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Search Party (2016 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
01The Mysterious Disappearance of the Girl No One Knew (7.3)7.3Murder! (8.3)8.3The Accused Woman (8.4)8.4The Girl in the Basement (7.9)7.9
02The Woman Who Knew Too Much (7.5)7.5Conspiracy (8.3)8.3The Rookie Lawyer (8.6)8.6Something Sharp (8.1)8.1
03The Night of One Hundred Candles (7.9)7.9Paralysis (7.8)7.8The Whistleblower (8.5)8.5Escape to Nowhere (8.4)8.4
04The Captive Dinner Guest (7.9)7.9Suspicion (7.8)7.8A National Affair (8.2)8.2
05The Mystery of the Golden Charm (7.8)7.8Paranoia (8.2)8.2Public Appeal (8.6)8.6
06The Secret of the Sinister Ceremony (8.1)8.1Obsession (8.1)8.1In God We Trust (8.7)8.7
07The Riddle Within the Trash (7.9)7.9Denial (7.9)7.9Rogue Witness (8.9)8.9
08The Return of the Forgotten Phantom (8)8.0Hysteria (7.9)7.9A Dangerous Union (8.9)8.9
09Password to the Shadows (8.2)8.2Frenzy (8.4)8.4Irrefutable Evidence (9.1)9.1
10The House of Uncanny Truths (8.9)8.9Psychosis (8.7)8.7The Reckoning (8.9)8.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E09Irrefutable Evidence9.174
1S03E07Rogue Witness8.972
1S03E08A Dangerous Union8.977
1S01E05The Mystery of the Golden Charm7.8178
1S01E02The Woman Who Knew Too Much7.5213
1S01E01The Mysterious Disappearance of the Girl No One Knew7.3263
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