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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2015 - 2016)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Don't Wanna Die Anonymous (7.7)7.7All That Glitters Is Gold (7.7)7.7
02Clean Rockin' Daddy (8)8.0Rebel Rebel (7.8)7.8
03Lust for Life (8)8.0Cool for the Summer (7.7)7.7
04What You Like Is in the Limo (8)8.0Bad Blood (7.8)7.8
05Doctor Doctor (7.8)7.8And She Was (7.8)7.8
06Tattoo You (7.9)7.9Rock This Bitch Till the Wheels Fall Off (7.8)7.8
07Supercalifragilisticjuliefriggingandrews (8.3)8.3Tramps Like Us (8.3)8.3
08Hard Out Here for a Pimp (8.1)8.1Ghosts of Skibbereen (7.8)7.8
09Take My Picture by the Pool (8.2)8.2Rolling in the Deep (8.5)8.5
10Because We're Legion (8)8.0Bang Bang (8.4)8.4


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E09Rolling in the Deep8.5128
1S02E10Bang Bang8.4127
1S02E07Tramps Like Us8.3137
1S01E01Don't Wanna Die Anonymous7.7260
1S02E03Cool for the Summer7.7141
1S02E01All That Glitters Is Gold7.7152
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