Sona in Dev's workplace (8.9)8.9
252Bijoy advises Sona to marry Jatin (9)9.0
253Sona informs Dev about her relationship with Jatin (8.9)8.9
254Dev Secretly Comes to Sona's House (8.9)8.9
255Elena Plans to Visit the Boses (9)9.0
256Dev comes to know that Suhana is his daughter (9.1)9.1
257Suhana finds out that Dev is her father (8.9)8.9
258Dev plans to snatch Suhana from Sona (9)9.0
259Dev does not allow the Dixits to meet Suhana (9)9.0
260Ishwari Meets Suha (8.7)8.7
261Ishwari brings Suhana to her house (8.7)8.7
262Dev asks Sonakshi to let him meet Suhana (8.7)8.7
263Ishwari comes to Bose house to meet Suhana (8.7)8.7
264Suhana refuses to meet Ishwari (8.7)8.7
265Suhana in Ishwari Nivas (8.7)8.7
266Suhana meets the Dixits (8.7)8.7
267DevAkshi Suhana and summer camp (8.7)8.7
268Sona accompanies Suha in summer camp (8.9)8.9
269Dev Ties Sona's Hands to a Door (8.7)8.7
270Suhana falls sick after playing in rain (8.7)8.7
271Snake in Sona and Suhana's room (8.7)8.7
272Dev Captures Snake from Sona's Room (8.9)8.9
273DevAkshi in Jungle (8.9)8.9
274Dev brings Sona to the summer camp (8.7)8.7
275Suhana accepts Dev as her father (8.7)8.7
276Suhana upset with DevAkshi (8.7)8.7
277Suhana decides to go to Kolkatta (8.7)8.7
278Dev stops Suhana from going to Kolkatta (8.7)8.7
279Dev Plans to Stay at Bose House for a Week (8.7)8.7
280Dev Comes to Bose House (9.1)9.1
281Dev comes to Sonakshi's house to meet Suhana (8.7)8.7
282Bijoy insults Ishwari (10)10.0
283Bijoy forces Dev to wear a Dhoti (10)10.0
284Ronita Confesses Her Feelings to Saurabh (10)10.0
285Bijoy Blames Dev for Stealing Ronita's Jewellwery (10)10.0
286Sona asks Dev to leave her house (8.7)8.7
287Asha asks Dev and Sona to sort out their differences (10)10.0
288Dev Is Jealous to See Jatin with His Daughter (10)10.0
289Asha Locks Dev and Bijoy in a Room (10)10.0
290Bijoy in Hospital (8.9)8.9
291Saurabh and Ronita Get Married (10)10.0
292DevAkshi and Suhana at Ishwari Nivas (10)10.0
293Jatin secretly meets Sona (8.7)8.7
294Dev accuses Sona of being a bad mother (10)10.0
295Sona plans to find about Ishwari's past (10)10.0
296Dev criticizes Sona (8.7)8.7
297Sona meets Khatri (10)10.0
298Sona finds out Ishwari's secret (10)10.0
299Sona finds out Ishwari's new house (10)10.0
300Khatri Plans to Reveal Ishwari's Secret (10)10.0
301Sona spots Khatri near Ishwari Nivas (8.7)8.7
302Police Arrest Khatri (10)10.0
303DevAkshi Mend Their Relationship (8.9)8.9
304DevAkshi's Marriage Anniversary (8.7)8.7
305Dev welcomes Asha to Ishwari Nivas (10)10.0
306Dev takes Suhana to Bose house (10)10.0
307Drunk Dev!!! (8.9)8.9
308Dev Hits Khatri in Jail (10)10.0
309Sona makes a deal with Khatri (8.7)8.7
310Jatin Intrudes Into Khatri's House (10)10.0
311Bejoy urges Sona to return to Bose house (10)10.0
312Dev stops Sona from leaving Ishwari Nivas (10)10.0
313Ishwari urges Dev to marry Sona (10)10.0
314Dr. Sonakshi Refuses To Marry Dev (10)10.0
315Dev Meets Kajal And Her Mother (10)10.0
316Ishwari Admits Her Sin (10)10.0
317Vijay's Mother Advises Him To Meet Ishwari (10)10.0
318Malti Apologizes To Ishwari (8.7)8.7
319Ishwari Thanks Dr. Sonakshi For Her Unconditional Support (10)10.0
