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Psycho-Pass (2012 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
01Hanzai Keisuu (8)8.0The Scales of Justice (299/300) (7.5)7.5Laelaps' Calling (7.7)7.7
02Nashi Uru Mono (7.4)7.4The Creeping Unknown (7.6)7.6Teumessian Sacrifices (8.2)8.2
03Shiiku no sahou (7.8)7.8The Devil's Proof (7.5)7.5Herakles and the Sirens (7.6)7.6
04Dare mo Shiranai Anata no Kamen (7.8)7.8The Salvation of Job (8.1)8.1Political Strife in the Colosseum (7.8)7.8
05Dare mo Shiranai Anata no Kao (8)8.0Unforbidden Games (7.7)7.7Agamemnon's Offering (7.3)7.3
06Kyououji no kikan (7.8)7.8Those Who Cast Stones (8)8.0Caesar's Gold Coins (7.7)7.7
07Shiran no Hanakotoba (7.8)7.8Untraceable Children (7.9)7.9Don't Take God's Name in Vain (7.8)7.8
08Ato wa, Chinmoku (8.2)8.2Conception of the Oracle (7.8)7.8Cubism (7.5)7.5
09Rakuen no Kajitsu (8)8.0Omnipotence Paradox (8)8.0
10Metosura no Yuugi (8.5)8.5Gauging the Soul (8.1)8.1
11The Saint's Supper (9.2)9.2What Color? (8.2)8.2
12Devil's Crossroad (7.6)7.6
13Invitation from the Abyss (8)8.0
14Sweet Poison (8.4)8.4
15The Town Where Sulfur Falls (8.4)8.4
16The Gates of Judgment (9.1)9.1
17Iron Guts (8.4)8.4
18Promises Written in Water (8.1)8.1
19Transparent Shadows (8)8.0
20Where Justice Is Found (8.1)8.1
21Blood-Stained Reward (8.8)8.8
22A Perfect World (8.7)8.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E11The Saint's Supper9.2307
1S01E16The Gates of Judgment9.1246
1S01E21Blood-Stained Reward8.8228
1S02E01The Scales of Justice (299/300)7.5156
1S01E02Nashi Uru Mono7.4267
1S03E05Agamemnon's Offering7.354
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