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Queen Sugar (2016 - )

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01First Things First (8.1)8.1After the Winter (8.4)8.4A Rock, a River, a Tree (8)8.0Pleasure Is Black (8.1)8.1
02Evergreen (8.2)8.2To Usward (8.2)8.2Of Their Sojourn Here (8.2)8.2I No Longer Imagine (7.7)7.7
03Thy Will Be Done (8.1)8.1What Do I Care for Morning (8.2)8.2Your Distant Destiny (7.7)7.7Where My Body Stops or Begins (8.7)8.7
04The Darker Sooner (8.2)8.2My Soul's High Song (8.1)8.1No Haven in My Shadow (8.4)8.4Skin Transparent (8.6)8.6
05By Any Chance (8.1)8.1Caroling Dusk (8)8.0A Little Lower Than Angels (7.9)7.9Face Speckled (7.7)7.7
06As Promised (8.5)8.5Line of Our Elders (8.2)8.2Delicate and Strangely Made (8)8.0By the Spit (8)8.0
07In No Uncertain Terms (8.4)8.4I Know My Soul (7.9)7.9Study War No More (7.9)7.9Of Several Centuries (8.4)8.4
08Where with All (8.4)8.4Freedom's Plow (8.2)8.2Come, Clad in Peace (7.5)7.5All the Borders (7.8)7.8
09Next to Nothing (8.2)8.2Yet Do I Marvel (7.8)7.8The Tree and Stone Were One (8)8.0Stare at the Same Fires (8)8.0
10So Far (8.7)8.7Drums at Dusk (7.9)7.9Here Beside the River (7.7)7.7Oh Mamere (8.2)8.2
11All Good (8.2)8.2Fruit of the Flower (8)8.0Your Passages Have Been Paid (8.3)8.3I'm Sorry (8.4)8.4
12Far Too Long (8.2)8.2Live in the All Along (7.9)7.9The Horizon Leans Forward (8.1)8.1Here (8.2)8.2
13Give Us This Day (8.6)8.6Heritage (8.2)8.2From on the Pulse of Morning (8.8)8.8I Am (8.9)8.9
14On These I Stand (7.4)7.4
15Copper Sun (7.7)7.7
16Dream Variations (8)8.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E13I Am8.925
1S03E13From on the Pulse of Morning8.835
1S01E10So Far8.779
1S02E15Copper Sun7.734
1S03E08Come, Clad in Peace7.525
1S02E14On These I Stand7.427
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