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Mr. & Mrs. North (1952 - 1954)

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01Weekend Murder (6.9)6.9The Quick and the Deadly (6.5)6.5
02Till Death Do Us Part (6.8)6.8Target (6.6)6.6
03A Good Buy (6.6)6.6Reunion (5.9)5.9
04Loon Lake (7.1)7.1
05These Latins (5.5)5.5Hand Painted Murder (6.2)6.2
06Nosed Out (6.3)6.3The Ungrateful Killer (6)6.0
07The Forgotten Grave (5.4)5.4Flight 217 (6)6.0
08Dead Man's Tale (6.9)6.9Death Doll (5.8)5.8
09Surprise (5.8)5.8Phantom at the Wedding (6.8)6.8
10Comic-Strip Tease (7.4)7.4Homicide Limited (6.8)6.8
11Where There's a Will (6.7)6.7Shrinking Violet (6.1)6.1
12The Nobles (6.7)6.7Model for Murder (6.9)6.9
13Silent Butler (6.2)6.2Murder for Sale (7)7.0
14On the Rocks (7.2)7.2The Placid Affair (6.7)6.7
15Formula for Trouble (6.8)6.8The Girl in Cell 13 (6.8)6.8
16House Behind the Wall (6.7)6.7The Suspected (6.8)6.8
17Beauty Prize (6.8)6.8Mask of Hate (5.9)5.9
18The Third Eye (6.6)6.6Climax (5.8)5.8
19The Doll House (6.6)6.6
20Terror (6.7)6.7
21Stranger Than Fiction (6.3)6.3
22The Frightened Bride (5.2)5.2
24Dying to Live (6.6)6.6
26Jade Dragon (7)7.0
27Pretty Baby (6.8)6.8
28The Man Who Came to Murder (6.2)6.2
29Breakout (5.2)5.2
31Hot Mink (7)7.0
32Seven Sacred Rubies (6.5)6.5
34Busy Signal (7.1)7.1
35Salt in His Blood (6.9)6.9
36Two Faced (6.3)6.3
37Trained for Murder (5.2)5.2
38Murder on the Midway (6.8)6.8
39Million Dollar Coffin (5.4)5.4


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E10Comic-Strip Tease7.414
1S01E14On the Rocks7.214
1S02E04Loon Lake7.115
1S01E22The Frightened Bride5.212
1S01E37Trained for Murder5.220
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