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LazyTown (2002 - 2014)

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00Unaired Pilot Episode (9.2)9.2El Profesor Nuevo (6.5)6.5
01Welcome to LazyTown (8)8.0Sports Candy Festival (6.3)6.3Roboticus (6.1)6.1Let's Go to the Moon (7.7)7.7El Sueño de Bailar (5.1)5.1
02Defeeted (7.4)7.4Dancing Duel (7.6)7.6The Greatest Gift (6.4)6.4The Last SportsCandy (6.9)6.9Genio Perezoso (6.3)6.3
03Sports Day (6.6)6.6Ziggy's Alien (6.2)6.2Little Pink Riding Hood (6)6.0Secret Friend Day (7)7.0
04Crystal Caper (5.7)5.7Sportacus on the Move! (6.1)6.1The Scavenger Hunt (6.1)6.1New Kid in Town (7.8)7.8
05Sleepless in LazyTown (5.5)5.5Rockin' Robbie (6.5)6.5Who's Who? (6.9)6.9Time to Learn (7)7.0
06Swiped Sweets (6.5)6.5Little Sportacus (6.7)6.7The Purple Panther: Part 1 (7.5)7.5The End of Sportacus (7.7)7.7
07Hero for a Day (6.2)6.2Trash Trouble (6.6)6.6The Purple Panther: Part 2 (6.8)6.8Ziggy's Talking Teddy (7.9)7.9
08Sportafake (6.6)6.6Double Trouble (5.9)5.9The Blue Knight (6.5)6.5The Wizard of LazyTown (7.8)7.8
09Happy Brush Day (6.6)6.6Haunted Castle (5.5)5.5The First Day of Summer (7)7.0The Baby Troll (6.7)6.7
10Lazy Scouts (6.6)6.6The LazyTown Snow Monster (6.2)6.2Chef Rottenfood (7.6)7.6The Fortune Teller (7.8)7.8
11Dr. Rottenstein (6)6.0The LazyTown Circus (6.5)6.5Breakfast at Stephanie's (6.2)6.2Ghost Stoppers (7.3)7.3
12Rottenbeard (7.1)7.1Friends Forever (6.6)6.6The Lazy Cup (6.4)6.4Robbie's Dream Team (9.8)9.8
13Cry Dinosaur (6.2)6.2Pixel TV (6.1)6.1The Holiday Spirit (7.7)7.7Mystery of the Pyramid (8.3)8.3
14My Treehouse (6.1)6.1School Scam (6.2)6.2
15Laziest Town (5.7)5.7Energy Book (6.2)6.2
16Dear Diary (6.3)6.3Birthday Surprise (6.8)6.8
17Zap It! (6.7)6.7LazyTown Goes Digital (6.7)6.7
18Record's Day (6.7)6.7The Lazy Rockets (8.3)8.3
19Prince Stingy (6)6.0The Lazy Genie (6.6)6.6
20Pixelspix (6.3)6.3Once Upon a Time (6.5)6.5
21Play Day (5.9)5.9Sportacus Saves the Toys (6.3)6.3
22Remote Control (6.8)6.8Dancing Dreams (7.4)7.4
23Sportacus Who? (6.2)6.2
24Soccer Sucker (6.5)6.5
25Miss Roberta (6.2)6.2
26LazyTown's New Superhero (6.7)6.7
27Secret Agent Zero (7.4)7.4
28LazyTown's Greatest Hits (6.6)6.6
29LazyTown's Surprise Santa (5.9)5.9
30Robbie's Greatest Misses (6.5)6.5


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E12Robbie's Dream Team9.85724
1S01E00Unaired Pilot Episode9.232
1S02E18The Lazy Rockets8.314
1S01E05Sleepless in LazyTown5.530
1S02E09Haunted Castle5.530
1SUnknoE01El Sueño de Bailar5.10
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