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ReBoot (1994 - 2001)

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Show RatingShow Title
01The Tearing (8.8)8.8Infected (9.2)9.2To Mend and Defend (9.4)9.4Daemon Rising (9.3)9.3
02Racing the Clock (8.8)8.8High Code (8.9)8.9Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place (9.3)9.3Cross Nodes (9.4)9.4
03The Quick & the Fed (8.8)8.8When Games Collide (9.2)9.2Firewall (9.3)9.3What's Love Got to Do with It? (9.3)9.3
04Medusa Bug (9.1)9.1Bad Bob (9.1)9.1Game Over (9.2)9.2Sacrifice (9.4)9.4
05The TIFF (8.9)8.9Painted Windows (9)9.0Icons (9.2)9.2My Two Bobs (9.2)9.2
06In the Belly of the Beast (9)9.0AndrAIa (9.3)9.3Where No Sprite Has Gone Before (9.3)9.3Life's a Glitch (9.3)9.3
07The Crimson Binome (9)9.0NullZilla (9.2)9.2Number 7 (9.3)9.3Null-Bot of the Bride (9.4)9.4
08Enzo the Smart (9)9.0Gigabyte (9.4)9.4The Episode with No Name (9.5)9.5Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus (9.5)9.5
09Wizards, Warriors and a Word from Our Sponsor (9.2)9.2Trust No One (9.1)9.1Return of the Crimson Binome (9.3)9.3
10The Great Brain Robbery (9.1)9.1Web World Wars (9.4)9.4The Edge of Beyond (9.3)9.3
11Talent Night (9.1)9.1Web Riders on the Storm (9.3)9.3
12Identity Crisis: Part 1 (9.1)9.1Mousetrap (9.5)9.5
13Identity Crisis: Part 2 (9.2)9.2Megaframe (9.4)9.4
14Showdown (9.5)9.5
15System Crash (9.4)9.4
16End Prog (9.5)9.5


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E08The Episode with No Name9.576
1S03E16End Prog9.591
1S01E03The Quick & the Fed8.883
1S01E02Racing the Clock8.885
1S01E01The Tearing8.896
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