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Private Eyes (2016 - )

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01The Code (7.6)7.6The Extra Mile (8)8.0Catch Me If You Can (8.5)8.5Family Plot (7.8)7.8
02Mise en Place (7.5)7.5Boardwalk Empire (8.5)8.5Full Court Press (7.7)7.7Gumbo for Hire (7.7)7.7
03The Money Shot (7.9)7.9The Frame Job (8.3)8.3Cut and Run (7.7)7.7The P.I. Vanishes (8.2)8.2
04The Devil's Playground (7.8)7.8Crimes of Fashion (8.1)8.1The Life of Riley (8.1)8.1The Proof is Out There (7.3)7.3
05The Six (7.7)7.7Now You See Her (8.3)8.3The Grape Deception (8.3)8.3All's Fair in Love and Amor (7.7)7.7
06Partners in Crime (8)8.0The P.I. Code (8.2)8.2Hog Day Afternoon / So You Think You Can Kill! (7.6)7.6Tappa Kegga Daily (7.3)7.3
07Karaoke Confidential (8)8.0Between a Doc and a Hard Place (8)8.0Dance, Dance Retribution / She Slices, He Dices (7.8)7.8Under Par-essure (7.7)7.7
08I Do, I Do (8)8.0Six Feet Blunder (8)8.0The Conroy Curse (7.5)7.5Blueprint for Murder (8.4)8.4
09Disappearing Act (8.1)8.1The Good Soldier (8.2)8.2It Happened One Fight (7.7)7.7A Star Is Torn (7.7)7.7
10Family Jewels (8.3)8.3Kissing the Canvas (7.9)7.9Tex Therapy (6.8)6.8
11Long Live the King (8)8.0Aye, Aye, Tonya (7.6)7.6
12Getaway with Murder (8.2)8.2Glazed and Confused (7.8)7.8
13A Fare to Remember (8.5)8.5
14Finding Leroy (8)8.0
15The Hills Have Eyes (8.3)8.3
16Look Who's Stalking (8.1)8.1
17Brew the Right Thing (8)8.0
18Shadow of a Doubt (7.8)7.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E13A Fare to Remember8.590
1S02E02Boardwalk Empire8.5118
1S03E01Catch Me If You Can8.573
1S04E04The Proof is Out There7.324
1S04E06Tappa Kegga Daily7.320
1S03E10Tex Therapy6.861
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