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Law & Order (1990 - 2010)

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01Prescription for Death (8.1)8.1Confession (8)8.0Skin Deep (7.6)7.6Sweeps (7.6)7.6Second Opinion (8)8.0Bitter Fruit (8)8.0Causa Mortis (7.7)7.7Thrill (7.9)7.9Cherished (7.9)7.9Gunshow (7.9)7.9Endurance (8)8.0Who Let the Dogs Out? (7.9)7.9American Jihad (7.8)7.8Bodies (8.7)8.7Paradigm (7.5)7.5Red Ball (8.3)8.3Fame (7.4)7.4Called Home (7.7)7.7Rumble (8)8.0Memo from the Dark Side (7.8)7.8
02Subterranean Homeboy Blues (7.6)7.6The Wages of Love (7.6)7.6Conspiracy (7.6)7.6Volunteers (7.7)7.7Coma (8.1)8.1Rebels (7.4)7.4I.D. (8.1)8.1Denial (7.6)7.6DWB (7.9)7.9Killerz (8.4)8.4Turnstile Justice (7.5)7.5Armed Forces (7.5)7.5Shangri-La (8.3)8.3Bounty (7.6)7.6The Dead Wives Club (8)8.0Flaw (8.1)8.1Avatar (7.9)7.9Darkness (7.8)7.8Challenged (7.8)7.8Just a Girl in the World (8.2)8.2
03The Reaper's Helper (7.6)7.6Aria (7.7)7.7Forgiveness (7.5)7.5Discord (7.4)7.4Blue Bamboo (7.5)7.5Savages (8.2)8.2Good Girl (7.4)7.4Navy Blues (7.6)7.6Bait (7.5)7.5DNR (7.9)7.9Dissonance (7.5)7.5For Love or Money (7.7)7.7True Crime (7.6)7.6Patient Zero (7.5)7.5The Brotherhood (8)8.0Ghosts (7.9)7.9Home Sweet (7.9)7.9Misbegotten (7.3)7.3Lost Boys (7.8)7.8Great Satan (7.9)7.9
04Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (7.5)7.5Asylum (7.6)7.6The Corporate Veil (7.8)7.8Profile (8.3)8.3Family Values (7.6)7.6Jeopardy (7.9)7.9Survivor (7.8)7.8Harvest (8.1)8.1Flight (7.9)7.9Merger (7.8)7.8Standoff (7.7)7.7Soldier of Fortune (7.1)7.1Tragedy on Rye (8)8.0Shrunk (7.5)7.5Coming Down Hard (7.6)7.6Age of Innocence (7.4)7.4Fear America (7.4)7.4Bottomless (7.6)7.6Falling (7.6)7.6Reality Bites (7.4)7.4
05Happily Ever After (7.6)7.6God Bless the Child (7.8)7.8Wedded Bliss (7.8)7.8Black Tie (7.6)7.6White Rabbit (8.2)8.2Hot Pursuit (7.9)7.9Corruption (8.1)8.1Nullification (7.8)7.8Agony (8.2)8.2Justice (8)8.0Return (7.4)7.4Possession (7.4)7.4The Ring (8.2)8.2Blaze (7.4)7.4Gunplay (7.8)7.8Life Line (7.9)7.9Public Service Homicide (7.6)7.6Driven (8)8.0Knock Off (8.2)8.2Dignity (7.9)7.9
06Everybody's Favorite Bagman (7.7)7.7Misconception (7.4)7.4Helpless (8.4)8.4Pride and Joy (7.6)7.6Competence (8)8.0Paranoia (7.5)7.5Double Blind (7.9)7.9Baby, It's You (7.8)7.8Scrambled (7.6)7.6Marathon (8.1)8.1Burn Baby Burn (7.7)7.7Formerly Famous (7.1)7.1Hitman (7.8)7.8Identity (8.5)8.5Cut (7.7)7.7Birthright (7.9)7.9Profiteer (7.6)7.6Political Animal (7.7)7.7Sweetie (7.9)7.9Human Flesh Search Engine (7.9)7.9
07By Hooker, by Crook (7.6)7.6In Memory Of (7.7)7.7Self Defense (7.8)7.8Apocrypha (7.4)7.4Precious (7.6)7.6Humiliation (7.9)7.9Deadbeat (7.7)7.7Blood (8.3)8.3Venom (7.8)7.8Patsy (8.1)8.1Amends (7.8)7.8Myth of Fingerprints (8.1)8.1Open Season (8.4)8.4Floater (7.8)7.8Gov Love (7.7)7.7House of Cards (7.5)7.5In Vino Veritas (7.8)7.8Quit Claim (8)8.0Zero (8.2)8.2Boy Gone Astray (7.6)7.6
08Poison Ivy (7.9)7.9Out of Control (7.5)7.5Prince of Darkness (8.4)8.4American Dream (8.4)8.4Virtue (7.8)7.8Angel (7.9)7.9Family Business (7.2)7.2Shadow (8.2)8.2Punk (8.2)8.2Blood Money (8.1)8.1Thin Ice (7.3)7.3The Fire This Time (6.9)6.9Asterisk (7.3)7.3Embedded (7.2)7.2Cry Wolf (7.4)7.4New York Minute (7.8)7.8Release (7.4)7.4Illegal (8.1)8.1Chattel (8.2)8.2Doped (8)8.0
