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Samurai Jack (2001 - 2017)

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01Episode I - The Beginning (8.9)8.9Episode XIV - Jack Learns to Jump Good (8.5)8.5Episode XXVII - Chicken Jack (8.1)8.1Episode XL - Jack vs. the Ninja (9.1)9.1Episode XCII (9.4)9.4
02Episode II - The Samurai Called Jack (8.3)8.3Episode XV - Jack Tales (8.1)8.1Episode XXVIII - Jack and the Rave (8.2)8.2Episode XLI - Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo-bot (8.3)8.3Episode XCIII (9.8)9.8
03Episode III - The First Fight (8.5)8.5Episode XVI - Jack and the Smackback (8.5)8.5Episode XXIX - Couple on a Train (8.4)8.4Episode XLII - Samurai vs. Samurai (8.2)8.2Episode XCIV (9.7)9.7
04Episode IV - Jack, the Woolies and the Chritchellites (8.1)8.1Episode XVII - Jack and the Scotsman II (8.6)8.6Episode XXX - Jack and the Zombies (9)9.0Episode XLIII - The Aku Infection (8.7)8.7Episode XCV (9.3)9.3
05Episode V - Jack in Space (7.9)7.9Episode XVIII - Jack and the Ultra-Robots (8.8)8.8Episode XXXI - Jack and the Scarab (8.8)8.8Episode XLIV - The Princess and the Bounty Hunters (9)9.0Episode XCVI (9.2)9.2
06Episode VI - Jack and the Warrior Woman (8.3)8.3Episode XIX - Jack Remembers the Past (8.8)8.8Episode XXXII - Jack and the Traveling Creatures (8.9)8.9Episode XLV - The Scotsman Saves Jack: Part I (8.6)8.6Episode XCVII (9.3)9.3
07Episode VII - Jack and the Three Blind Archers (9.3)9.3Episode XX - Jack and the Monks (8.6)8.6Episode XXXIII - Jack and the Annoying Creature (8)8.0Episode XLVI - The Scotsman Saves Jack: Part II (8.6)8.6Episode XCVIII (9.5)9.5
08Episode VIII - Jack vs. Mad Jack (8.5)8.5Episode XXI - Jack and the Dragon (7.6)7.6Episode XXXIV - Jack and the Swamp Wizard (8.3)8.3Episode XLVII - Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess (8.2)8.2Episode XCIX (8.7)8.7
09Episode IX - Jack Under the Sea (8)8.0Episode XXII - Jack vs. the Five Hunters (8.7)8.7Episode XXXV - Jack and the Haunted House (9.2)9.2Episode XLVIII - Jack vs. Aku (8.9)8.9Episode C (9.3)9.3
10Episode X - Jack and the Lava Monster (8.8)8.8Episode XXIII - Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector (8.5)8.5Episode XXXVI - Jack, the Monks and the Ancient Master's Son (8.7)8.7Episode XLIX - The Four Seasons of Death (8.9)8.9Episode CI (9.3)9.3
11Episode XI - Jack and the Scotsman (9)9.0Episode XXIV - Jack Is Naked (7.6)7.6Episode XXXVII - The Birth of Evil: Part I (9)9.0Episode L - Tale of X-49 (9.2)9.2
12Episode XII - Jack and the Gangsters (8.1)8.1Episode XXV - Jack and the Spartans (9.1)9.1Episode XXXVIII - The Birth of Evil: Part II (9.3)9.3Episode LI - Young Jack in Africa (8.4)8.4
13Episode XIII - Aku's Fairy Tales (8.1)8.1Episode XXVI - Jack's Shoes (8.2)8.2Episode XXXIX - Jack and the Labyrinth (8.6)8.6Episode LII - Jack and the Baby (8)8.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S05E02Episode XCIII9.81571
1S05E03Episode XCIV9.71157
1S05E07Episode XCVIII9.5763
1S01E05Episode V - Jack in Space7.9484
1S02E11Episode XXIV - Jack Is Naked7.6352
1S02E08Episode XXI - Jack and the Dragon7.6356
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