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Pensacola: Wings of Gold (1997 - 2000)

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01Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 1 (7.1)7.1Nuggets (9)9.0Tip of the Spear (7.4)7.4
02Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 2 (5.7)5.7Burn Out (9)9.0Gypsy Tumble (8.4)8.4
03Freebird (5.9)5.9Solo Flight (9)9.0A Wing and a Prayer (8.2)8.2
04It's the Real Thing, Baby (6.8)6.8S.O.D. (8.7)8.7Call to Glory (8.3)8.3
05Fallout (5.6)5.6Stand Down (9)9.0Officers and Gentleman (7.5)7.5
06Birds of Prey (6.1)6.1Raid on Osirak (8.9)8.9Tattoo (7.9)7.9
07Road Warriors (7.8)7.8Boom (9)9.0Burke's Breach (7.9)7.9
08Grey Ghost (6.7)6.7The Red Baron (8.8)8.8Behind Enemy Lines (7.6)7.6
09Past Sins (6)6.0Vertigo (8.7)8.7True Stories (8)8.0
10Bogey Man (6.8)6.8Wild, Wild West (9)9.0Don't Ask, Don't Tell (7.8)7.8
11Acceptable Casualties (6.3)6.3Class Strike (8.9)8.9On the Tee (7.2)7.2
12Company Town (5.3)5.3Blue Angel (8.8)8.8Aces (7.7)7.7
13Trials and Tribulations (4.9)4.9Lost (9)9.0Article 32 (7.3)7.3
14Soldiers of Misfortune (4.8)4.8Mishap (8.7)8.7At Poverty Level (7.9)7.9
15Power Play (4.6)4.6Fox Two (8.9)8.9Busted (7.3)7.3
16Game, Set and Match (4.6)4.6Blue on Blue (7)7.0Crash Test (7.3)7.3
17Lost Shipment (4.2)4.2Cuba Libre (7.2)7.2Pensacola Shootout (6.8)6.8
18We Are Not Alone (4.6)4.6Sortie (9.3)9.3Answered Prayers (6.1)6.1
19Stranger, Lover, Friend (6.5)6.5Touch and Go (8.8)8.8Return to Glory (9.1)9.1
20Great Expectations (4.1)4.1C.Q. (9.2)9.2Casualties of War (9.1)9.1
21Broken Wings (4.8)4.8Night Traps (9)9.0Brothers (7.3)7.3
22Not in My Backyard (4.9)4.9Rules of Engagement (9.1)9.1SOCEX: Final Exams (7.9)7.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E22Rules of Engagement9.126
1S01E15Power Play4.614
1S01E17Lost Shipment4.213
1S01E20Great Expectations4.113
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