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Politseyskiy s Rublyovki (2016 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
01Memento Mori (6.8)6.8Deadly Battle (7.5)7.5In My Shoes (7.4)7.4Muhaelim, Dolbolob and King Gregoriy (7.7)7.7Matter of Respect (6.1)6.1
02Rublevka Triangle (6.9)6.9Mukhich, Love and Hong Kong Syphilis (6.8)6.8Lyubochka and Romka Yard (7.4)7.4Episode #4.2 (7.7)7.7Episode #5.2 (5.7)5.7
03Mysterious Thief (6.9)6.9Secrets (7)7.0Vilord, Marianna and Volodya's Eggs (7.5)7.5Etude in Rublevka's Tones (7.5)7.5Episode #5.3 (6.2)6.2
04Snake in the Grass (7.2)7.2R for Revenge (7.3)7.3Castling (7.4)7.4The Week That Changed Everything (7.6)7.6Episode #5.4 (6.4)6.4
05Odyssey of Igor Mukhich (6.5)6.5Coming Home (7.3)7.3Karma Doesn't Give Up (7.2)7.2Oh, Where Are You, Brother? (7.6)7.6Episode #5.5 (6.2)6.2
06Birthday (7)7.0Zvezdato (7.2)7.2Stockholm Syndrome (7.5)7.5Moriarty's Move (7.5)7.5Episode #5.6 (6.2)6.2
07Billy Milligan's Secret (6.4)6.4Listen to Your Heart (7)7.0Eternal Midnight (7.5)7.5Episode #4.7 (7.6)7.6Episode #5.7 (6.5)6.5
08The 7th of September (6.8)6.8Everything Goes According to Plan (7.3)7.3Headlamps (7.3)7.3Reichenbach Falls (8.2)8.2Russula (7.1)7.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E8Reichenbach Falls8.215
1S04E2Episode #4.27.715
1S04E1Muhaelim, Dolbolob and King Gregoriy7.717
1S05E3Episode #5.36.212
1S05E1Matter of Respect6.114
1S05E2Episode #5.25.713
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