09Indifference (8.4)8.4Renunciation (7.5)7.5Point of View (8)8.0Born Bad (7.9)7.9Scoundrels (7.4)7.4Blood Libel (7.4)7.4Entrapment (7)7.0Burned (7.8)7.8True North (7.9)7.9Sundown (7.6)7.6Hubris (8.2)8.23 Dawg Night (7.3)7.3The Wheel (7.3)7.3Compassion (7.8)7.8All in the Family (7.4)7.4Criminal Law (8.4)8.4Deadlock (8.3)8.3Executioner (7.8)7.8By Perjury (8.4)8.4For the Defense (8.4)8.4
10Prisoner of Love (7.3)7.3Heaven (7.7)7.7Consultation (7.8)7.8The Pursuit of Happiness (7.3)7.3House Counsel (8.2)8.2Remand (7.7)7.7Legacy (8)8.0Ritual (7.8)7.8Hate (7.8)7.8Loco Parentis (7.8)7.8Whose Monkey Is It Anyway? (7.1)7.1Prejudice (7.6)7.6Mother's Day (7.6)7.6Ill-Conceived (7.4)7.4Enemy (7.6)7.6Acid (8.3)8.3Corner Office (7.7)7.7Tango (7.8)7.8Pledge (8.2)8.2Shotgun (7.9)7.9
11Out of the Half-Light (7.9)7.9His Hour Upon the Stage (7.2)7.2Extended Family (7.7)7.7Golden Years (7.4)7.4Guardian (7.4)7.4Corpus Delicti (7.6)7.6Menace (7.7)7.7Under the Influence (8.1)8.1Ramparts (8)8.0Collision (7.4)7.4Sunday in the Park with Jorge (7.2)7.2The Collar (7.5)7.5Chosen (8)8.0Darwinian (7.9)7.9Fixed (7.7)7.7Bible Story (7.5)7.5Remains of the Day (7.6)7.6Betrayal (7.9)7.9Lucky Stiff (7.6)7.6Fed (7.9)7.9
12Life Choice (7.9)7.9Star Struck (7.6)7.6Right to Counsel (7.6)7.6Snatched (7.7)7.7Progeny (7.6)7.6Trophy (8.1)8.1Barter (7.9)7.9Expert (7.5)7.5Haven (7.3)7.3Mother's Milk (7.4)7.4Teenage Wasteland (8)8.0Undercovered (7.3)7.3Under God (7.7)7.7Payback (7.5)7.5Mammon (7.7)7.7Family Friend (7.4)7.4Charity Case (7.9)7.9Submission (8)8.0Illegitimate (7.7)7.7Blackmail (7.4)7.4
13A Death in the Family (7.7)7.7Severance (7.8)7.8Night & Fog (7.7)7.7Breeder (7.8)7.8Rage (8)8.0Charm City (8.1)8.1Matrimony (8)8.0Castoff (7)7.0Hunters (7.7)7.7Panic (7.5)7.5Phobia (7.7)7.7DR 1-102 (8)8.0Absentia (8)8.0Married with Children (7.5)7.5Ain't No Love (7.8)7.8Heart of Darkness (7.8)7.8Talking Points (7.4)7.4Angelgrove (7.6)7.6Crimebusters (7.5)7.5Steel-Eyed Death (8)8.0
14The Violence of Summer (7.9)7.9Blood Is Thicker... (7.8)7.8Promises to Keep (7.6)7.6Censure (8.1)8.1Performance (7.8)7.8Custody (7.6)7.6Working Mom (7.7)7.7Grief (7.8)7.8Sideshow (8)8.0Entitled (7.5)7.5A Losing Season (7.4)7.4Missing (7.6)7.6Star Crossed (7.9)7.9City Hall (7.8)7.8Fluency (8.1)8.1Magnet (7.7)7.7Church (7.5)7.5Burn Card (8.5)8.5Rapture (7.2)7.2Boy on Fire (7.7)7.7
15The Torrents of Greed: Part 1 (7.9)7.9Trust (7.7)7.7Mother Love (7.8)7.8Kids (7.4)7.4Seed (7.6)7.6Encore (8.2)8.2D-Girl (7.9)7.9Faccia a Faccia (7.9)7.9Disciple (7.4)7.4Fools for Love (8.2)8.2Swept Away - A Very Special Episode (7.3)7.3Access Nation (7.8)7.8B*tch (7.5)7.5Veteran's Day (7.6)7.6Obsession (7.7)7.7Choice of Evils (7.7)7.7Melting Pot (7.1)7.1Bogeyman (7.4)7.4Bailout (7.4)7.4Brilliant Disguise (7.8)7.8
