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Limitless (2015 - 2016)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (8.3)8.3
02Badge! Gun! (8.1)8.1
03The Legend of Marcos Ramos (7.8)7.8
04Page 44 (7.8)7.8
05Personality Crisis (7.8)7.8
06Side Effects May Include... (8.4)8.4
07Brian Finch's Black Op (8)8.0
08When Pirates Pirate Pirates (8.1)8.1
09Headquarters! (8.5)8.5
10Arm-aggedon (8)8.0
11This Is Your Brian on Drugs (8.6)8.6
12The Assassination of Eddie Morra (8.6)8.6
13Stop Me Before I Hug Again (6.2)6.2
14Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture (7.7)7.7
15Undercover! (7.8)7.8
16Sands, Agent of Morra (8.3)8.3
17Close Encounters (8.4)8.4
18Bezgranichnyy (8.2)8.2
19A Dog's Breakfast (8.3)8.3
20Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris (8.8)8.8
21Finale: Part One! (8.6)8.6
22Finale: Part Two!! (8.3)8.3


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E20Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris8.81004
1S01E11This Is Your Brian on Drugs8.61102
1S01E12The Assassination of Eddie Morra8.61088
1S01E03The Legend of Marcos Ramos7.81328
1S01E14Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture7.7809
1S01E13Stop Me Before I Hug Again6.21331
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