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Scare Tactics (2003 - )

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00Alien Attack (9.4)9.4
01UFO Abduction (8.7)8.7Rage from the Cage (9.1)9.1Satan's Baby (9.5)9.5It's My Party (8.3)8.3Driver's Dead (9.1)9.1Barbershop of Blood (8.7)8.7
02Bigfoot Attacks (9.4)9.4Street Justice (9.6)9.63:10 to Hell (9.6)9.6No Pain, No Brain (8.5)8.5Pregnant with a Mutant (9.3)9.3Bigfoot Returns (9.1)9.1
03Limo in Area 51 (9.4)9.4Gorilla with a Fist (9.4)9.4Genie in a Beer Bottle (9.3)9.3Killing Rosemary's Baby (8.9)8.9Blown to Little Green Peaces (9.2)9.2Chainsaw Incident (7.7)7.7
04Clone Attack (9.6)9.6What's in the Box? (9.1)9.1Psycho in a Box (9.5)9.5Vampire Stakeout (8.8)8.8Bicentennialien (8.8)8.8Dangerous Obsession (9.5)9.5
05Meteor Man (9.6)9.6Brother's Keeper (9.5)9.5When White Noise Attacks (9.4)9.4Life's a Witch (9.1)9.1Barnacle Boy (9.2)9.2Dr. Werewolf (9.3)9.3
06Lab Spill (9.3)9.3Alien Road Block (9.2)9.2Touched By an E.T. (8.9)8.9Fed-Execution (9.2)9.2
07Tanning Salon Terror (9.2)9.2Slaughterhouse of Horror (9.6)9.6Frankenstein's Basement of Terror (9.5)9.5Valet Violence (9.3)9.3The Happening... Again (9.3)9.3Hidden Death (9.1)9.1
08Ghost Train (9.2)9.2Wired for Revenge (9.5)9.5Taxi Cab Carnage (9.5)9.5Tracy the Tour Guide (6.5)6.5Party 'til You Nuke (9.4)9.4Killer Queen (9.1)9.1
09UFO Trailer Attack (9.2)9.2Motor Psychos; Attack of the Rat Monster (9.5)9.5Home Video Horror (9.5)9.5Uh Oh! It's Maggots (8)8.0The Corpse Whisperer (9.2)9.2Limo in Area 51 (9.2)9.2
10Harsh Reality (9.6)9.6When the Larvae Breaks (9.5)9.5If These Walls Could Bleed (7)7.0Alien Car Crash (9.1)9.1Plasma Gun (9.2)9.2
11Chupacabra Attack (9.6)9.6Big Scoop of Scary (9.1)9.1Chill Out (6.7)6.7Gnome Sweet Knome (9.3)9.3Runaway Corpse (9.2)9.2
12Hazmat Hell (9.5)9.5Blood Bath (9.2)9.2Hot Under the Collar (9.3)9.3Fright at the End of the Tunnel (9.2)9.2Seance from Hell (9.2)9.2
13Laboratory Meltdown (9.6)9.6Satan's Baby Returns (9.5)9.5Buzz Kill (8.6)8.6Twilight My Fire (9.3)9.3Showgirl's Revenge (9.1)9.1
14Deadly Feast (9.6)9.6For Whom the Bridge Trolls (9.3)9.3Basket Case (9.1)9.1The Cannibal Family (9.1)9.1
15Killer Clown (9.5)9.5Ghoul Bus (9.6)9.6Bedridden but Deadly (9.2)9.2
16Chainsaw Attack (9.6)9.6Unsafe (9.2)9.2Channeling the Dead (9.4)9.4What's in the Box (9.2)9.2
17Bedridden But Deadly (8.8)8.828 Minutes Later (9.6)9.6Where's Shannen? (9.2)9.2
18Security Breach (9.7)9.7Ranger Danger (9.1)9.1Wolfman Tells Campfire Stories (9.2)9.2
19Bad Medicine (9.5)9.5The Collector (8.8)8.8Alien Lunch (9.1)9.1
20Massacre Under the House (9.6)9.6Toxic Shock (9.6)9.6Home Video Horror (9.1)9.1
21Lethal Touch (9.4)9.4Alien House Call (9.1)9.1Tow Truck Killers (9.1)9.1Frankenstein's Basement of Terror (9.4)9.4
22Home Invasion (9.2)9.2Ghoul Bus 2 (8.5)8.5Basket Case (9.3)9.3
23Scare-Tacular Special: The Bloody Mirror (9.7)9.7Dying to Kill! (9.5)9.5Valium of the Dolls (8.8)8.8
24Tracy the Tour Guide (9)9.0
25Double Trouble Clone (9.1)9.1
26Maniac Cop (9.6)9.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E18Security Breach9.737
1S01E23Scare-Tacular Special: The Bloody Mirror9.738
1S03E15Ghoul Bus9.640
1S04E10If These Walls Could Bleed7.026
1S04E11Chill Out6.70
1S04E08Tracy the Tour Guide6.513
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