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Sanjay and Craig (2013 - 2016)

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Show RatingShow Title
00A Show Is Born (3.8)3.8Coolest Dude-Snake Duo Ever! (3.5)3.5Rad Awesome Moments (3.2)3.2
01Brett Venom, M.D./Laugh Quake (4.8)4.8Hot Sauce Boss/Ghost Pool (3.4)3.4
02Maximum Denis/Dog Wave (4.6)4.6Shirts Off; Middle Shame (3.3)3.3Hot Heads/Lundgren Loner (5.7)5.7
03Heightmare/Be Like Tufflips (4.7)4.7Dolled Up/Space Race (3.4)3.4
04Stinkboy/Wolfie (3.1)3.1Barfy's Babies/Butts Up Club (4.8)4.8
05Traffical Island/Partybot (3.8)3.8Screamday/Enter Sandman (2.9)2.9Galaxy Geeks/Freaks and Cheeks (5.3)5.3
06The Giving G/Release the Craigan (5.6)5.6Alien Craig/Googas (3.5)3.5
07Muscle C.O.P.S./Cold Hard Cash (3.9)3.9Glad to Be Sad/Glory Hounds (3.3)3.3
08Unbarfable/Game On (3.8)3.8Tufflips' Tales of Terror (4.7)4.7Huggle Day (5.8)5.8
09Laked Nake/Doom Baby (3.9)3.9Tuffcon/Pet Parents (3.9)3.9Halloweenies/GUTS Busters (5.4)5.4
10Blackout/Family Re-Noodman (3.1)3.1Cuddle Buddy/2 Tuff 2 Watch (4)4.0
11Fart Baby/Kung-Fu Catapult (3.5)3.5Ting/Farkwerk (3.6)3.6
12Trouble Dare/Road Pizza (4.3)4.3Foul Work/Rash Thrash (3.8)3.8
13Cup O' Universe/You're In Trouble (3.8)3.8Wild Buds/Depants Tag (5.2)5.2
14Booger Johnson/Dream Rangers (4.6)4.6
15Day of the Snake/Prickerbeast (3.2)3.2Dangerous Debbie/D.I.N.K. (5.3)5.3
16Kerplunk'd/Old Farts (4.3)4.3
17Flip Flopas/Chill Bill (4.8)4.8Street Dogg (5.1)5.1
18Curb Dawgz/I Love Loogie (3.7)3.7King of Kids/Ew De Hector (5.3)5.3
19A Tail of Two Slithers (4.5)4.5Snake Parts Unknown/Flabyrinth (5)5.0
20Boatin' Down the River/Pretty in Punk (3.9)3.9Serpentco/Chrome Dome (5.1)5.1Booyah for Bollywood (5)5.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E08Huggle Day5.816
1S03E02Hot Heads/Lundgren Loner5.70
1S01E06The Giving G/Release the Craigan5.628
1S01E10Blackout/Family Re-Noodman3.120
1S02E05Screamday/Enter Sandman2.912
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