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Midnight, Texas (2017 - 2018)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (7.9)7.9Head Games (8)8.0
02Bad Moon Rising (7.9)7.9The Monster of the Week Is Patriarchy (7.8)7.8
03Lemuel, Unchained (7.9)7.9To Witch Hell and Back (7.6)7.6
04Sexy Beast (8)8.0I Put a Spell on You (8.2)8.2
05Unearthed (8)8.0Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay (7.8)7.8
06Blinded by the Light (8.2)8.2No More Mr. Nice Kai (8.4)8.4
07Angel Heart (7.9)7.9Resting Witch Face (8.3)8.3
08Last Temptation of Midnight (8.1)8.1Patience Is a Virtue (8.3)8.3
09Riders on the Storm (8.2)8.2Yasss, Queen (8.3)8.3
10The Virgin Sacrifice (8.3)8.3


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E06No More Mr. Nice Kai8.4214
1S02E07Resting Witch Face8.3207
1S01E10The Virgin Sacrifice8.3342
1S02E02The Monster of the Week Is Patriarchy7.8256
1S02E05Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay7.8209
1S02E03To Witch Hell and Back7.6242
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