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Off the Map (2011 - 2011)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Saved by the Great White Hope (7.6)7.6
02Smile. Don't Kill Anyone. (8)8.0
03A Doctor Time Out (8.2)8.2
04On the Mean Streets of San Miguel (8)8.0
05I'm Here (8.2)8.2
06It's Good (8.5)8.5
07Es Un Milagro (8.2)8.2
08It's a Leaf (8.2)8.2
09There's Nothing to Fix (8.4)8.4
10I'm Home (9)9.0
11Everything's as It Should Be (8.7)8.7
12Hold on Tight (8.4)8.4
13There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle (8.6)8.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E10I'm Home9.097
1S01E11Everything's as It Should Be8.7102
1S01E13There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle8.6107
1S01E02Smile. Don't Kill Anyone.8.0135
1S01E04On the Mean Streets of San Miguel8.0111
1S01E01Saved by the Great White Hope7.6145
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