320Ishwari Invites Boses for Dinner (10)10.0
321Dev Welcomes Boses at Ishwari Nivas (10)10.0
322Dev apologizes to Sona for his past mistakes (8.7)8.7
323Radha Plans to Arrange Dev's Second Merriage (8.7)8.7
324Sona foils Radha's evil plan (8.7)8.7
325Ishwari apologizes to Sona (8.9)8.9
326Ishwari asks Sona to find a life partner for Dev (8.7)8.7
327Suhana asks Dev to get remarried (8.7)8.7
328Dev Agrees for Second Marriage (8.9)8.9
329Dev meets Payal (8.7)8.7
330Dev agrees to marry Payal (8.7)8.7
331Payal refuses to marry Dev (10)10.0
332A New Girl Enters Dev's Life (8.7)8.7
333Dev Plans to Marry Nisha (10)10.0
334Dev wants Sona to accept his love (8.7)8.7
335Ishwari requests Sona to forgive Dev (10)10.0
336Bijoy allows Sona to reunite with Dev (10)10.0
337Nisha Refuses to Marry Dev (10)10.0
338Dev Walks Out of Ishwari Nivas (10)10.0
339Sona proposes to Dev (9)9.0
340Dev plans to bring Sona back to Ishwari Niwas (10)10.0
341Bijoy Calls Dev to His House (10)10.0
342DevAkshi Postpone Their Wedding (8.7)8.7
343Sona plans to stay at Ishwari Niwas (8.7)8.7
344Ishwari gives house keys to Sona (8.7)8.7
345Riya refuses to befriend Sona (8.7)8.7
346Nikki in a Live-in Relationship (10)10.0
347Ishwari Plans a New Beginning (8.7)8.7
348Dev apologizes to Riya (8.7)8.7
349Sona visits Nikki (8.7)8.7
350Sonakshi's Dilemma (10)10.0
351Ishwari Begins Her Internship (10)10.0
352Ishwari's Confusion (10)10.0
353Ishwari Decides to Tell Dev About Her New Job (10)10.0
354Ishwari's apology (10)10.0
355Ishwari's First Day at Her Workplace (10)10.0
356Ishwari Is Disappointed with Nikki (10)10.0
357Ishwari Finds About Nikki and Lakshya's Live in Relationship (10)10.0
358Ishwari Resigns from Her Job (10)10.0
359A New Beginning (8.9)8.9
360Sona in trouble (10)10.0
361Love Grows Stronger Between DevAkshi (10)10.0
362Dev becomes protective about Sona (10)10.0
363Sona is upset with Dev (10)10.0
364Vicky's Betrayal (10)10.0
365Tension Grows Between DevAkshi (10)10.0
366Sona learns about Vicky's misdeeds (8.7)8.7
367Forgiveness (8.7)8.7
368Dev Learns About Vicky's Betrayal (8.7)8.7
369Suhana meets with an accident (8.7)8.7
370Is DevAkshi's Relationship in a Crisis? (8.7)8.7
371Ishwari Acts as the Mediator (8.7)8.7
372DevAkshi Go on a Date (8.9)8.9
373Dev Hits Vicky (8.9)8.9
374Elena and Golu leave Ishwari Niwas (8.9)8.9
375Dev misses Golu (8.9)8.9
376Better Parents (9)9.0
377Dev criticizes Sonakshi (8.9)8.9
378A Chocolate Cake (8.6)8.6
379Soha's Birthday Wish (9)9.0
380Dev foils Vicky's plan (8.9)8.9
381Sonakshi's Surprise (8.9)8.9
382New Family Member (8.9)8.9
383Dev Learns About Sona's Pregnancy (8.9)8.9
384Dev Proves Himself to Be a Caring Husband (9)9.0
385Dev's anxiousness (8.9)8.9
386The big day arrives for Dev and Sona (8.9)8.9
387Suhana's Fear (10)10.0
388DevAskhi's baby boy, Shubh is arrived!!! (10)10.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E388DevAskhi's baby boy, Shubh is arrived!!!10.00
1S01E364Vicky's Betrayal10.00
1S01E300Khatri Plans to Reveal Ishwari's Secret10.00
1S01E342DevAkshi Postpone Their Wedding8.70
1S01E334Dev wants Sona to accept his love8.70
1S01E378A Chocolate Cake8.60
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