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Rising Damp (1974 - 1978)

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Show RatingShow Title
00The Lodgers (7.7)7.7
01Black Magic (7.7)7.7The Permissive Society (8.4)8.4That's My Boy (7.6)7.6Hello Young Lovers (8)8.0
02A Night Out (8)8.0Food Glorious Food (8.4)8.4Stage Struck (8.6)8.6Fire and Brimstone (7.5)7.5
03Charisma (8.1)8.1A Body Like Mine (8.2)8.2Clunk Click (8.3)8.3Great Expectations (8.2)8.2
04All Our Yesterdays (7.9)7.9Moonlight and Roses (7.9)7.9The Good Samaritans (8)8.0Pink Carnations (8.7)8.7
05The Prowler (7.8)7.8The Perfect Gentleman (8.4)8.4Fawcett's Python (8.3)8.3Under the Influence (8.1)8.1
06Stand Up and Be Counted (7.7)7.7The Last of the Big Spenders (7.9)7.9The Cocktail Hour (8.1)8.1Come on in the Water's Lovely (8)8.0
07Things That Go Bump in the Night (8.7)8.7Suddenly at Home (8.3)8.3
08For the Man Who Has Everything (8.3)8.3


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E7Things That Go Bump in the Night8.774
1S04E4Pink Carnations8.756
1S03E2Stage Struck8.652
1S01E6Stand Up and Be Counted7.766
1S03E1That's My Boy7.643
1S04E2Fire and Brimstone7.542
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