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Ragini MMS Returns (2017 - )

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01Sex Shaadi MMS (7.8)7.8Kyunki Do Mein Zyaada Maza Hai (6.2)6.2
02Bikini Special (7.5)7.5Girls Trip, Girls Strip (5.9)5.9
03Sex Can Kill! (7.7)7.7Maza Ya Saza (5.5)5.5
04Slutagini@MMS (7.2)7.2Sex, Lies Aur Bhootiyapa (5.4)5.4
05Sex Lies Aur CD (7.4)7.4Karoge Toh Maroge (5.7)5.7
06Sab Paranormal Hai (7)7.0Not A 'Good' Bye (5.4)5.4
07It's Not Over Yet! (6.9)6.9Lekin Yeh Kahani Hai Kiski? (5.5)5.5
08Murderer In MMS (6.9)6.9Cruel Intentions (5.2)5.2
09After Party Sex Stories (6.3)6.3You Can Run But You Can't Hide (5.1)5.1
10Who's That Girl? (7)7.0Ragini ka MMS Dekha Kya (5.2)5.2
11Trapped In The Haunted House (7.3)7.3Behak Jaoge Toh Marr Jaoge (5.2)5.2
12Climax Mein Climax (7.1)7.1You Can't Escape Your Past (5.2)5.2
13Creeps Beware! She Is Out To Kill (4.2)4.2
14Trapped And Hunted (5.5)5.5
15Love Is Love (5.1)5.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E01Sex Shaadi MMS7.851
1S01E03Sex Can Kill!7.738
1S01E02Bikini Special7.550
1S02E15Love Is Love5.114
1S02E09You Can Run But You Can't Hide5.112
1S02E13Creeps Beware! She Is Out To Kill4.20
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