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My Boys (2006 - 2010)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (7)7.0The Transitioning (7.3)7.3Welcome Back, Kalla Fötter (7.9)7.9Addition by Subtraction (7.6)7.6
02Mixed Signals (6.8)6.8Dinner Party (7)7.0Private Eyes (7.9)7.9Gourmets and Confused (7.9)7.9
03Team Chemistry (7.1)7.1The Shirt Contest (7)7.0The Boyfriend Hat (7)7.0Mike-Fest (7.2)7.2
04The Slump (6.9)6.9Spit Take (7.1)7.1Decathlon: Part Deux (7.9)7.9Be a Man! (7.5)7.5
05The Show (7)7.0Take My Work Wife... Please (7)7.0Carpe Burritoem (7.5)7.5The NTO (7.2)7.2
06Clubhouse Poison (7.1)7.1Dudes Being Dudes (7.2)7.2Madder of Degrees (7.3)7.3Hanger Management (7.8)7.8
07Free Agent (7.5)7.5Opportunity Knocks (7.2)7.2Facebook the Past (7.2)7.2Puss 'N' Glutes (7.7)7.7
08Superstar Treatment (7.2)7.2Jack and Bobby (7.5)7.5Friends of Friends (7.2)7.2Extreme Mike-Over (7.9)7.9
09Managers (7.3)7.3John, Cougar, Newman Camp (7.4)7.4Spring Training (7.7)7.7My Men (7.9)7.9
10Take One for the Team (7.9)7.9
11When Heroes Fall from Grace (7.5)7.5
12Released (7.4)7.4
13Baseball Myths (7.9)7.9
14The Promise of a New Season (7.2)7.2
15Off Day (7)7.0
16Ethics (7.6)7.6
17Dirty Little Secrets (7.5)7.5
18Second Chances (7)7.0
19Douchebag in the City (7.9)7.9
20The Estates of Hoffman (7.4)7.4
21110 Percent Solution (7)7.0
22Rome, If You Want To (7.4)7.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E19Douchebag in the City7.962
1S01E13Baseball Myths7.931
1S04E08Extreme Mike-Over7.918
1S01E05The Show7.032
1S01E04The Slump6.936
1S01E02Mixed Signals6.842
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