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Saving Grace (2007 - 2010)

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01Pilot (7.9)7.9Have a Seat, Earl (8.8)8.8We're Already Here (8.6)8.6
02Bring It On, Earl (8.4)8.4A Survivor Lives Here (8.1)8.1She's a Lump (8.6)8.6
03Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned (8.5)8.5A Little Hometown Love (8.1)8.1Watch Siggybaby Burn (8.6)8.6
04Keep Your Damn Wings Off My Nephew (8.6)8.6It's a Fierce, White-Hot, Mighty Love (8.3)8.3What Would You Do? (8.9)8.9
05Would You Want Me to Tell You? (8.8)8.8Do You Love Him? (8.6)8.6Moooooooo (8.6)8.6
06And You Wonder Why I Lie (8.8)8.8Are You an Indian Princess? (8.9)8.9Am I Going to Lose Her? (9.1)9.1
07Yeehaw, Geepaw (8.7)8.7You Are My Partner (8.8)8.8That Was No First Kiss (9.1)9.1
08Everything's Got a Shelf Life (9)9.0The Heart of a Cop (9.1)9.1Popcorn (9.1)9.1
09A Language of Angels (8.8)8.8Do You Believe in Second Chances? (8.4)8.4Looks Like a Lesbian Attack to Me (9.1)9.1
10It's Better When I Can See You (8.7)8.7Take Me Somewhere, Earl (8.6)8.6Am I Gonna Die Today? (9.1)9.1
11This Is Way Too Normal for You (7.9)7.9The Live Ones (8.8)8.8Let's Talk (8.5)8.5
12Is There a Scarlet Letter on My Breast? (8.9)8.9But There's Clay (8.5)8.5Hear the Birds? (8.6)8.6
13Taco, Tulips, Duck and Spices (8.7)8.7So What's the Purpose of a Platypus? (8.5)8.5You Can't Save Them All, Grace (8.8)8.8
14I Believe in Angels (8.8)8.8I Killed Kristin (8.6)8.6
15So Help You God (6.4)6.4
16Loose Men in Tight Jeans (8.7)8.7
17You Think I'm Gonna Eat My Gun? (8.5)8.5
18I Need You to Call Earl (8.5)8.5
19I'm Gonna Need a Big Night Light (8.7)8.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E08The Heart of a Cop9.139
1S03E09Looks Like a Lesbian Attack to Me9.138
1S03E10Am I Gonna Die Today?9.138
1S01E11This Is Way Too Normal for You7.968
1S03E15So Help You God6.435
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