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Punky Brewster (1984 - 1988)

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01Punky Finds a Home: Part 1 (7.8)7.8The K.O. Kid (7.9)7.9Reading, Writing and Rock & Roll (7.2)7.2The Nun's Story (6.8)6.8
02Punky Finds a Home: Part 2 (7.7)7.7Punky's Treehouse (7.3)7.3Punky's Big Story (7.3)7.3Crushed (7.6)7.6
03Punky Finds a Home: Part 3 (8)8.0Cheaters Never Win (7.3)7.3Tons of Fun (6.8)6.8Going to Camp (8)8.0
04Punky Gets Her Own Room/Lost and Found (7.3)7.3Baby Buddies, Inc. (7.2)7.2Divorce Anderson Style (8.1)8.1Poor Margaux (7.7)7.7
05Walk Pool/Gone Fishin' (7.2)7.2Tap Your Troubles Away (6.9)6.9Beer and Buffalos Don't Mix (8)8.0Brandon's Commercial (7.6)7.6
06Take Me Out to the Ball Game (7.4)7.4The Perils of Punky: Part 1 (7)7.0Hands Across the Halls (6.9)6.9Passed Away at Punky's Place (7.5)7.5
07Parents Night (7.2)7.2The Perils of Punky: Part 2 (6.9)6.9Best Friends (7.3)7.3Christmas Hero (8.1)8.1
08Visit to the Doctor/Go to Sleep (7.7)7.7Just Say No (8.1)8.1It's a Dog's Life (7.8)7.8Cosmetic Scam (7.9)7.9
09Miss Adorable (7.4)7.4The Search (8)8.0The Metamorphosis (8.4)8.4See You in Court (7.1)7.1
10Dog Dough Afternoon (7.5)7.5Love Thy Neighbor (7.8)7.8Fighting City Hall (8.1)8.1Radio Daze (7.8)7.8
11Bye Bye, My (7.7)7.7The Gift (7.9)7.9The Matchmaker (7.3)7.3Aunt Larnese Is Coming to Town (7.1)7.1
12Yes, Punky, There Is a Santa Claus: Part 1 (7.8)7.8Milk Does a Body Good (7.5)7.5My Fair Punky (7.6)7.6Dear Diary (7.4)7.4
13Yes, Punky, There Is a Santa Claus: Part 2 (8)8.0Christmas Shoplifting (7.2)7.2The Anniversary (8)8.0The Reading Game (7.8)7.8
14Play It Again, Punky (7.2)7.2Urban Fear (7.4)7.4Tangled Web (7.5)7.5Ouch (8.1)8.1
15Henry Falls in Love: Part 1 (7.8)7.8Girls Will Be Boys (7.7)7.7Punky's Porker (7.2)7.2No No, We Won't Go (8.2)8.2
16Henry Falls in Love: Part 2 (7.5)7.5Cherie Lifesaver (8.3)8.3This Spud's for You (7.2)7.2Bad Dog (7.8)7.8
17My Aged Valentine (7.5)7.5Changes: Part 1 (8.7)8.7So Long, Studio (7.1)7.1Vice Versa (8.2)8.2
18I Love You, Brandon (7.6)7.6Changes: Part 2 (8.6)8.6Help Wanted (7.3)7.3Wimped Out (6.8)6.8
19Punky Brewster's Workout (7.4)7.4Changes: Part 3 (8.5)8.5Remember When (6.8)6.8One Plus Tutor Is Three (7.8)7.8
20Gals and Dolls (7.5)7.5Changes: Part 4 (7.8)7.8Unhooking Henry (7.6)7.6The Dilemma (7.6)7.6
21Fenster Hall: Part 1 (8.3)8.3Changes: Part 5 (8.1)8.1Open Door, Broken Heart: Part 1 (7.6)7.6What's Your Sign? (7.4)7.4
22Fenster Hall: Part 2 (7.5)7.5Accidents Happen (7.7)7.7Open Door, Broken Heart: Part 2 (7.9)7.9Wedding Bells for Brandon (7.2)7.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E17Changes: Part 18.716
1S02E18Changes: Part 28.617
1S02E19Changes: Part 38.516
1S03E19Remember When6.813
1S04E18Wimped Out6.816
1S04E01The Nun's Story6.815
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