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Shark Week (1987 - )

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00Shark Week Sharktacular (6)6.0Sharks of the Red Triangle (7.9)7.9
01Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever (7.2)7.2Air Jaws Apocalypse (7.1)7.1Shallow Water Invasion (7.1)7.1Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark (7.1)7.1Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers (8.8)8.8The Ultimate Guide: Sharks (7)7.0
02Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks (7.4)7.4Jaws Comes Home (7.8)7.8Shark Week's Impossible Shot (7.4)7.4Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives (3.3)3.3Air Jaws 2020 (6.3)6.3Prehistoric Sharks (7.2)7.2
03Rogue Sharks (7.9)7.9Sharkzilla (6.9)6.9Return of Jaws (6.8)6.8Jaws Strikes Back (7.2)7.2Great White Serial Killer Extinction (6.3)6.3Anatomy of a Shark Bite (6.7)6.7
04Summer of the Shark (7.6)7.6MythBusters Jawsome Shark Special (6.5)6.5Voodoo Sharks (5.7)5.7Monster Hammerhead (6.9)6.9Abandoned Waters (6)6.0Great White Shark: Uncaged (6.7)6.7
05Killer Sharks (8)8.0How Jaws Changed the World (7.8)7.8I Escaped Jaws (7)7.0Will Smith: Off the Deep End (6.1)6.1Diary of a Shark Man (7.7)7.7
06Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark (7.3)7.3How Sharks Hunt (6.1)6.1Adrift: 47 Days with Sharks (7.9)7.9Spawn of Jaws (6.4)6.4Jaws of the Pacific (6.9)6.9
07Shark City (6.2)6.2Shark Fight (7.1)7.1Top Ten Sharkdown (6.2)6.2Tiburones: The Sharks of Cuba (6.4)6.4Robo Shark (5.8)5.8
08Great White Highway (6.8)6.8Great White Serial Killer (6.5)6.5Guy Fieri's Feeding Frenzy (5.4)5.4Shark Roulette (8)8.0
09Shark Week's 25 Best Bites (6.9)6.9Sharkpocalypse (6.7)6.7American Shark (6)6.0
10Alien Sharks (7.8)7.8Shark Hunter: Chasing the Great White (5.2)5.2
11Great White Gauntlet (6.3)6.3Sharkbite! Surviving Great Whites (5.6)5.6
12Sharks: Are They Hunting Us? (7)7.0
13Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa (8.4)8.4
14Air Jaws 2: Even Higher (8.4)8.4
15Future Shark (6.2)6.2
16Air Jaws Strikes Back (8.1)8.1
17Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum. (6.9)6.9
18Legend of Deep Blue (7.7)7.7
19Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters (7.4)7.4
20Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing (5.7)5.7
21Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe (6.4)6.4
22Sharks Gone Wild 2 (4.9)4.9
23Sharks: A Family Affair (6)6.0
24Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver (7.6)7.6
25Jurassic Shark (4.4)4.4
26Top 5 Eaten Alive (6.1)6.1
27Surviving Sharks (7.4)7.4
28Day of the Shark (6.8)6.8
29Shark Feeding Frenzy (6.2)6.2
30Sharks in a Desert Sea (6.7)6.7
31Blood in the Water (7.2)7.2
32Deadly Waters (7.2)7.2
33Great White Appetite (7.7)7.7
34Sharkbite Summer (7.5)7.5
35Day of the Shark 2 (6.1)6.1
36Shark Bite Beach (6.8)6.8
37Shark Attack Survival Guide (7.9)7.9
38Day of the Shark 3 (6.3)6.3
39When Fish Attack (6.9)6.9
40Shark Attack Survivors (5.4)5.4
41Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week (7.3)7.3
42Ultimate Air Jaws (8.2)8.2
43Into the Shark Bite (7.3)7.3
44Shark Tribe (6.1)6.1
45Perfect Predators (5.4)5.4
46Rogue Sharks (7.5)7.5
47Great White Invasion (7.2)7.2
48Killer Sharks: The Attacks of Black December (7.1)7.1
49How Not to Become Shark Bait (6.4)6.4
50Shark After Dark (5.3)5.3
51Alien Sharks II: Return to the Abyss (7.5)7.5
52Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine (5.3)5.3
53Zombie Sharks (4.6)4.6
54Lair of the Mega Shark (7.3)7.3
55Return of the Great White Serial Killer (7.2)7.2
56Air Jaws: Walking with Great Whites (6.6)6.6
57Bride of Jaws (7.1)7.1
58Ninja Sharks (5.6)5.6
59Monster Mako (6.9)6.9
60Air Jaws: Night Stalker (6.7)6.7
61Sharkman (7.7)7.7
62Alien Sharks: Close Encounters (7.3)7.3
63Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer (5.8)5.8
64Shark Planet (6.7)6.7
65Air Jaws: Fins of Fury (7.2)7.2
66Shark Alley: Legend of Dynamite (6.8)6.8
67Super Predator (6.3)6.3
68Return of the Monster Mako (6.6)6.6
69Deadliest Sharks (8.2)8.2
70Jaws of the Deep (7.5)7.5
71Sharks Among Us (7.6)7.6
72Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off (5.1)5.1
73Isle of Jaws (7)7.0
74Nuclear Sharks (6.4)6.4
75Jungle Shark (5.9)5.9
76Blue Serengeti (7.6)7.6
77Zambezi Shark (7)7.0
78Great White Serial Killer Lives (6.9)6.9
79Shark Vortex (7.4)7.4
80Return to the Isle of Jaws (7.2)7.2
81Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White (6.9)6.9
82Shark-Croc Showdown (5.5)5.5
83Alien Sharks: Stranger Fins (8)8.0
84Sharks and the City: NYC (6.2)6.2
85Shark Storm (6.2)6.2
86The Lost Cage (6.9)6.9
87Air Jaws: Back from the Dead (7.7)7.7
88Air Jaws: The Hunted (8.2)8.2
89Return of the Mega Shark (8)8.0
90Tiger Shark Invasion (8.7)8.7
91Megalodon: Fact Vs. Fiction (4.6)4.6
92Shaq Does Shark Week (6.9)6.9
93Naked and Afraid of Sharks (6.4)6.4
94Cuba's Secret Shark Lair (8)8.0
95Ronda Rousey Uncaged (5.8)5.8
96Bloodline: Spawn of Jaws (6.8)6.8
97Great White Abyss (6.7)6.7
98Bear vs. Shark (5.6)5.6
99Sharkwrecked (5.4)5.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S35E01Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers8.80
1SUnknoE90Tiger Shark Invasion8.70
1SUnknoE13Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa8.468
1SUnknoE53Zombie Sharks4.653
1SUnknoE25Jurassic Shark4.428
1S26E02Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives3.3250
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