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National Geographic Explorer (1985 - )

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000The Battle for Midway (7.6)7.6
001Opera Vertical (9.2)9.2Ultimate Crocodile (7.5)7.5Moment of Death (6.7)6.7Sex, Lies, & Gender (7.8)7.8Brain Games: Watch This! (8)8.0Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings (7)7.0
002Collapse (6.5)6.5Science of Babies (7.6)7.6Congo Bush Pilots (7.9)7.9Lost Mummies of New Guinea (8.3)8.3Brain Games: Pay Attention! (8.6)8.6Hornets from Hell (9.1)9.1
003Lost Cities of the Amazon (8)8.0Climbing Redwood Giants (7.7)7.7How Man Tamed the Wild (9.2)9.2Brain Games: Remember This! (8)8.0Congo Trek (8.3)8.3
004Killer Cats (8.2)8.2Ultimate Cat (7.2)7.2Heroin Crisis (7.2)7.2Secret History of Gold (6.9)6.9Mystery of the Disembodied Feet (7.4)7.4Born to Rage? (7.2)7.2The Last Voyage of the Lusitania (7.4)7.4
005Nightmare in Jamestown (6.9)6.9World's Most Dangerous Drug (7.1)7.1Inside the Body Trade (7.5)7.5Marijuana Nation (7.6)7.6Inside LSD (7.7)7.7The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden (7.1)7.1China's Lost Girls (7.6)7.6
006Last Days of the Maya (6.6)6.6Attack of the Killer Bees (8.6)8.6Ultimate Viper (6.3)6.3Guns in America (8)8.0Secret History of Diamonds (7.4)7.4Lost Cannibals of Europe (5.9)5.9JFK: The Lost Bullet (7.4)7.4Lost Subs: Disaster at Sea (7.3)7.3
007Inside Shock & Awe (7)7.0Super Chopper (7.5)7.5Super Carrier (7.1)7.1China's Secret Mummies (6.7)6.7The Virus Hunters (8.2)8.224 Hours After Asteroid Impact (7.4)7.4How to Build a Beating Heart (8)8.0Wolf Pack (8.5)8.5
008Super Snake! (6.6)6.6Secret Lives of Jesus (6.4)6.4Italy's Mystery Mummies (6.4)6.4Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil (7.8)7.8Poison! (8)8.0
009Hogzilla (8.5)8.5World's Most Dangerous Gang (6.6)6.6Iraq's Guns for Hire (7)7.0Science of Evil (6.3)6.3Monster Fish of the Congo (6.3)6.3Narco State (7.5)7.5The Real George Washington (7.5)7.5Hitler's G.I. Death Camp (7.7)7.7Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures from the Other Side (7.1)7.1
010Marijuana Gold Rush (7.3)7.3Surviving Maximum Security (8.7)8.7Super Sub (7.9)7.9Peru's Mass Grave Mystery (6.6)6.6Camp Leatherneck (7.6)7.6Mystery of the Murdered Saints (6.7)6.7400 Million Dollar Emerald (7.6)7.6The Missing Years (6.7)6.7
011Violent Earth (7.8)7.8Ultimate Shark (5.8)5.8Testosterone Factor (8.1)8.1T-Rex Walks Again (8)8.0The Angel Effect (5.8)5.8The Man Who Can Fly (7.8)7.8Search for the Battleship Bismarck (7.5)7.5
012Elephant Rage (8.3)8.3Science of Surveillance (8)8.0Doomsday Volcano (8.5)8.5Inside Guantanamo Bay (7.1)7.1Vampire Forensics (6.5)6.5Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes (7)7.0The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden (26.5) (6.8)6.8
013Search for Adam (6.5)6.5Aryan Brotherhood (7)7.0Inside the Nuclear Threat (7.6)7.6Megapiranha (6.5)6.5Finding the Lost da Vinci (6.4)6.4Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea (7.6)7.6
014Outsmarting Terror (7.4)7.4Inside North Korea (7.7)7.7Easter Island Underworld (7.4)7.4Electronic Armageddon (6.7)6.7Stormageddon (7.2)7.2Big Sur-Wild California (6.7)6.7
015Struck by Lightning (6.1)6.1Shark SuperHighway (7.1)7.1Solitary Confinement (7.2)7.2Renegade Lions (8.2)8.2
016Quest for the Atocha (6.9)6.9Killer Cane Toads (7.2)7.2Jellyfish Invasion (7.9)7.9Kingdom of the Blue Whale (8.1)8.125 Years (7.8)7.8Omens of Apocalypse (7.6)7.6
017Python vs. Gator (7.2)7.2Science of Dogs (7.7)7.7Tunnel to a Lost World (7.9)7.9Journey to an Alien Moon (8)8.0The Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal (7.3)7.3
018Fatal Insomnia (7.4)7.4Stalking Leopards (8.2)8.2
019Science of Cats (7.2)7.2Talibanistan (6.8)6.8Jihad: Afghanistan's Holy War (7.6)7.6
020Gorilla Murders (7.9)7.9
021Inside the DEA (7.3)7.3
02224 Hours After Hiroshima (7.8)7.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E001Opera Vertical9.20
1S25E003How Man Tamed the Wild9.20
1SUnknoE002Hornets from Hell9.115
1S25E006Lost Cannibals of Europe5.90
1S21E011Ultimate Shark5.812
1S25E011The Angel Effect5.80
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