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SheZow (2012 - 2013)

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Show RatingShow Title
01SheZow Happens/Cold Finger (9.5)9.5
02Makin' Bank/Super Sidekick (9.5)9.5
03Glamageddon/SheZap (9.6)9.6
04S.I.C.K Day/Stuck Up (9.7)9.7
05SheZow Meets DudePow/ShePhat (9.6)9.6
06Guy & Doll/Family Tree (9.7)9.7
07Babysitter Jitters/No Tattoo 4 U (9.7)9.7
08A Walk in My Heels/She-T (9.6)9.6
09Brouhaha/Shehicle Pickle (9.7)9.7
10Momnesia/Facsimilady (9.6)9.6
11ShePal/The Pigeon (9.6)9.6
12In She-D/Fibberachee (9.6)9.6
13Sarcazmo the Great/SheSquatch (9.7)9.7
14Fortune Kooky/Black Is the New Pink (9.7)9.7
15Mr. Nice Guy/Dental Breakdown (9.7)9.7
16Crash Thunder/Meet Dr. Frankenweather (9.6)9.6
17Maz Junior/Uncommon Cold (9.6)9.6
18Transformation Overload/Wishington (9.7)9.7
19PSA-Lister/Friend or Faux (9.6)9.6
20SheZow for a Day/No Girls Allowed (9.7)9.7
21Unplugged/Lawn Gone Mad (9.7)9.7
22Evil Villains Day/Vampire Cats in Zombie Town (9.6)9.6
23SheZon's Greetings/Snow Way, Dude! (9.7)9.7
24Hot Rocks/SheZap Is Whack (9.6)9.6
25Missing Link/Null & Void (9.6)9.6
26Supernatural History/Dudepow Returns (9.7)9.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E06Guy & Doll/Family Tree9.767
1S01E07Babysitter Jitters/No Tattoo 4 U9.766
1S01E26Supernatural History/Dudepow Returns9.769
1S01E05SheZow Meets DudePow/ShePhat9.674
1S01E02Makin' Bank/Super Sidekick9.579
1S01E01SheZow Happens/Cold Finger9.583
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