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Pimp My Ride (2004 - 2007)

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00Kristoffer's 1965 Chevy Impala SS Super Sport (6.4)6.4
01Wyatt's Daihatsu Hi-Jet (6.5)6.5Big Ron's Cadillac El Dorado (6.3)6.3Nate's Ford Econoline (6.6)6.6Jessica's AMC Pacer (5.9)5.9Where Are They Now? (5.8)5.8Episode dated 15 June 2006 (6.9)6.9
02Nile's Cadillac Sedan DeVille (6.2)6.2Kiearah's Ford Escort (6.3)6.3Sara's Chevy S10 (6)6.0Josh's Toyota Corolla (5.9)5.9Episode dated 3 August 2006 (6.4)6.4
03Logan's Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (5.5)5.5Ryan's Volkswagen Bus (7.4)7.4Brooke's Chevy Cavalier Convertible (6.1)6.1Heather's Chevy Pickup (5.8)5.8Festiva (6.9)6.9
04Christine's Honda Civic (6.3)6.3Alice's Chevy Suburban (6.9)6.9Tom's Chevy Caprice Cop Car (6.1)6.1Tin's Dodge Caravan (5.7)5.7Jeep (6.4)6.4
05Antwon's Mitsubishi Mirage (6.3)6.3Erin's Chevy Blazer (6.5)6.5JT's Honda Civic (6.2)6.2Alex's Chevy Chevelle (6.5)6.5Crown Vic (7.4)7.4
06Mary's Ford Mustang (6.5)6.5Josh's Acura Legend (6.1)6.1Jekara's Chevy Bel Air (6.9)6.9Rashae's 1989 Ford Taurus (6.1)6.1Impreza (6.6)6.6
07Jared's Ford Ranger (6.2)6.2Quoc-viet's Nissan 240 SX (6.2)6.2Vivian's Toyota (6.1)6.1Jake's 1986 Buick Century (6.4)6.4Fantastic Four (6.7)6.7
08Danelle's Pontiac Trans Am (6.4)6.4West's Ford Fairlane (6.8)6.8Eric's Mitsubishi Eclipse (6.2)6.2Cristi's 1957 Chevy Panel Truck (6.2)6.2
09Neil's Chevy 'Luv' Truck (6.3)6.3
10Shonda's Mustang Convertible (6.2)6.2
11Ezra's Nissan Maxima Station Wagon (6.5)6.5
12Krissy's Volkswagen Baja Bug (6.7)6.7
13Brian's Honda CRX (6.5)6.5
14Gaby's Toyota Land Cruiser (6.4)6.4Lawanna's 1968 Volkswagen Bug (6.1)6.1Toyota Rav4 (7.1)7.1
15Kerry's Ford Escort (6.5)6.5


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1SUnknoE05Crown Vic7.40
1S02E03Ryan's Volkswagen Bus7.419
1S06E14Toyota Rav47.113
1S06E01Where Are They Now?5.814
1S04E04Tin's Dodge Caravan5.712
1S01E03Logan's Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme5.522
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