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Norm (1999 - 2001)

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01Norm and the Prototype (7.4)7.4Norm vs. Love (6.6)6.6Norm vs. the Sacrifice (7.2)7.2
02Norm Dates a Client (7)7.0Norm Pimps Wiener Dog (7.4)7.4I've Got a Crush on You (7.5)7.5
03Norm Dates Danny's Dad (7.3)7.3Artie Comes to Town (7.2)7.2Taylor Leaves (7.5)7.5
04While You Weren't Sleeping (7)7.0Norm vs. Death (7.1)7.1The Norm Law (7.1)7.1
05My Name Is Norm (7.2)7.2Norm and Shelly in Love (7.2)7.2Norm vs. Halloween (7.5)7.5
06The New Boss (6.8)6.8Laurie Runs for Office (7.2)7.2Norm and the Hopeless Cause (6.8)6.8
07Denby's Kid (6.8)6.8Norm and Shelly (7.7)7.7Norm vs. Youth: Part 1 (7.2)7.2
08Drive, Norm Said (7)7.0Gambling Man (7)7.0Norm vs. Youth: Part 2 (7.1)7.1
09Norm, Crusading Social Worker (7.1)7.1Norm vs. Norm (7.2)7.2Norm vs. Tennis (6.4)6.4
10Norm's Coach (7.7)7.7Norm vs. Denby (7.5)7.5Norm vs. the Kid (6.9)6.9
11Norm vs. the Boxer (7.7)7.7Norm vs. Schoolin' (6.6)6.6
12Norm vs. Christmas (7.2)7.2Norm vs. Freud (6.9)6.9
13Norm vs. the Evil Twin (7.3)7.3Norm vs. Dad (6.9)6.9
14Norm vs. the Oldest Profession (6.8)6.8Denby Quits (6.5)6.5
15Norm vs. Jenny (7.5)7.5Norm Lets Go (7.3)7.3
16Norm vs. Fitz (7)7.0Norm vs. Danny and Shelley (7.4)7.4
17Norm vs. the Wedding (7.4)7.4Norm and Wiener Dog vs. Fatherhood (6.7)6.7
18Norm vs. Fear (7.4)7.4Norm vs. Homelessness (6.8)6.8
19Retribution (7.4)7.4Norm Is Fat (6.6)6.6
20Laurie Loses It (7.7)7.7Norm vs. Deception (6.9)6.9
21Norm vs. Cuba (7.2)7.2
22Norm's Free (6.9)6.9
23Norm Comes Back (6.9)6.9
24Norm vs. Shelly's Old Flame (7.9)7.9


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E24Norm vs. Shelly's Old Flame7.921
1S02E07Norm and Shelly7.720
1S02E11Norm vs. the Boxer7.725
1S03E19Norm Is Fat6.617
1S03E14Denby Quits6.516
1S03E09Norm vs. Tennis6.417
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