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Red Shoe Diaries (1992 - 1999)

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01Safe Sex (6.4)6.4Midnight Bells (6.1)6.1You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses (4.9)4.9Billy Bar (5.1)5.1Weightless (5.1)5.1
02Double Dare (6.4)6.4Naked in the Moonlight (5.6)5.6The Game (5.2)5.2Divorce, Divorce (5.2)5.2Carried Away (5.4)5.4
03You Have the Right to Remain Silent (6.2)6.2Runway (5.8)5.8The Cake (6.6)6.6Cowboy, Cowboy (6.1)6.1Jealousy (4.9)4.9
04Talk to Me Baby (5.5)5.5Kidnap (5.8)5.8Like Father, Like Son (5.7)5.7Caged Bird (6.4)6.4The Boxer (4.8)4.8
05Just Like That (6.3)6.3Burning Up (6.5)6.5Borders of Salt (7.2)7.2The Ex (5.5)5.5Strip Poker (5.4)5.4
06Another Woman's Lipstick (5.5)5.5Night of Abandon (6)6.0Written Word (5.4)5.4The Teacher (6)6.0Hard Labor (4.8)4.8
07Auto Erotica (7.2)7.2Liar's Tale (6)6.0Girl on a Bike (6.3)6.3Swimming Naked (5.4)5.4Slow Train (6.2)6.2
08Jake's Story (6.3)6.3In the Blink of an Eye (5.9)5.9Emily's Dance (5.6)5.6Jump (5.6)5.6Temple of Flesh (4.8)4.8
09Accidents Happen (5.9)5.9Hotline (5.9)5.9Four on the Floor (5.7)5.7Tears (5.6)5.6Juarez (5.6)5.6
10The Bounty Hunter (6.2)6.2Love at First Sight (5.6)5.6The Psychiatrist (6)6.0Dime a Dance (5.5)5.5Farmer's Daughter (5.1)5.1
11Weekend Pass (5.1)5.1Gina (4.6)4.6Luscious Lola (5.3)5.3Details (5.4)5.4The Forbidden Zone (4.3)4.3
12Double or Nothing (6.2)6.2Alphabet Girl (5.3)5.3Mercy (5.6)5.6Laundrymat (5.9)5.9Art of Loneliness (5.7)5.7
13How I Met My Husband (5.5)5.5Some Things Never Change (4.9)4.9The Last Motel (4.8)4.8As She Wishes (5)5.0The Picnic (6.4)6.4
14Banished (6)6.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E07Auto Erotica7.262
1S03E05Borders of Salt7.228
1S03E03The Cake6.623
1S05E06Hard Labor4.813
1S05E11The Forbidden Zone4.318
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