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Less Than Perfect (2002 - 2006)

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01Pilot (7.3)7.3Choices (7.1)7.1Supply Man Down (6.7)6.7The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 1 (7)7.0
02Ice Cream with Lydia (7.5)7.5From the Office of Will Butler (7.3)7.3Claude Wants to Know (6.8)6.8The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 2 (6.7)6.7
03Claude the Liar (6.7)6.7It Takes a Pillage (7)7.0Ain't It a Shame, Claude (6.5)6.5A Crush Grows in Brooklyn (6.9)6.9
04Queen of England (7)7.0New York Evening (6.9)6.9Ignoring Lydia (7.5)7.5Why Are You Hurting Claude? (6.8)6.8
05The Vacation (7.1)7.1Shampoo (7.4)7.4Knock, Knock, Who's Dead? (7)7.0Flirting with De-feet (7.3)7.3
06The Pole (6.7)6.7Rules (7)7.0From the Chair to the Couch (6.9)6.9
07Future Shock (7)7.0All About Claude (6.8)6.8Shoo-In (6.8)6.8Red Carpet Claude (7)7.0
08Meet the Folks (7.1)7.1Roomies (7.5)7.5We're Bad People (6.4)6.4
09Claude the Heartbreaker (6.9)6.9Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving (6.7)6.7Mom's the Word (6.5)6.5
10One Office Party Too Many (7.3)7.3The Girl Next Door (7.1)7.1Claude's Romantic Hideaway (6.8)6.8
11A Claude Casey Production (7.3)7.3Claude the Terminator (6.8)6.8Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas (6.5)6.5
12Claude's Got a Secret (7)7.0Santa Claude (7.1)7.1Emotions Eleven (6.8)6.8
13Telephone (7.2)7.2What About That! (6.5)6.5You Can Leave the Lights On (6.6)6.6
14High Maintenance (7.4)7.4Two Camps (6.3)6.3I Just Don't Like Her (6.8)6.8
15Valentine's Day (6.8)6.8Love Stinks (Sometimes) (6.8)6.8Playhouse (7)7.0
16Breaking Up (7.1)7.1The Crush (6.8)6.8Distractions (6.7)6.7
17Picture Perfect Party (7.3)7.3Claude's Apartment (6.5)6.5Get Away (7)7.0
18The New Guy (6.8)6.822 Minus 1 Equals 4 (6.6)6.6Pre-Wedded Bliss (6.8)6.8
19Oh Papa (7.6)7.6Riding in Cars with Falafel (6.8)6.8Claude's Extreme Makeover (6.3)6.3
20A Little Love for Lydia (7.6)7.6Dating Protocol at GNB (6.8)6.8Amicably Yours (6.4)6.4
21Save the Squirrel, But Bet the Over/Under (7)7.0Arctic Nights (6.2)6.2Casey V. Kronsky (6.5)6.5
22The Umbrella (6.9)6.9Claude's Roxanne (7.1)7.1Claude the Expert (6.3)6.3
23The Pimp Hat (6.8)6.8
24Claude on One Knee (6.8)6.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E19Oh Papa7.619
1S01E20A Little Love for Lydia7.622
1S02E14Two Camps6.320
1S03E22Claude the Expert6.319
1S02E21Arctic Nights6.227
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