16The Torrents of Greed: Part 2 (8.1)8.1Vengeance (7.8)7.8Jurisdiction (7.8)7.8Big Bang (7.7)7.7Wannabe (7.5)7.5Savior (7.8)7.8Turnaround (8.1)8.1Divorce (8)8.0Harm (7.8)7.8Trade This (7.5)7.5Bronx Cheer (8)8.0Born Again (7.3)7.3Suicide Box (7.8)7.8Can I Get a Witness? (7.9)7.9The Sixth Man (7.6)7.6Cost of Capital (8)8.0Murder Book (7.6)7.6Strike (8.1)8.1Take-Out (7.5)7.5Innocence (8.3)8.3
17Mushrooms (8.1)8.1Sisters of Mercy (7.6)7.6Conduct Unbecoming (7.8)7.8Mayhem (8.3)8.3Act of God (7.8)7.8Deceit (7.8)7.8Showtime (8.4)8.4Carrier (7.8)7.8Shield (7.6)7.6Black, White and Blue (7.7)7.7Ego (7.7)7.7Girl Most Likely (7.6)7.6Genius (7.7)7.7Hands Free (7.8)7.8License to Kill (7.9)7.9America, Inc. (7.6)7.6Good Faith (7.5)7.5Personae Non Grata (7.8)7.8Anchors Away (7.8)7.8Four Cops Shot (8.1)8.1
18The Secret Sharers (7.6)7.6Cradle to Grave (7.8)7.8Animal Instinct (7.9)7.9Wager (7.2)7.2Privileged (7.8)7.8Atonement (7.5)7.5Mad Dog (8.3)8.3Stalker (7.9)7.9Juvenile (7.7)7.7Mega (7.7)7.7White Lie (7.4)7.4Equal Rights (7.1)7.1Maritime (7.3)7.3Evil Breeds (7.9)7.9Dining Out (7.4)7.4Thinking Makes It So (8.1)8.1Bling (7.4)7.4Excalibur (8.4)8.4Promote This! (7.6)7.6Brazil (7.3)7.3
19The Serpent's Tooth (7.6)7.6The Fertile Fields (7.5)7.5Virus (7.5)7.5Sanctuary (7.9)7.9Cruel and Unusual (8.1)8.1Slave (7.9)7.9Double Down (8.4)8.4Disappeared (7.5)7.5Tabula Rasa (8.2)8.2Surrender Dorothy (7.4)7.4Whiplash (7.7)7.7Slaughter (7.3)7.3Seer (7.7)7.7Nowhere Man (8.2)8.2Sects (7.7)7.7Positive (7.4)7.4Fallout (7.8)7.8All New (7.7)7.7Crashers (7.8)7.8
20The Troubles (7.8)7.8Intolerance (7.5)7.5Securitate (7.3)7.3Nurture (7.6)7.6Bad Faith (8.3)8.3Girlfriends (7.7)7.7We Like Mike (8.2)8.2Burden (7.5)7.5Empire (7.6)7.6Untitled (7.2)7.2All My Children (7.5)7.5Dazzled (7.8)7.8Kid Pro Quo (7.6)7.6Everybody Loves Raimondo's (7.6)7.6Tombstone (8.1)8.1Kingmaker (7.7)7.7Captive (8)8.0Exchange (7.5)7.5The Taxman Cometh (7.7)7.7
21Sonata for Solo Organ (8)8.0Silence (7.6)7.6Manhood (8.1)8.1Doubles (7.1)7.1Purple Heart (7.7)7.7Pro Se (8.8)8.8Passion (7.4)7.4Bad Girl (7.8)7.8Ambitious (7.8)7.8Narcosis (7.5)7.5Brother's Keeper (8.2)8.2Foul Play (7)7.0House Calls (7.7)7.7Vendetta (7.7)7.7Publish and Perish (7.9)7.9Hindsight (8)8.0Over Here (7.6)7.6Skate or Die (8.1)8.1Immortal (8.1)8.1
22The Blue Wall (8.1)8.1The Working Stiff (7.9)7.9Benevolence (7.3)7.3Old Friends (8.4)8.4Switch (7.9)7.9Homesick (7.9)7.9Past Imperfect (7.8)7.8Damaged (8.1)8.1Admissions (7.5)7.5High & Low (7.5)7.5School Daze (8)8.0Attorney Client (7.5)7.5Sheltered (8.1)8.1Gaijin (7.7)7.7Sport of Kings (7.6)7.6Invaders (8.8)8.8The Family Hour (8.1)8.1The Drowned and the Saved (8.2)8.2Love Eternal (7.9)7.9
23Pride (7.7)7.7Aftershock (9.2)9.2Terminal (8.3)8.3Tabloid (7.4)7.4Refuge: Part 1 (8.6)8.6Stiff (7.5)7.5Judge Dread (7.6)7.6Oxymoron (7.6)7.6Couples (8.7)8.7Caviar Emptor (7.2)7.2In God We Trust (7.4)7.4Rubber Room (8.8)8.8
24Monster (7.8)7.8Refuge: Part 2 (8.7)8.7Vaya Con Dios (7.8)7.8Deep Vote (7.8)7.8Patriot (7.5)7.5Smoke (8)8.0C.O.D. (8.3)8.3Locomotion (7.5)7.5


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S20E23Rubber Room8.8269
1S06E21Pro Se8.8296
1S12E21Foul Play7.0126
1S12E08The Fire This Time6.9150
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