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Parks and Recreation (2009 - 2020)

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00A Parks and Recreation Special (8.7)8.7
01Pilot (7)7.0Pawnee Zoo (8)8.0Go Big or Go Home (8.2)8.2I'm Leslie Knope (8.2)8.2Ms. Knope Goes to Washington (8)8.0London: Part 1 (8.6)8.62017 (7.7)7.7
02Canvassing (7.1)7.1The Stakeout (8.2)8.2Flu Season (9)9.0Ron and Tammys (8.7)8.7Soda Tax (8)8.0London: Part 2 (8.7)8.7Ron & Jammy (8.3)8.3
03The Reporter (7.2)7.2Beauty Pageant (7.8)7.8Time Capsule (8.2)8.2Born and Raised (8.2)8.2How a Bill Becomes a Law (8.1)8.1The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic (7.8)7.8William Henry Harrison (7.5)7.5
04Boys' Club (7.4)7.4Practice Date (8.4)8.4Ron & Tammy 2 (8.6)8.6Pawnee Rangers (8.4)8.4Sex Education (8.1)8.1Doppelgängers (8.1)8.1Leslie and Ron (9.6)9.6
05The Banquet (7.2)7.2Sister City (7.7)7.7Media Blitz (8.1)8.1Meet 'N' Greet (7.8)7.8Halloween Surprise (8.8)8.8Gin It Up! (7.9)7.9Gryzzlbox (8.3)8.3
06Rock Show (7.7)7.7Kaboom (7.7)7.7Indianapolis (8.1)8.1End of the World (8.6)8.6Ben's Parents (7.9)7.9Filibuster (8.2)8.2Save JJ's (8.1)8.1
07Greg Pikitis (8.4)8.4Harvest Festival (8.8)8.8The Treaty (8.1)8.1Leslie vs. April (7.9)7.9Recall Vote (7.7)7.7Donna and Joe (8.5)8.5
08Ron and Tammy (8.4)8.4Camping (8.1)8.1Smallest Park (8.1)8.1Pawnee Commons (7.9)7.9Fluoride (7.8)7.8Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington (8.2)8.2
09The Camel (7.9)7.9Fancy Party (9.1)9.1The Trial of Leslie Knope (8.5)8.5Ron and Diane (9)9.0The Cones of Dunshire (8.3)8.3Pie-Mary (8.5)8.5
10Hunting Trip (8.8)8.8Soulmates (8.6)8.6Citizen Knope (8.5)8.5Two Parties (8.9)8.9Second Chunce (7.7)7.7The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show (8.5)8.5
11Tom's Divorce (7.9)7.9Jerry's Painting (8.7)8.7The Comeback Kid (8.6)8.6Women in Garbage (8.2)8.2New Beginnings (7.7)7.7Two Funerals (8.6)8.6
12Christmas Scandal (8.1)8.1Eagleton (8.3)8.3Campaign Ad (8.5)8.5Ann's Decision (7.8)7.8Farmers Market (7.7)7.7One Last Ride (9.6)9.6
13The Set Up (8.1)8.1The Fight (8.9)8.9Bowling for Votes (8.7)8.7Emergency Response (8.7)8.7Ann and Chris (9)9.0
14Leslie's House (8)8.0Road Trip (8.6)8.6Operation Ann (8.3)8.3Leslie and Ben (9.3)9.3Anniversaries (8)8.0
15Sweetums (8)8.0The Bubble (8.2)8.2Dave Returns (8)8.0Correspondents' Lunch (8)8.0The Wall (7.8)7.8
16Galentine's Day (7.7)7.7Li'l Sebastian (8.9)8.9Sweet Sixteen (7.8)7.8Bailout (8.2)8.2New Slogan (7.6)7.6
17Woman of the Year (8.1)8.1Campaign Shake-Up (8)8.0Partridge (7.7)7.7Galentine's Day (7.8)7.8
18The Possum (8.1)8.1Lucky (8)8.0Animal Control (8.4)8.4Prom (7.8)7.8
19Park Safety (8.2)8.2Live Ammo (8)8.0Article Two (8.1)8.1Flu Season 2 (8.5)8.5
20Summer Catalog (8)8.0The Debate (8.9)8.9Jerry's Retirement (8.2)8.2One in 8,000 (8.3)8.3
2194 Meetings (8.6)8.6Bus Tour (8.3)8.3Swing Vote (7.6)7.6Moving Up: Part 1 (9)9.0
22Telethon (8.4)8.4Win, Lose or Draw (9.1)9.1Are You Better Off? (8.4)8.4Moving Up: Part 2 (9.4)9.4
23The Master Plan (8.6)8.6
24Freddy Spaghetti (8.7)8.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S07E04Leslie and Ron9.63164
1S07E12One Last Ride9.63903
1S06E22Moving Up: Part 29.42206
1S01E05The Banquet7.22075
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