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Shirobako (2014 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
00Exit Tokyo (5.5)5.5
01Exodus to Tomorrow! (7.2)7.2"Third Aerial Girls Squad" File:01: Falling Angel (6.7)6.7
02Arupin Is Here (7.2)7.2
03No More Recap Episodes (7.5)7.5
04I Totally Messed Up (7.6)7.6
05Those Who Blame Others Should Just Quit! (7.4)7.4
06Idepon Miyamori: On the Move (8)8.0
07Retake with the Cat (7.4)7.4
08I'm Not Blaming You (7.3)7.3
09What Do You Think I Was Trying to Say? (7.6)7.6
10Just One More (7.6)7.6
11The Little Key Frames Girl (7.8)7.8
12Exodus Christmas (8.5)8.5
13What Kind of Cloud Do You Like? (7.3)7.3
14The Ruthless Audition Meeting (7.4)7.4
15Will These Drawings Work? (7.6)7.6
16Table Flip (8)8.0
17Where Am I... (7.8)7.8
18You Set Me Up! (7.6)7.6
19Did You Catch Any? (8)8.0
20I'll Do My Best, Mustang! (7.7)7.7
21Don't Hold the Quality Hostage (7.8)7.8
22Noa's in Her Underwear (8.1)8.1
23Table Flip Continued (9)9.0
24The Delivery That Was Too Far Off (8.6)8.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E23Table Flip Continued9.031
1S01E24The Delivery That Was Too Far Off8.629
1S01E12Exodus Christmas8.528
1S01E02Arupin Is Here7.233
1SUnknoE01"Third Aerial Girls Squad" File:01: Falling Angel6.70
1SUnknoE00Exit Tokyo5.50
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